Embracing Poisonous Partners…writes Michael Kuttner

December 4, 2013 by Michael Kuttner
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The newly elected head of the Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition, Yitzhak Herzog, has just returned from a pilgrimage to Ramallah where he was granted an audience with the President of the Palestinian Authority whose term of office incidentally expired over 5 years ago.

Michael Kuttner

Michael Kuttner

This “minor” illegal matter of democracy defying reality obviously does not concern ex lawyer Mr. Herzog. Dazzled by his encounter with Mr. Abbas, the Labor Party leader returned brimming with enthusiasm over prospects for peace, brotherhood and tolerance which he had presumably observed and witnessed. Much like Neville Chamberlain who having also been dazzled by Hitler proclaimed that here was a man he could make peace with, our erstwhile aspiring future leader of Israel, waxes fulsome in his praise for a newly discovered peace partner. Well actually not newly discovered because all the left wing politicians who have gone before have labored under the same delusion ever since the Oslo disaster. This is more a case of recycling damaged goods and believe me these goods well and truly suspect. The common thread which binds all these adoring politicians and “experts” together is their fantastic ability to ignore reality and weave a web of fabulous fables which the media swallows and the public is expected to endorse.

As the head of the Labor Party is a serious politician and his opinions no doubt carry much weight in certain circles it behooves us to pause a moment and take stock exactly of how this peace partner of ours is manifesting his love and try to learn what we may expect at the end of the day. After all, if we are being continually urged to make painful concessions for the sake of peace we should at the very least ask ourselves what sort of painful concessions the other side is being asked to make.

Therein lays the first mirage which the likes of Herzog and friends fail to see. The list of sacrifices we are expected to make is endless and its proponents never tire of proclaiming our guilt if every single act of suicide is not fulfilled to the letter. On the other hand the list of sacrifices expected of the Palestinian Arabs is either non existent or is dismissed as not necessary because as every peace loving individual knows it is the Jews who are guilty of original sin while Arabs are the perpetual victims of the Zionist international conspiracy. The Arab media in all its forms makes sure to remind their readers, viewers and listeners of this basic “truth” every day of the week. The blinkers which blind those who advocate the peace credentials of the PA President prevent them from recognizing this fact.

The second mirage which afflicts those who advocate peace in our time is their amnesia like trance concerning the past record of our intended partners. Awash with the blood of those who have been murdered not only since the return to Zion at the beginning of the 20th century but continually right up to this week the trail of incitement from the Nazi loving Mufti of Jerusalem via Arafat & his then deputy, Abbas, leaves an indelible stain which is difficult for most of us to ignore. Hebron massacres, Jerusalem murders, Munich Olympic terror and subsequent violence, incitement and more murders, have been and are fueled by an agenda of hate & delegitimisation initiated, sanctioned and tolerated by the very people we are told are our bosom buddies. Those who salivate at the thought of embracing such leaders of peace, accuse those who issue warnings as being fascists and fundamentalist extremists. History is dismissed as “old hat” and we are advised to wise up and face the fact that we now live in the enlightened 21st century. In other words forget the lessons of history, hold your nose, close your eyes to realities and traipse down the garden path to a fairy tale world where everyone lives happily ever after.

Even when incitement, distortion of historical facts and proof of Arab total inflexibility to compromise is pushed in our face, starry eyed peace groupies are afflicted with a third mirage. It happens time in and time out and two of the latest examples illustrate the power of wishful thinking and denial on the part of those who strive to lead us to more disasters.

The PA President recently stated that negotiations with Israel will continue until all promised prisoners are released but that under no condition would he make any concessions or give up any of his demands. Translating this into plain language means that the talks are meaningless because once all the prisoners are released and Israel has fulfilled its obligations he will walk out and naturally blame Israel in the process. Thus at the end of the 9 month gestation period as determined by that fantastic team of Obama and Kerry, our toxic peace partners will abort the negotiations knowing only too well that the rest of the hypocritical international community (with the possible exception of Canada & Australia) will join the “blame” Israel chorus. Faced with this clear and unambiguous game plan, those like Yitzhak Herzog remain unmoved and instead prefer to dwell in a make believe world of spin generated by Abbas specifically for gullible politicians and others.

The second example of how toxic emissions are swept under the carpet and relegated into some sort of make believe limbo occurred this week. A former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister and currently a leading member of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation) declared to the Arab media that Jews praying on the Temple Mount, pollute the site and therefore these polluting Jews must be banned, fought against and prevented from desecrating the area. Note that the objection was not to Jews praying in the Mosque (which never happens) but to the presence of Jews visiting & praying anywhere near the site where the Temples once stood. Of course when you deny the very existence of the Temples, as Palestinian Arab clergy and politicians do, then these utterances are not surprising.

What is incredible however are the non reactions of our Jewish leadership both in Israel and the Diaspora. One presumes that in the absence of any reprimand from our “peace” partner this poisonous  example of goodwill is endorsed by those with whom we are supposed to embrace. Israeli authorities have caved in to the vilest sort of threats and instructed any Jews visiting the Temple Mount not to mouth any prayers lest the wrath of the Islamic mobs is unleashed. Likewise most Jewish religious leaders are mute over this disgraceful state of affairs. When was the last time you heard your local Rabbi condemn this scandalous situation? Naturally if we do not get upset then how can we expect the media and politicians to display any intestinal fortitude?

There are plenty more examples of toxic hate & intolerance gushing forth from those who are held up as shining examples of love and peace and who are embraced by those who strive to lead us all to another disastrous piece of paper which guarantees not peace but war in our time. What will it take to snap out of this delusional time warp?

The Festival of Chanukah points the way.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel where he is J-Wire’s correspondent.   





7 Responses to “Embracing Poisonous Partners…writes Michael Kuttner”
  1. Liat Nagar says:

    What will it take to snap out of this delusional time warp? Nothing short of all out war, most probably, as was the case in 1939 in Europe.

    • Gil Solomon says:


      I think you missed Michael’s final few words in reply to Paul where he said:
      “I guess we will just have to battle on meantime and hope that these people eventually come to their senses. It’s a pity that it will take a disaster for this to occur and even then there is no guarantee.”

      “Even then there is no guarantee” !!!
      It seems many Jews are afflicted with some suicidal virus buried deep in their DNA. Is it any wonder Israel is treated with contempt by her enemies?
      It once held all the cards and had history on its side, but squandered all this in the headlong rush towards appeasement.

      Her enemies need to fear her but don’t. They know all too well the absurd rules of engagement Israel imposes upon itself, even in times of war.

  2. Gil Solomon says:


    Another brilliant piece of reporting summarising the situation and the insanity that is gripping many delusional Jews in Israel and worldwide.

    I have always said that Israel is a democracy gone insane and your piece only reinforces my viewpoint. I admire how you cope when having to confront the incomprehensible nonsense uttered by so called “leaders”, day in day out.

    At the risk of being deluged by the usual torrent of lectures by those of a left leaning ilk, I say hypothetically that maybe if there were such a thing as a benevolent dictatorship, this is what Israel needs in this time of total confusion, mixed messages and rampant stupidity being expressed by all manner of individuals from Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Herzog on down.

  3. Eleonora says:

    Shalom Paul, Your last comment, It’s a pity it will take a disaster for this to occurr and even then there is no guarantee””is not quite true. Quote “Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

    • Michael says:

      Shalom Eleonora

      Actually it was me and not Paul who made this statement. While I acknowledge the validity of your quote let me make it quite clear that Hashem also expects us to do our bit and if we the Jewish People slumber and sleep He will do the same. In other words the Lord helps those who also help themselves. During the Inquisition and pogroms and the Holocaust we were unable or unwilling to act. Today we have the glorious opportunity of being able to defend ourselves and strengthen our commitment to the Land which was promised to us. Refusal to do so and instead agreeing to all the demands of those who wish to destroy us plus kowtowing to the dictates of an international community which has never cared a fig about Jewish survival is a transgression of the highest order. We must be pro-active in pursuing peace but we must not be blind to realities. That is the bottom line.

  4. Paul Winter says:

    All very true, Michael. One question however: when reality confronts Israelis, how is it that any of them vote for the parties that advocate their own country’s politicide and with it, at the very least becoming second class citizens and quite possibly facing murder, dispossession and expulsion?

    • Michael says:

      Shalom Paul

      You have asked an excellent question. I guess one could ask the same about American Jews well over 70% of whom kept voting for Obama. The same delusional amnesia afflicts parts of the Israeli electorate who routinely cast their ballots for politicians whose policies can only lead to suicide. In addition we face the age old problem of Jews who hate their heritage so much that they support the vilest anti Israel & anti Jewish groups.

      As it says in the book of Kohelet: there is nothing new under the sun…

      I guess we will just have to battle on meantime and hope that these people eventually come to their senses. It’s a pity that it will take a disaster for this to occur and even then there is no guarantee.

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