Boker Tov, Eliyahu…writes Michael Kuttner

November 20, 2015 by Michael Kuttner
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Literally, this is translated as “good morning” Eliyahu. However in colloquial Israeli usage it actually means “you were incredibly stupid but finally you get it!”

Michael Kuttner

Michael Kuttner

The trouble is that despite ominous warning signs stretching back over many years the rest of the world did not “get it” and still does not. Even when the effluent hits the proverbial fan and sprays its deadly foul-smelling contents all over those targeted, there are still far too many who cannot and will not acknowledge what actually hits them in the face.

Jews of course have been the targets of unadulterated hate for at least two millennia and Israelis have experienced terror since before the creation of the State in 1948. Every time Israel has tried to warn the international community of the rising tsunami of Islamic terror and intolerance it has been dismissed and shrugged off as yet another symptom of paranoia and unfounded fear mongering. It’s worse than that however because those dismissing these warnings have instead twisted the message and instead accused us of actually being responsible for our own misfortunes. In fact, not only are we blamed for spreading panic and fear we are also to blame for Islamic terror in the first place.

That is why you hear enlightened liberals pontificate that if only we surrender to the demands of those who seek our demise all will be well. Their assertion that universal peace and brotherhood will envelop the Middle East and the world if only we stop being so bloody minded and oppressive is such a pervasive mantra that no amount of logic or proof to the contrary will confuse them. Thus we have Martin Indyk popping out of the woodwork at regular intervals giving us the benefit of his wisdom. At a misnamed peace conference in Tel Aviv last week he solemnly assured all of us that if only we would impose a settlement freeze then Abbas would magically transform into a wonderful peace partner. You see, in Indyk’s myopic world view, it’s the settlements alone which are preventing peace. Obviously he is blind and deaf to the hate poison gushing forth from Ramallah every day. He is not alone unfortunately. This merry band of tone-deaf serenaders of inciters will never be convinced by reality and therefore despite one outrageous event after another they will continue to ignore the core of the basic problem. Here are two links which the rest of the world continues to ignore. After you have viewed them you will begin to understand why most Israelis were not surprised when these same Islamic terrorists attacked France and are planning to attack Europe and other continents.

When journalists were gunned down in Paris everyone blamed them for upsetting Islamic sensitivities. When Jews were gunned down in Paris the generally accepted excuse was that it was their fault because they supported Israel. Jews in France and elsewhere are expendable and therefore no sleep need be lost. That is why the French were caught unprepared this time. Apologists mumble that one cannot prevent “lone wolf” terror. What they conveniently ignore is that these acts of terror are not lone wolves. They are part of a well planned and orchestrated campaign, supported by funds and logistics. Home grown terrorists, joined by others who are infiltrating Western countries are behind this carnage. All of them without exception are poisoned by a diet of daily hate inculcated by Islamic religious leaders and others. This is the hard truth which continues to be swept under the carpet. Pretending that they have genuine grievances or are somehow misguided “folks” who have no connection to a jihadist promoting religion is only making it impossible to deal with and defeat.

The French Government has had a rude awakening and to its credit is now taking serious steps, having declared itself in a state of war with Islamic State. However, it is in all probability too little too late. These purveyors of hate and murder have already infiltrated Europe and most likely the USA and also other countries. Bombing them in Syria, Iraq and Yemen may temporarily set them back there but the problem is that they have already sent their ground troops out into the field. Neither Russia nor the USA/UK was able to defeat the Taliban and in all likelihood the same applies to ISIS. It might need boots on the ground but as we have seen that is no guarantee especially if the efforts are half-hearted. Obama/Kerry have crowed that they are sending a handful of “advisers” to help the almost non-existent western supported rebels against Assad. That is the sort of useless gesture which guarantees failure.

In a clear signal that most of the international community still does not “get it” there is a general denial about the motivation behind these terrorist groups. Excuses trotted out by head in the sand politicians and experts to explain what is happening range from socially deprived, unemployed, frustrated to immature and victims of circumstances. Generally ignored is the stark fact that these jihadists are brainwashed, often from childhood, and initiated into a death cult whose aim is very simple. ISIS makes no secret of the fact that its aim is the establishment of a caliphate, enforcing Sharia law in all countries. Islam in their agenda is to replace western, Christian, liberal democracies. The French are right. It is war. In such a war you have only one alternative and that is to root out the terrorists and utterly defeat them. Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were only defeated after a bitter struggle. There is no other way.

Instead of tackling this head on, many in Europe prefer to pin the blame for terror on the Jews and the Jewish State. Thus you have the obscene spectacle of all sorts of conspiracy theories spread by Islamic sources and gleefully lapped up by Jew hating Europeans. Why else would the Foreign Minister of Sweden and the head of the Dutch Socialist Party, among others, state that these ISIS murderers are carrying out their beheadings, stabbings, shooting and suicide missions because Israel has refused to make peace with the Palestinians? Some cartoonists and editorial writers have also latched onto this and naturally it falls on fertile ground. Anyone with a gram of common sense knows that neither the Taliban, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Houthis in Yemen, nor the other myriad Islamic terror groups scattered all over the globe, have the slightest interest in whether Abbas and his cronies establish another corrupt State or not. They do not for one moment care a fig. They are solely interested in one thing and one thing only. The destruction of democratic, liberal societies and its replacement with a medieval form of Islam and the conversion or death of all infidels is the aim.

Those who ignore this reality and instead prefer to blame Israel are responsible for the coming mayhem and carnage. Those who obsess about Jews building homes in places that are legally and historically part of the Jewish homeland instead of fighting a real menace to peace and civilisation are following in the footsteps of Nero who fiddled while Rome burnt. Politicians who refuse to call this war by its real name and shy away from using the “i” word, instead waffling on about “radicalized folks” and jihadists (as though that has nothing to do with Islam), are guilty of willful deception. That’s no way to wage a war.

Unless and until the rest of the world “gets it” the outlook is bleak. Most Israelis (except for the usual suspects) got it a long time ago. It’s about time the international community caught up because time is running out.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.


5 Responses to “Boker Tov, Eliyahu…writes Michael Kuttner”
  1. Michael Kuttner says:

    As a further follow up to my comments read this op-ed. written by a non Jewish long time commentator.

  2. Gil Solomon says:

    The inference in this patronising comment is as if Israel has been the ever so smart country, the ever so alert one, warning the world of what is to come. This would be true if Israel had led by example, had shown a no holds barred determination to crush terrorists without warning or mercy, including their command centres and infrastructure. But this is not the case.

    Israel’s enemies don’t fear her.
    Terrorists roam and kill at will with the full knowledge that if captured they will go to prison for a short term. If injured they understand they will be treated with the finest medical attention to keep them alive.

    In the midst of chaos, Israel lets the likes of Martin Indyk come and pontificate his world view.

    No Israelis should cease their attempts to be ever so smart but lead by example and crush its enemies. If not now, when the Europeans are attempting to crush Islamic State without the faintest interest in “collateral” damage, then when?

    When is Israel ever going to “get it”?
    Boker Tov, Israel

    • Michael Kuttner says:


      I am afraid that this time you are very wide of the mark. It’s very easy to get carried away living so far from the action and reality in Israel so here are some facts.

      1. Experts in the field of fighting terror have acknowledged that Israel’s actions going back many years have been an example to the rest of the world. Have you forgotten Entebbe and other similar events?

      2. Israel’s enemies do indeed fear her. Your assertion does not hold water.

      3. Terrorists do not roam and kill at will.

      4. They are either neutralized(permanently) or jailed for long periods of time.

      5. Are you suggesting that Israel should descend to the depraved depths of Islamic jihadists and not give medical attention to anyone requiring it, even if they happen to be a terrorist and no matter how unpalatable that may seem? Would you prefer that we behave like Nazi Germany and eliminate people without a trial and due process?

      6. Are you suggesting that Israel bar entry to Martin Indyk and others who spout ideas not to its liking? Presumably you would also advocate Australia barring people who do not think like you? Is that your idea of a democratic country? So long as the person does not advocate open sedition and hate, a country based on true democratic values will allow freedom of expression.

      7. Israel is doing more to crush its enemies than any other nation. We got it a long time ago. Unfortunately not many others do.

      • Gil Solomon says:


        I am very familiar with Giulio Meotti’s writings. He is a highly articulate and decent man no doubt and a true friend of Israel. However, I disagree with his unwarranted praise of the way in which Israel fights its war against terrorists.

        In answer to the specific issues you raise.
        1. I have not forgotten Entebbe. Who ever could? That raid was executed brilliantly by an Israel of a different era.

        2. Maybe I should have said “terrorists” do not fear her. How is it that they come right up face to face with Israeli soldiers or surround them threateningly? Any soldier of any other army in the world would have opened fire, not held their fire.
        I think you know the examples of what I am referring to here.

        3. The stabbings that have gone on recently by these savages speak for themselves.

        4. More times than not we hear of captured terrorists. The “neutralised permanently” (why can’t you simply say “shot dead”) seem in the minority. With the history of previous batches of released murderers, I doubt if anyone stays in jail for life.
        Anyway, to hell with lengthy jail sentences, why there is no death penalty for acts of terror is beyond me. No doubt the leftist Supreme Court has something to do with this.

        5. Why is it that when someone like me advocates a much tougher stance, I am immediately subjected to comparison with depraved Islamic Jihadists or Nazis?
        At a minimum, I am suggesting that in the war on terror there should be no holds barred. I am suggesting that in Israel’s case, a country facing never ending terror decade after decade that they come to grips with it and do what needs to be done.
        At a minimum, the “Rules of Engagement” need to be shredded.
        The insane “Purity of Arms” doctrine needs to be shredded.
        No more warnings should be given of an impending IAF attack.
        No more trial and due process be afforded terrorists.
        And to specifically answer the question you pose, as far as I am concerned, I would not expend any precious resources in saving the life of an injured terrorist.

        6. Yes, I am suggesting that the likes of Martin Indyk and others like him be barred entry. I am also suggesting a state of emergency be declared and there be some type of censorship imposed.

        7. If you think Israel is doing more to crush its enemies than any other nation, well that’s your opinion. Israel in my mind is obsessed with the issue of “collateral damage” and this is hindering the war on terror. The way Israel is going it will never crush these people. The only thing they understand is ruthless force and this is not being applied. How can it when terrorists get advance warnings of a strike?

        Michael, it is obvious that you and I share the same hope for an Israel at peace with its neighbours but differ only on how this will be achieved.

  3. Marta Mikey Frid says:

    Michael, Why don’t you ask Martin Indyk to disclose how much money he is getting from all those he proclaims as Partners of Peace before he proposes such BS again and again. He and Kerry and all their entourage still think that we are all drowning in our ignorance.

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