Curbing the self-loathing Jewish defamers of Israel

May 19, 2015 by Isi Leibler
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Most of us are thoroughly exasperated with the obnoxious Jewish deviants who are demonizing Israel with their global campaigns, falsely defaming the IDF as monsters and war criminals…writes Isi Leibler.

Isi Leibler

Isi Leibler

Such reprehensible elements were always the bane of the Jewish people. But today the internet and the global media provide them with the opportunity of inflicting infinitely greater damage than in the past when their impact was more localized.

During the Middle Ages, some of the most venomous antisemitic propaganda emanated from self-loathing Jews, principally converts to Christianity, who represented an important element compounding the prevailing atmosphere of persecution, pogroms and expulsion.

In the 19th century, Karl Marx who was born a Jew, spouted obscene antisemitic diatribes which his Jewish followers simply refused to acknowledge. In Russia in the 1880s, it was Jewish Social Revolutionaries who justified pogroms as incubators which would transform the masses into revolutionaries.

After the Bolshevik Revolution, the Soviet-appointed Yevsetskia (Jewish cadres), were more vicious than their gentile counterparts in demonizing and proscribing Judaism. More recently, during the Cold War, Diaspora Jewish communists defended Stalin as he murdered their kinsmen and applauded the Soviet regime which promoted state-sponsored antisemitism.

Today, there are a small group of Jews and Israelis who maintain this demented tradition of self-loathing by seeking to defame the Jewish state by portraying the Israel Defense Forces – undoubtedly the most moral army in the world – as craven war criminals.

The principal Jewish group currently promoting this blood libel is a small Israeli NGO, “Breaking the Silence”, which was established in 2004 with the clear objective of undermining Israel. Its strategy is to defame the IDF, dramatizing “evidence” of alleged war crimes. However their “eyewitness reports” are anonymous, unverifiable and devoid of context. Many of the alleged “crimes” were subsequently exposed as comprising anti-Israeli chatter with no basis in reality.

Indeed, allegations accusing the IDF of engaging in Cossack-like killing sprees were highlighted in cover stories by Haaretz in mid-2009 and subsequently syndicated as front-page stories in newspapers throughout the world. They were very soon proven to have been without substance. But the damage was done and the climate was created, paving the way for the notorious Goldstone report which accused Israel of war crimes.

Today we are witnessing a replay. “Breaking the Silence” has released a 237-page report of “testimonies” by unnamed Israeli combatants describing alleged war crimes during the recent war in Gaza. Again, citing anonymous sources and without context, these unsubstantiated accusations which effectively describe the IDF and Hamas as birds of a feather, made worldwide headlines. They undoubtedly represent a curtain raiser for the forthcoming United Nations Human Rights Commission report which promises to be as biased and as distorted as the discredited Goldstone report. The campaign is also intended to encourage the International Criminal Court to prosecute Israel for war crimes.

Of course war is horrendous, mistakes are made and innocent civilians become casualties. This applies especially in Gaza with Hamas, which aside from launching rockets and digging tunnels to murder and kidnap Israelis, also deliberately used civilians as human shields and located rocket and artillery launching pads and arms depots in densely populated locations including schools, hospitals, mosques and UN shelters.

If Israel had wantonly sought to kill civilians, it would not drop millions of leaflets and telephone hundreds of thousands of civilians urging them to evacuate areas four hours in advance of airborne attacks.

However, that is not to suggest that the IDF, even with its unique moral code of combat, is perfect. But there are procedures in Israel for dealing with legitimate complaints or infringements of the law and the Judge Advocate General systematically investigates every accusation and there were exceptional cases which led to prosecution of offenders. But there are no cover-ups and there has not been a single case of behavior that could be described as a malicious intent to kill a civilian without cause.

Had “Breaking the Silence” submitted evidence that was confirmed by the Judge Advocate General, who then failed to act, they would have been justified in condemning and protesting against the State. But they adamantly refused to either identify those primarily low ranking soldiers charging the IDF with war crimes or provide details of these allegations to enable their claims to be investigated by the relevant authority. Yet they have the gall to justify circulating such unverifiable defamatory allegations, on the outrageous grounds that whistleblowers would be “punished”, something inconceivable in a country which has a free press and would have a field day if there were an attempt to cover up any such incident.

Under normal circumstances, no responsible reporter or newspaper would risk publicizing such charges if prevented from verifying their veracity. Yet these monstrous libels against Israel are reproduced as though “Breaking the Silence” was a responsible government instrumentality or a transparent respectable human rights organization.

The problem is compounded by the fact that the bulk of funding for breaking the Silence comes from anti-Israel NGOs, human rights associations, foreign foundations, and European governments, many of whom are engaged in boycott divestment and sanctions (BDS). Some actually made their grants conditional on obtaining a minimum number of negative “testimonies”.

Tens of millions of euros originate from European governments, including the United Kingdom, which would never conceivably tolerate such foreign interference in its own domestic arena by external organizations – especially governmental bodies – seeking to subvert a democratic government under the cloak of promoting human rights. This is documented in detail in a recent NGO Monitor publication titled NGOs, Anti-Semitism and Government Funding.

The demonization and delegitimization of Israel by Jews funded by anti-Israeli groups abroad is neither an academic exercise nor an exchange of views. It is an act of sabotage, endangering the State and as pernicious as sabotaging IDF weapons depots. It would not be tolerated in any other democratic country, particularly one surrounded by neighbors fanatically committed to its destruction.

It is indisputable that the objective of Breaking the Silence is not merely criticism of Israeli policies. After all, self-criticism, sometimes even extending to masochism, is a central feature of Israel’s robust democratic ethos. However, Breaking the Silence, a small group of disgruntled delusionary Israeli leftists backed by massive overseas funding, is unashamedly demonizing Israel throughout the world and undermining its government. It sends out emissaries to vilify Israel amongst Jewish and non-Jewish groups, particularly at universities. It is shameful that, purporting to uphold freedom of expression and maintain dialogue, some Hillel bodies even provide platforms for their representatives to defame the IDF.

To besmirch a nation by falsely portraying its soldiers as craven murderers undermines national morale. It is in this context that the proposal mooted by Ayelet Shaked, now Minister for Justice, to require government approval for overseas NGOs to sponsor Israeli political bodies has considerable merit, despite the shrieks that democracy would be undermined.

Just as individuals can resort to legal means to remedy defamation, the State must also defend itself from demented citizens engaged in defamation of their country. This applies especially to Israel, the sole democratic oasis in a region in which barbarism is rampant and whose right to exist continues to be challenged by its neighbors.

Isi Leibler lives in Jerusalem. He is a former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.


11 Responses to “Curbing the self-loathing Jewish defamers of Israel”
  1. Liat Nagar says:

    There is surely some legal clause somewhere in Israeli legislation that points to the illegality of broadcasting such accusations against the IDF without evidence or naming. The Breaking the Silence people are despicable cowards for the generality of their accusations, and the media who enable them are totally irresponsible, with an obvious agenda in mind. We need a Court of Law to stop it by making all of them accountable – one action brought that resulted in monies owed for defamation would slow things down to a trickle pretty quickly.

  2. Erica Edelman says:

    Raymond: Thank goodness the divide is UN-even. That there is a divide is lunacy.

    Gil: Whilst your sentiment is (usually) in tact, in this case, you raise suspicion. Your dogma is not helpful. “What the hell is wrong with Jews”? Acts of Treason? (And your line with regard to Freedom of Speech is where?)”Jewish trash”? (So it’s OK for you to belittle and denigrate, but not them?) “Clear the Swamp”? Need I tell you what this sounds like?

    No, Gil, you need to stop running your mouth – or would that be fingers? There are supporters of Israel who are reading this – both Jewish and non-Jewish who are nice ppl and who do not need to be reading your not-so passive-aggression.

    There are hundreds of reasons why people turn against their own. (I have two Jewish neighbours who consistently and with much alacrity de-nounce Jews and make it known to all they talk to that Judaism/Israel leaves much to be desired. When I correct them and their assertions they back down for a minute or two but are at again next day). People who make it their business to speak ill of Israel are usually both bullies and cowards – alternating when a propitious moment presents itself. They do not represent the majority – it just feels like it because they have a louder and more insidious voice. Like Isi indicates, these ppl do more damage than a land-mine.

    Me thinks the way to deal with these groups who continue to bash Israel, who continue to try to persuade the world about bad things that Israel does is to deprive them of the very oxygen they need to survive. That would be Money and Legal Means. To my mind, these groups SHOULD NOT be able to speak out without a license. No license, no speak. (Like the busker in the street). And if they speak out WITHOUT a license they will then have to prove/substantiate themselves and their claims – to a democratic court of law.. Charge them with Treason? That is anachronistic. Treat what they are saying more like libel, slander, deformation, etc. Change the Freedom of Speech laws to reflect these issues. Defame the Jews or Israel (any country really) and they face prosecution, a hefty fine, a criminal record and hours of education – unless,of course, they can substantiate their assertions. That will be pretty difficult for them these days. Very few ppl like the idea of spending time in a penitentiary full of REAL criminals. They quickly keep their opinions to themselves.

    Which clever person once said, you can’t expect to keep doing the same thing over and over and get a different outcome?

    Something SUBSTANTIAL has to change. These out-spoken people must be stopped. History has already begun to repeat itself.

    Isi, make it MORE of your business to be a change agent. You have the ability, skills and talent to make SUBSTANTIAL changes. Don’t stop at just reporting facts that we already know. To people who already know them. Be a change agent. And if you can’t – speak to people who can. You’ve been around long enough to know the people who can get the ball rolling. We need every country with a democratic Legal System to pay attention to this issue. At this point, we have the tail wagging the dog. If something doesn’t change about our world we will have a Nazi regime all over again. Only this time it won’t look like Stalag 13.

    • Gil Solomon says:


      Thanks for the lecture.
      Whether you like the term or not, treason is treason. There are no shades of grey in what these people, mentioned by Isi, are doing.

      Your legalistic mantra about “licences” is a guarantee that things go round and round in circles getting nowhere. In your own words you say: “you can’t expect to keep doing the same thing over and over and get a different outcome.”

      At least my response is clear. If one commits acts of treason then one can expect to be incarcerated.

      Israel, a country facing existential threats day in day out, should not act like a nation of bleeding heart social workers, forever excusing anyone and everyone for any act of aggression be it physical or otherwise.

      • Eleonora Mostert says:

        Very well said Gil. Erica needs to come back from fairy tale land back into reality.

  3. Dian (Dina) Grossman Kjaergaard says:

    I agree with Leon Poddebsky about the notion of self-loathing being very hard to grasp. But I think the clearest way to communicate is to focus on appeasement. The traitors are thus appeasers driven by various kinds of fear, ranging from the existential to fear of not being accepted as a member of an admired group.

  4. Raymond Phillips says:

    It is beyond my comprehension why there are so many divisions within Judaism. Stand as one for there is strength in unity ., stand divided the enemy will conquer.

  5. Gil Solomon says:


    This is a well written piece about the self-loathing Jews.

    You say: “Tens of millions of euros originate from European governments, including the United Kingdom, which would never conceivably tolerate such foreign interference in its own domestic arena by external organizations.”

    If a foreign government “would never conceivably tolerate” such interference, why is it that Israel does so?
    What the hell is wrong with Jews that they can never do the obvious?

    The simple facts of life are that the self loathing Jews within Israel are committing acts of treason for which they should be incarcerated with the keys thrown away.

    Why not, someone like yourself with the level of influence you have in political circles in Israel, advocate for harsh measures for all acts of treason committed by any citizen. You say the State must defend itself but it never will unless there is a groundswell of opinion in Israel channelled to advocate for just that.

    As far as Rabbi Woolstone’s comment that your piece should go viral so that Jews who are faltering on the side of our enemies can rethink their position, misses one crucial reality. The Jewish trash we are referring to here will never rethink anything. Severe penalties should be in place for acts of treason against a nation under constant existential threats. It is time for the swamp to be cleared.

  6. Leon Poddebsky says:

    A more appropriate epithet, I submit, is “self-loving antisemites ‘of Jewish background.'”
    Many of them are narcissistic personalities, opinionated, tormented souls with pretensions to omniscience and exclusive custodianship of virtue and truth, hermetically sealed to facts or reason or any one else’s right to freedom of expression- in short, totalitarians.
    They are totally divorced from any real knowledge or understanding or practice or affiliation with anything remotely Jewish.
    One of the prominent ones in Sydney was heard to refer to the Jews as “not my people.”
    When they can exploit their background for vile purposes, they trot it out.
    Even more base is their exploitation of their or their parents’ status as Holocaust survivors.
    Little do they know that their leftist-jihadist brothers have nothing but contempt in their hearts for them.

    From the propaganda angle, too, my suggested term is more useful since not many people would accept the notion of self-hate; objectively it exists, but it is counter-intuitive, so lacks credibility.

  7. Rabbi Pinchos Woolstone says:

    Such clarity from Mr Leibler, let his piece go viral, so Jews who are faltering on the side of our enemies can rethink their position.

    • Haskell Musry says:

      Well, all the derogatory comments you can use may make you feel better but it won’t change anything. Self-loathing jews; obscene anti-semitic diatribes; demented citizens defaming their country; venomous anti-Semitic propaganda emanated from self-loathing Jews; traiters are thus appeasers; circulating such unverifiable defamatory allegations, demonization and delegitimization of Israel by Jews narcissistic personalities, opinionated, tormented souls with pretensions to omniscience and exclusive custodianship of virtue and truth, hermetically sealed to facts or reason or any one else’s right to freedom of expression – in short, totalitarians; self-loving antisemites ‘of Jewish background,. – this is all your language above. Frothing a bit I would say.

      Wow you have my sympathy. You guys are in such pain. Well I am a Jew who spent many years in the Zionist youth movement, several as a madrich, in Sydney. It was a long hard decision to conclude that the foundation of Israel was an enormous mistake and a tragedy for Arabs, most particularly Palestinians, and Jews alike. Israel is now a degenerate, war mongering, apartheid colonial implant. (My own language, I consider it accurate. I am talking about the state, not individuals such as yourselves, misguided as you may be.)

      If I was a self-loathing jew would I so openly and proudly identify myself as a person who rejects zionism and opposes Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity? Do you really think I am an anti-semite? Are all us jews in Jews Against the Occupation (JAO) anti-semites?

      • Eleonora Mostert says:

        Dear Haskell Musry, wow you are quite disturbed. It is you who seams to be in a lot of pain. Are you sure you have any Hebrew blood running in your vain, or are you so confused you have started to think like the Arabs that you are the chosen? It seems you are condemning all Hebrews/Jews for your confusion of facts. It seems you belong to the ranks of self-loathing whatever you call yourself. PS you are all but acurate but then again I’m just misguided like the rest. But I shall pray for you and may God help you to see the truth.

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