Carr meets Morsi

September 5, 2012 by J-Wire Staff
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Australia’s Foreign Minister has met with Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi and the country’s Foreign Minister Amr in Cairo.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr

In particular, Senator Bob Carr applauded Egypt’s initiative to bring together Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia in a four-country proposal to break Syria’s political deadlock.

“Egypt’s new democracy is historic,” Senator Carr said.

“Australia was an early and strong supporter of Egypt’s democratic transition. And we’re supporting that transition with more than $20 million in assistance for agriculture, reducing youth unemployment and the elimination of land mines.”

Senator Carr and President Morsi also discussed strengthening the trade and investment relationship between Australia and Egypt.

“Australia has significant expertise in areas of importance for Egypt including mining, dry-land farming and education,” Senator Carr said.

President Morsi expressed a desire for increased tourism from Australia and further opportunities for Egyptians to undertake post-graduate studies in Australia.

On the Middle East peace process, Senator Carr said he and President Morsi discussed the need for a two-state solution.



10 Responses to “Carr meets Morsi”
  1. Otto Waldmann says:

    On the two state solution Morsi had the brilliant idea of Palestine and Egypt, to which our Bob must have said that he is not supposed to agree with that , but here is 20 million bucks to demonstrate his position !

    Paul, mate, “:clown” is wrong. Clowns entertain us………….

  2. Henry says:

    First it was Kevin 747 now it Bob Carr-ier. Visiting these hell-holes just for the sake of it is a waste of our money and your time. Why not stop and visit those lunatics in Iran whilst you’re there Bobby?

  3. George says:

    Even if peace is still plausible, it would mean loss of power for Assad and his henchmen — or their answering for war crimes, as they had reached the point of no return to civilized governance long ago. Their only hope now is to fight the rebellion and carve out a chunk of Syria for their refuge.
    The Iranian regime is absolutely determined to help Assad do this — which is precisely why the path through Syria has become our gateway to Iran.
    And let us not fool ourselves: That regime will have to be confronted militarily, sooner or later. The time to do so is now when we have other nations by our side going into Syria.
    As for Russia and China, these two are reasonable opponents and will do what is best for them — and the rabid Iranian regime is not much better for them as it is for the rest of us. And like us, Russia and China have given up all hope of taming it.
    It is foreseeable then that Russia and China will again watch as we shed our blood and spend our treasure to rid the world of yet another troublesome regime.
    The more pressing question is whether we have any stomach left for another war. Assad and the Iranian regime are betting that we don’t.
    But then so did Saddam and Gaddafi.

  4. Paul Winter says:

    “Egypt’s new democracy is historic,” Senator Carr said. WHAT???

    The clown should read Barry Rubin’s analysis of the Moslem Brotherhood’s takeover which led to an Egyptian social scientist who supported the revolution to get rid of Mubarak, to change sides because of his disgust with Morsi.

    Sucking up to islamofascists while the corpses of Aussie diggers murdered in Afghanistan haven’t yet fully cooled is sickening. The Egyptians are well aware of the Carr crawl and will display the same contempt that oozing Obama has earned.

    This poor excuse for a Foreign Minister shames us all.

  5. Marie says:

    Perhaps relations between the two countries could be strengthened by processing all the spouse visas that the Cairo office of the Australian Embassy keep refusing. Why continue to keep Egyptian/Australian spouses apart for years and years – what exactly doe that achieve?

  6. Michael says:

    What’s the bet Bob UN Securtity Council Seat” Carr
    Follows Al Obama who just gave the Egyptians 1 billion
    Bucks for being good Islamists and gives
    Them a few hundred million of our dollars .

  7. Rita says:

    What do I want?
    An election!
    When do I want it?
    NOW !

  8. PATRICIA says:

    Bob Carr – nice guy – but the wool can easily be pulled over HIS eyes. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey – getting together over to discuss the Syrian issue. If you believe they just have the best of intentions in that regard – you must also believe in the Tooth Fairy.

  9. Otto Waldmann says:

    Fantastic !!!

    Isn’t OUR Bob the Peace Builder doing just an excellent job. And he covers miles of issues as he aopstolates miles of travells with his Bob Vision.
    Noticed how the serious deterioration of the Egypt-Israel peace accord and general damaged at the behest of the same Egypt relationship thereoff has NOT received a mention !!! Wonder why !!!
    Stay tuned because the same Bob the Lecture Builder will tell us, his dearest Jewish mates, how to break matza ‘ cause he knows E V E R Y T H I N G !!!!!

    You can bet on Bob !!!

    Question still remains : waht on eart and who has called Bob to deal in a region he knows bugger all about, he don’t speak the lingo, is NOT included in ANY international negotiating team and, Australia, in principle has right here burning external affairs real problems to be attended to. And what do we get for, yet another, 20 million bucks lavished on a country that has become the newest source of serious problems for Israel and, indeed the REAL peace-process !! Australia is now propping the same Muslim Brotherhood institutions in the hope that our hard earned 20 million wil….what, change their course of hatred for everything Jewish !!!!

    Anyways, I now expect ECAJ to meet Bob on his arrival and tell him off, as they always DO ( including stunning dental cream promo group photos )

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