Croatian Joins JCCV for Hot Chocolate

August 12, 2011 by Michelle Coleman
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The leaders of the Jewish and Croatian communities in Melbourne needed a second meeting…and chose the BDS targeted Max Brenner Chocolate Shop.


Janja Babic, Anton Babic and John Searle

Janja Babic, Anton Babic and John Searle

The Croatian Consul General, Mr Antun Babic and thePresident of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria held a second meeting this week to discuss ways to bring their two local communities closer together.

The timing of the meeting followed closely on a huge Israeli festival that was held in Croatia as well as several meetings Searle has previously held with Mr Babic and other members of the Croatian community.

The location of the meeting, a Max Brenner chocolate outlet was also carefully chosen. Searle said: “Mr Babic had expressed his personal concern about the anti-Israel and antisemitic demonstrations that had recently been held outside Max Brenner shops”.

Searle congratulated the Consul General for his solid grasp of the insidious intent of the protesters. He added, “It is clear that the aims of the protestors are to destroy a legitimate law-abiding business, threaten people’s livelihood and harass and vilify innocent shoppers. This will not be tolerated by Victorians who see through the thin mask of dishonesty worn by the protestors”.

Both Searle and Babic, who thought the hot chocolate was simply delicious, noted they had again held a very cordial meeting and are looking forward to a dinner involving members of each of their communities that will be held shortly.


6 Responses to “Croatian Joins JCCV for Hot Chocolate”
  1. hasbaracentral says:

    Paul winter I did not mention anything about Jews as a race. They are a religion with some commanility in the Polish-Russian Jews. Otherwise, they include Morrocans, Libyans, Tunisians, Turks, Ukaranians, Iraquis, Iranians, Saudi Arabians, Yemenis, Ethiopians, Indians to name a few nations. And I presume there is some “self-determination” common to all of thes nationalities ?

    • Miriam M. says:

      hasbaracentral obviously doesn’t understand the word ‘peoplehood’,- i.e. they have one God and one spiritual nation. When the Arabs who could have also had for themselves what the Israelis have built in a short time frame,- built by all of them including those of the Muslim faith and Christians living as Israeli citizens,- instead of trying to destroy, will say let us live side by side in peaceful co-existence, then you can argue about who does what. At the moment it is a case of safeguarding one’s own national entity and identity against its enemies. The Islamists are destroying themselves and their own everywhere. The israelis will withstand them, but will the Palestinian Arabs?

  2. hasbaracentral says:

    Hello Paul Winter thank you for giving me this opportunity to expose Israeli aparthied. Here are a few more examples Palestinians in the West Bank live under military rule while the Jews live under Israeli civil rule, live in exclusive colonies, drive on exclusive roads.

    Here are a few aparthied laws that apply to Palestinians alone Military Order 144 (1967), MO 224 (1968), MO 284 (1968), MO 297 (“national” ID cards for Palestinians alone and the right to confiscate the cards. Reminds one of Warsaw), MO 537 ( military commanders can over rule local councils), MO 58, MO 59, MO 329 ( permits deportation of Palestinians).

  3. hasbaracentral says:

    Hello Paul Winter Pople in the West Bank live under Israeli rule. The Jews can vote the Palestinians cannot. Jews anywhere in the world can live in Israel the Budeoin’s villages in the Negev are not recognised thouigh some pre-date Israel. The refugees who were expelled through massacres including Deri Yesin, lyddah, tanture were killed when they tried to go back to their villages and still cannot.

    Jeiwsh unaothorised outposts are given water and electricity connections in the West Banks, Palestinians are not given building permits and houses built without permits are demolished, Bedoin villages in the Negev are demolished, Israel is building over a 1000 new settlements in East Jerusalem which even the US opposed (read Haaretz).

    Please let me know when the Arabs in the West Bank have the right to vote and a passport along with the Jewish colonies. Uri Davies has drwn up a list of over 20 aparthied laws in Israel. The latest is the proposed bill to define Israel as a Jewih and not Jewish democratic state.

  4. Paul Winter says:

    hasbaracentral, are you for real??? Do you have the faintest idea of what apartheid was? What laws there were to separate races and institutionally place non-whites into inferior positions? Apart from parroting the calumnies of Jew-haters, you could not mention a single instance of legislation by the Jewish state against its non-Jewish citizens, even those who by word and deed side with its enemies. Can you think of any non-white judge or legislator in South Africa? Can you think of any school, hospital, bus or public facitlity of recreation are in South Africa that was integrated? But in Israel nothing is segrrgated and non-Jews are fully integrated in all spheres of life, even a MK like Azmi Bishara who spied on Israel for Hizballah. Calling Israel an apartheid state in an ignorant , deceitful obscenity. It is most interesting though, that for purposes of vilification you and your comrades regard Jews as a race (with me being a racist for being a supporter of Israel), but for the purposes of self-determination, Jews are not a people, but only a religion, thus not entitled to a state. What gross hypocrisy, bigotry, muddled thinking and double standards. Shame on you!

  5. hasbaracentral says:

    Some rightwing government supporting Israel and Max Brenner is not the issue. Max Brenner may not lose sales, but everytime there is a protest at least 200 persons learn about Israel’s aparthied. That is the political problem for Israel and Zionists.

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