Israel closely monitors new AY4.2 COVID-19 variant

October 21, 2021 by  

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held discussions on Wednesday following the discovery of a case of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) AY4.2 variant in Israel. Read more

Israel’s Ministry of Defence grants legal status to 4,000 Arabs living in Judea and Samaria

October 20, 2021 by  

Israel has officially recognized the legal status of 4,000 Arabs living in Judea and Samaria, the first time the state has done so in a decade. Read more

After decade of tension, Sweden mends ties with Israel

October 19, 2021 by  

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde arrived for a visit in Israel after years of a diplomatic rift between Jerusalem and Stockholm that began in 2014 following Sweden’s recognition of the “State of Palestine,” a period during which senior Swedish officials were not welcome in Israel. Read more

Israel sees lowest COVID-19 positive rate since Mid-July

October 19, 2021 by  

The fourth Coronavirus (COVID-19) wave in Israel is apparently fading away, as the country recorded the lowest COVID-19 stats in months. Read more

‘Shared Commitment’: IAF and German Air Force commanders lead flight over Israel

October 18, 2021 by  

Israel experienced a one-of-a-kind flyover in its skies on Sunday when Israeli Air Force Commander (IAF) Major General Amikam Norkin and the German Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz led the “Wings of History” joint flyover. Read more

President Herzog: Jews around the world have interpreted COVID-19 as call for aliyah

October 15, 2021 by  

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is being interpreted by Jews around the world as a call to come to Israel, and the Jewish state must be ready for them, President Isaac Herzog says. Read more

EU, Germany launch program to ‘Maintain Palestinian Identity’ of Jerusalem

October 14, 2021 by  

The European Union and Germany have launched the “East Jerusalem Tourism Development Programme” and inaugurated the Tourism Development Hub in eastern Jerusalem, with the objective of “maintaining the Palestinian identity of the city.” Read more

In UN discussion on arms control, Israeli envoy laments international inaction against Iran, Syria

October 14, 2021 by  

Israel’s Ambassador to the US and the United Nations (UN) Gilad Erdan participated in a discussion on arms control and international security at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, during which he sharply criticize Syria’s use of weapons of mass destruction and the Iranian regime constantly violating its commitments to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Read more

Bennett, with six seats in Knesset, calls to limit ultra-orthodox political power

October 13, 2021 by  

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has generated a political storm in Israel calling to “limit the political sway” of the ultra-Orthodox in Israel. Read more

Israeli envoy accuses Ben & Jerry of ‘ignorance and hypocrisy’ for boycott against Israel

October 12, 2021 by  

Ben & Jerry’s co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield displayed “ignorance and hypocrisy” in a recent interview on the company’s decision to boycott Judea and Samaria, Israel’s Ambassador to the US and United Nations Gilad Erdan charged, threatening further action against the company. Read more

Iran’s bombs at centre of German Chancellor Merkel’s visit to Jerusalem

October 11, 2021 by  

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended an Israeli government meeting on Sunday in Jerusalem, held especially for her at the King David Hotel, her seventh visit to the Jewish state as she steps down as chancellor after 16 years. Read more

Decision to allow silent prayer on Temple Mount overturned

October 10, 2021 by  

The Jerusalem District Court accepted on Friday the State’s appeal on the decision by the Magistrate’s Court to allow “silent prayers” for Jews on the Temple Mount. Read more

Reform rabbi utilizes parliamentary immunity to violate status quo at Kotel

October 8, 2021 by  

Member of Knesset (MK) Gilad Kariv, a member of the Labor party and a Reform rabbi, took advantage of his parliamentary immunity to violate the status quo at Kotel forcefully introducing a Torah into the women’s section. Read more

Muslim High Court nominee facing accusations of terror support

October 7, 2021 by  

Judge Khaled Kabub, a High Court of Justice nominee, is facing accusations that he met with supporters of terrorism, participated in an event that supported terrorism, and was honoured during it. Read more

Court approves of silent Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

October 6, 2021 by  

For the first time since Jewish prayer returned to the Temple Mount, following a court approval which gave it legal standing. Read more

Israeli Minister to Belgium: ban on Kosher slaughter ‘harms religious freedom in Europe’

October 6, 2021 by  

Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Nachman Shai dispatched a missive to Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croix warning that a court ruling upholding a ban on kosher slaughter in the country is “an alarming precedent” that “deeply harms religious freedom in Europe.” Read more

Knesset’s winter session opens amid raucous showdown

October 6, 2021 by  

The Knesset commenced with the Winter Assembly of the 24th Knesset amid a raucous confrontation between Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the opposition. Read more

2,700 First Temple era private toilet discovered in Jerusalem

October 6, 2021 by  

Israeli archaeologists excavating a First Temple-era royal mansion in Armon Hanatziv in Jerusalem have discovered a 2,700-year-old private toilet, testifying to the complex’s luxurious settings. Read more

UN blocks Israel’s envoy from bringing picture on anti-semitic nature of UNRWA teachers into General Assem

October 5, 2021 by  

The United Nations (UN) exercised a form of censorship against Israel’s envoy when it prevented him from displaying a poster on anti-Semitic teachers working for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Read more

Bennett cautiously declarers victory over 4th COVID-19 wave in Israel

October 4, 2021 by  

The Corona Cabinet, the ministerial committee on fighting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) headed by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, met on Sunday night and lauded their supposed success in fighting the virus in Israel. Read more

Israeli Ministers of Health and Regional Cooperation meet with PA head Abbas in Ramallah

October 4, 2021 by  

Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas hosted on Sunday evening in Ramallah a delegation from the Meretz party headed by Nitzan Horowicz, Israel’s Minister of Health, and with the participation of Minister of Regional Cooperation Issawi Frej and Member of Knesset (MK) Michal Rosen. Read more

Bennett: Israel at ‘Critical Stage’ in Battle with COVID-19

October 4, 2021 by  

Israel is at “a critical stage” in its battle with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said, while expressing satisfaction at the decline in the number of serious cases in the country. Read more

Israeli special forces kill terrorist in counterterrorism operation

September 30, 2021 by  

Israeli Special Forces operating against Hamas’ terror infrastructure in the Arab village of Burkin in the Jenin area on Wednesday night encountered and killed an armed terrorist. Read more

Senior PA official: ‘We are paying price for Bennett’s weakness’

September 30, 2021 by  

“We eulogized [Benjamin] Netanyahu, but now we find that we are required to pay a heavy price for [Prime Minister Naftali] Bennett’s political weakness and lack of progress on the Palestinian issue,” a senior Palestinian Authority official told Israel TPS in response to Bennett’s speech at the 76th UN General Assembly. Read more

Islamist members of Bennett’s coalition threaten intifada

September 29, 2021 by  

The Islamist Ra’am party, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s coalition partners, has issued a statement warning the Israeli government and police of a pending violent outburst after Jews arrived at the Temple Mount with Israeli flags. Read more

European Parliament demands changes in UNRWA’s Anti-Israel Curriculum, or lose EUR 20m

September 29, 2021 by  

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) must change the anti-Israel curriculum taught in its schools or lose funding from the European Union. Read more

Israel celebrates failure of 20th anniversary event of UN’s Durban Conference

September 23, 2021 by  

Israel has celebrated its diplomatic achievements which brought the withdrawal of 34 countries from a United Nations event marking the 20thanniversary of the infamous Durban Conference. Read more

Israeli Foreign Minister: Delay in US aid to Iron Dome – ‘technical’

September 23, 2021 by  

The Israeli government, led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, experienced a significant diplomatic setback on Tuesday when the US Congress decided to withhold military aid from Israel and refused to vote on funding for its Iron Dome defence system. Read more

Israel: Iran’s Raisi ‘continues to fool international community’

September 23, 2021 by  

Iran’s new President Ebrahim Raisi “continues to fool the international community,” Israel warned, calling on the international community to condemn the Iranian regime following Raisi’s address at the United Nations. Read more

Samaria leader calls to stop Arab ‘Occupation’ of Area C after Germany pledges €100m to fund PA projects

September 20, 2021 by  

The Israeli government must take action against the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) encroachment on Israeli-controlled areas in Judea and Samaria before it is too late, a leader from the region warned. Read more

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