ECAJ welcomes refugee intake

September 9, 2015 by J-Wire News Service
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The Executive Council of Australian Jewry has welcomed the announcement today by the Australian government that Australia will resettle an additional 12,000 refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria and Iraq.

ECAJ President Robert Goot

ECAJ President Robert Goot

“We agree with the government’s decision to give priority to those most in need of protection, including women, children and families of persecuted minorities who have sought refuge from the conflict in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey”, said ECAJ President, Robert Goot. “We also commend the government for committing $44 million to the provision of humanitarian support to more than 240,000 Syrian and Iraqi people who have been forced to flee their homes or seek refuge in neighbouring countries.”

The ECAJ also gave its support to the government’s decision to extend Australia’s air strikes against Islamic State into Syria, marking the next phase of Australia’s contribution to the international coalition effort to disrupt, degrade and ultimately defeat Islamic State.

“It is not enough simply to address the results of the ongoing atrocities being carried out by Islamic State and many other groups in Syria and Iraq’” Robert Goot said. “It is also necessary, in concert with other nations, for there to be a forcible military response against those groups themselves, as this seems to be the only way available for the moment to pressure the perpetrators against continuing their atrocities. In addition, we would hope that behind the scenes strong diplomatic pressure is being applied to the Syrian regime, whose shocking crimes against its own people – including the deliberate use of chemical weapons and barrel bombs against civilians – have been at the very heart of the problem. The Syrian regime and its backers – Hezbollah, Iran and Russia – have much to answer for.”



10 Responses to “ECAJ welcomes refugee intake”
  1. Michael Burd says:

    Perhaps someone should inform Robert that Monis was an Iranian Refugee/ Asylum seeker.

    It only takes one of them to act out their obsessive hatred towards Jews ,we are on the front line.

    Unlike Robert I reserve my compassion for Jews , we already live under siege from existing so called Muslim Lone wolves now the odds are going to get even worse.

    Our Government is playing Russian Roulette with our security.

    Perhaps when Robert goes to Shule on Monday and goes past an armed guard to enter he may ask himself , Why ?

  2. Michael Burd says:

    Robert is free to support the Muslim community in supporting our government s decision to allow 12000 Syrians into our country .
    I support this decision as much as the Palestian , Arab /Muslim community and Greens would
    support Israeli / Jewish Refugees ( G-d forbid ) into our
    County .

    • Lynne Newington says:

      One could hardly believe with being presumptious, that Benjamin Netanayhu in the present crisis would allow any Jews to be at the mercy of others.

  3. Paul Winter says:

    Comments made on ECAJ are all good. I would just like to add what makes me a bit queasy about the ECAJ statement: it is too PC in failing to make the point that taking Christians in preference to mohammedans is better for Australia (it would gain us some brownie points with all except our enemies to whom the ECAJ is sucking up to; it fails to take a swipe at islamophilic Obama who should have got rid of Assad and wiped out ISIL except that he is a supporter of revolutionary islam; it misses pointing out that the oil rich Gulf states are shirking their religious responsibilities to their co-religionists (they have no concept of humanitarian ones); the Turks are doing as little as the Indonesian about stopping the hajira to Europe of their fellow mohammedans. Otherwise the ECAJ statement is a smooth as peanut butter and just as hard-hitting.

  4. Otto Waldmann says:

    Fascinating comments and some really funny, mainly the one with muslim refugees building security barriers for the Jewish community, I laughed for hours ( not true at all ).
    The main details yourse all missed is that the Gov. mentions that MINORITIES will be accepted. Muslims are NOT a minority in Syria and that’s not funny at all.

    • Lynne Newington says:

      Albeit Pope Francis’s statement about refugees, many eminent clerics certainly don’t agree with him, including Australia’s Archbishop Anthony Fisher and another Hungary’s bishop, Lazlo Kiss-Rigo claiming their cries of Allahu Akabar is an invasion of the country.
      It will be interesting to see what religious pursuasion the persecuted minority the two families are to be intergrated into the Vatican, and how will they protect themselves from any foothold that could transspire into the future.

  5. David Adler says:

    How many potentially violent anti-Semites will be part of this new intake? It seems we are learning nothing from the recent deterioration of Europe.

    Israel by law offers sanctuary for any Jew persecuted or in danger. Yet NONE of the wealthy Gulf states will do so for their brethren.

    Saudi for example has a large sophisticated tent city with floors, air conditioning, electricity and plumbing capable of housing up to 3.3 million. It is used once a year for the Hajj festival and is currently vacant.

    There are way better and safer solutions.

    • Lynne Newington says:

      With the views regarding Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee intake I’m sure what sits in her memory is the diaspora of the Jews during the Holocaust. Who would’ve thought now in 2015, here in Australia at least you have to construct a $1.3 million bomb proof barrier to protect yourselves.
      What does it say about us.

  6. Michael Burd says:

    Gil I think it’s great idea , I have a suggestion for our Jewish communal organisations supporting more Muslims to come into Australia.

    Mount Scopus College have just announced they will be engaging armed Guards to protect our young ones, [ from who ? No idea perhaps from those pesky extremist Hare Krishna’s ] considering our compassionate Jewish communal leaders are not concerned in the slightest that none of the Syrians { who just love Jews and Zionists ] will threaten our security they could be hired by Mount Scopus as Guards after all the Syrians will need work when they get here>

    Furthermore we are building a $ 1.3 Million bombproof barrier around the Beth Weizman Jewish community center in Caulfield [ Similar to the Bombproof wall erected around the Yeshivah in Bondi] perhaps these Syrians can be hired to help build this barrier .

  7. Gil Solomon says:

    As usual, the ECAJ and who knows what other Australian Jewish organisation can always be counted on in supporting the intake of more Muslim refugees, Muslims who, it must be remembered, are fleeing their home countries in fear of their fellow Muslims.

    The reality is that these people are flooding into Europe at alarming numbers and causing chaos to the host country, Germany being the country of choice because of the benefits extended. The average European wants an end to this.

    Personally, I don’t give a damn about Europe.
    They deserve all the bedlam that’s coming their way.

    But why is it that it is always some do-gooder Jewish organisation that comes out in favour of further Muslim intake of “refugees” when in reality these people are not wanted and most Europeans want the floodgates closed.

    Before anyone starts going on about “Jews should remember this” or “Jews have a duty because of past experience to do that” I remind you all that these people are fleeing because what their own people are doing to them. They are being persecuted by their own and not by any outside group.

    Their problems are of their own making and Jewish organisations should, on this issue, simply butt out without comment.

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