Should you support the New Israel Fund?…asks Steve Lieblich

September 1, 2016 by  

The New Israel Fund (NIF) claims to “protect human rights, champion social justice, and defend democracy… [and to] invest in hundreds of Israeli organizations whose work changes the equation on civil rights, on religious freedom, and on social justice” Sounds great, right? Read more

Dear Bob….

April 28, 2015 by  

Steve Lieblich, the director of Public Affairs for the Jewish community Council of WA, writes a letter to former Foreign Minister Bob Carr.. Read more

Charles Zentai still stands accused

August 16, 2012 by  

The Australian High Court’s decision not to extradite Charles Zentai to Hungary allows the accused to avoid facing trial for alleged brutal murder. With all due respect to the learned judges, the decision is a damning indictment of the Australian legal system…writes Steve Lieblich. Read more

O’Connell: a wake-up call to anti-Israel “social-justice activists”

January 31, 2011 by  

Last week Brendon Lee O’Connell was convicted on 6 counts of anti-Jewish harassment and vilification in the Western Australian District Court by a 12-person jury, after a 2-week trial in which the accused prominently exhibited his guilt by repeating his crime ad nauseum in the courtroom. On Monday he was sentenced to a total of 3 years imprisonment. Read more

New Australian-Israeli initiative for Perth

August 1, 2010 by  

Next Sunday, the “Friends Of Israel Western Australia Inc” (FOIWA) will be launched by a group of prominent West Australians, State and Federal Politicians, and other West Australians from all walks of life, who see the State of Israel as a “friend in need”. Read more