Canberra Anti-Semite Regains Gun Licence – a Community Threat

January 20, 2011 by J-Wire Staff
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The Canberra Jewish Community has been threatened by a decision to allow a white supremacist and anti-Semite lost his gun licence to have it reinstated

Darryl Potts is a Canberra-based lift engineer who has been described by police as a possible risk to public safety. He had been holding an AB gun license since February 2009 but the license was suspended five months later. He applied to the New South Wales Adminstrative Decisions Tribunal to have it reinstated.

On December 31, the decision was handed down to reinstate his licence. Potts had argued that a ban on his holding a licence could have a negative effect on his ability to find work in Government buildings as he would not satisfy security demands.

Manny Waks

Manny Waks, President of the ACT Jewish Community, told J-Wire: “This is a concerning development for the ACT Jewish Community. Based on the media reports, here we have a virulent anti-Semite who has been assessed by a psychiatrist as having the potential to put public safety at risk, possibly in legal possession of a firearm in the ACT. Mr Potts works in Federal Parliament and Canberra is a relatively small city. It is no surprise that a number of community members – myself included – are concerned about this. Indeed, as it has been reported that Mr Potts expressed “white supremacy views” to police officers, this should be of particular concern to other minority groups as well.

Of course we respect the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal’s decision to reinstate Mr Potts’ firearms licence but question on what basis the Tribunal decided to reject the psychiatrist’s ominous assessment, instead merely describing him as “an intelligent, manipulative and calculating man”.  We certainly view Mr Potts as a potential threat to our community.

I have discussed this matter with the Australian Federal Police and unfortunately there is nothing they can do in this instance due to the AAT ruling. We deeply appreciate the AFP for providing a unique, ongoing service to our community by undertaking regular patrols around our Centre. We will ensure to continue maintaining our close contact with them about this and other security matters affecting our local community.”

The Tribunal heard this about Potts’s views on the Holocaust:

. What did you say to the police?

A. I said “the Holocaust number six million” I can’t remember exactly what I said. When I speak about the Holocaust I say the six million is probably a load of hogwash, based on the reality that the number six is very important in their religion, the Star of David has got a six pointed star, they wear a hexahedron, you a know a cube, which is a three dimensional element as part of head gear, the Orthodox one so six is a number so – and the number six million has been prophesized in the past as being a precursor to the creation of Israel for centuries so that’s the extent, never ever do I ever advocate the genocide of anyone or the killing of anyone.

Q. Can I just ask you very simply, do you recall saying to the police anything about the Holocaust?

A. Yes probably that. Now with regard to the Jewish establishment part, there’s been some interaction with my family by then but we don’t need to go into it and I’m not going to go into it because it doesn’t serve the point of anyone. So – as I was saying earlier in the US the police are educated by a branch of the Jewish establishment as to what constitutes hate laws because hate laws are very big in the US okay and they’re growing here and virtually it’s becoming so tenuous in the United States that anything that doesn’t or isn’t in agreeance to the status quo is it’s starting to become defined as hate, that’s the way I look at it anyway. So that’s the reason, I test the police to see how they react to this and that’s probably the reason and you will mention that there is evidence where I have mentioned that my home has been visited by members of a farm state and that’s probably true, it can be proven by me, I can call witnesses as well but that’s irrelevant to this operation or this court appearance. Anyway so I rolled up the house, sat, I was knocking on the door because I wanted to talk to [her] because I was frustrated that she was using these undertakings, not to discuss matters that were important to me regarding a financial settlement and also–

The Tribunal heard how Potts had told police who attended his home that he referred to Jewish conspiracies…

The full decision of the Tribunal is available here

Federal Labor Member of Parliament told J-Wire: “When the NSW Government is replaced, I hope Administrative Decision Tribunal member Peter Molony is also replaced. He is obviously incompetent and unsuitable for the job.

A ll Federal Members of Parliament won t appreciate his decision against the advi ce of police and a psychiatrist to allow a gun-totting fanatic to wonder around parliament house.”


One Response to “Canberra Anti-Semite Regains Gun Licence – a Community Threat”
  1. Richard Joachim says:

    Oh dear! Another nutter with a gun, The members of that AAT need to be sacked and how does this fellow work in Parliament House and other government buildings? Surely a ‘lift engineer’, a glorified mechanic really, doesn’t need a gun for his work? Is there anyway the decision can be reversed before this nutter rearms?

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