Do Jews have a suicidal gene in their DNA?

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With the imminent arrival of Barack Obama, Israel is still trying to put together a coalition government of such disparate groups, that if it were not so serious, it would be laughable…writes Gil Solomon.[rss-cut]

This President will be putting insane demands on Israel which will sound plausible to the masses of intellectual pygmies on the world stage who have no knowledge of ancient or modern history, but who have bought the Arab narrative and regard Israel as the obstacle to peace in the region.

Israel on the other hand is preparing for his arrival as if they are about to meet a great friend. Plans are in place to give Obama a medal, while he no doubt plans to plunge a knife in the host country’s back. It should be remembered that it was the Obama Administration which last year disclosed the secret Israeli air base in Azerbaijan that was to be used as a launching and refuelling pad if Israel were to attack Iran’s nuclear reactors. This disclosure was due to the fact that Obama did not want a conflict before last year’s US Presidential elections. By this act of treachery, the Obama Administration wiped out the element of surprise and in the process put Azerbaijan in danger of future Iranian retaliation. So much for regarding the USA under this President as a friend of Israel.

In spite of this, many left wing Israelis approve of his policies and look forward to him applying even more pressure on Netanyahu to make further concessions, without considering this could mean suicide for Israel. Added to this is the fact that the majority of US Jews adore Obama as the Messiah who can do no wrong! One has to ask, what has happened to the Jewish people? It is as if we have a suicidal gene buried deep in our DNA.

The sad fact of life is that Israeli Hasbara is pathetic and can be likened to a ship without a rudder adrift on the sea. It has no clue as to how to counter the relentless propaganda and get its points across and as a consequence of years of neglect in this arena, it is now being assaulted on all fronts. Now more than ever, real leadership is needed but even in the face of existential threats, Israeli politicians are vitriolic in their attacks on one another.

Gil Solomon



One Response to “Do Jews have a suicidal gene in their DNA?”
  1. Paul Winter says:

    Gil, you make a number of valid points and I’ll comment on each in turn.

    The Israeli government (in the process of formation) is already making plans to counter likely demands by Obama, by making concessions to the Arabs. The game plan seems to be that by making small concessions, Obama will not be seen to be a complete loser (what he really is), when his major demands are rebuffed. This of course is plain bonkers, because Obama will still make his demands and use the concessions as a lever to have them enforced. Further, when the Arabs demand further unilateral concessions from Israel, the present ones will be use by them the EU, UN, etc.

    The great US “friend” has consistently back stabbed Israel, and not just on the Azerbaijan issue. The problem seems to be that successive Israeli administrations seem to try to talk to “friendly” governments to let Israel and those countries prepare public positions and to adjust policies so as not to cause too much friction. After a number of kicks in the face, Israel should have learned to say soothing things and to act independently in its own interests. It should also have not accepted insults like taking dressing downs from Clinton and Biden or remaining when Obama interrupted a meeting with Bibi to have dinner. Accepting such treatment invites contempt and more brasen demands. Fuirther Israel should have refused US demands for training the PA army and it should have refused to let the US Consulate-General in Jerusalem act as the US’s embassy to the PA and to Hamas.

    The US Jews are more interested in polishing their liberal images than in standing up for their fellow Jews. The US Jews are an affluent community with its feet in the working class and hence left-wing. And that is fine. Judaism has more in common with the egalitarian ethos and with justice than it has with the greedy group centered tenets of fascism. But the point is that the Jewish movers and shakers of US liberalism are established in the capitalist system and enjoy playing the revolutionary in comfort. The problem is that they are endangering their own security, by supporting the enemies of their society and that of Israel. Their support for a half-black. half-Kenyan president is, for them the proof that their liberal ideals have triumphed. That that community organiser is wrecking their country and endangering their position is ignored, because their attitudes gain them admission by their referrence groups as the ‘good’Jews who can rest assured of their security. They, like in Oz forget that the status of Jews was highest after the 6 day war, when Jews stood up for themselves.

    The current crop of Jewish leaders – for want of a better word – are ghetto clones looking for protection and using intellect and wit to avoid unavoidable suffering. They are also arrogant in pursuing failed policies both because of egos and because they cannot conceive that there are situations where brain power fails. Or in fact that there are people who do not think the way they do. They remind me of the Jews of Budapest who faught over who could give the best piano to Eichmann – so he was given seven (!!!) or like Rumkowski of the Lodz ghetto who was so determined to preserve some ot the ghetto (and himself) that he demanded that the inmates surrender their children to the Nazis. Such leaders are as pathetic as they are pitiful.

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