Australian Muslim web site attacks Zionism

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An article published on a website “designed to bind together” Muslims in Australia calls Zionism a “colonial expansionist terrorist movement” and brands the occupation as “religiously racist” and “genocidal”.
muslim-villageThe May 19 article by Elias Akleh on, a non-profit site previously known as, was reprinted from Media With Conscience, a US-based website that claims as one of its missions “a fervent desire to stay away from excessive political rant”.

Titled “Palestine: 65 years of Catastrophe”, Akleh argues that the occupation’s primary goal is “the complete annihilation of all indigenous Palestinian inhabitants, the complete destruction of their towns, the wiping off of their culture and history, the creation of an alien state, and the sub-planting of aggressive terrorist alien groups, with different citizenships of various countries, in the area.”

He continues: “Israel is the invention of Zionism, which is a colonial expansionist terrorist movement based on an extremist ethnocentric supremacist Judaic religious discriminative concept of God’s chosen people in God’s Promised Land. Its primary objective is the establishment of a Jewish only super power state in the heart of the Arab World to control its most needed natural resource of oil in order to control the economy of the whole world and to become the masters of the world as prescribed by their own Judaic religion.”

He also blames Israel for all the conflicts in the region. “The illegal creation of terrorist Zionist state of Israel is the primary cause for the Palestinian catastrophe and the cause for all the wars and conflicts that is tearing apart the Middle Eastern region.”

He concludes: “Zionism is just the latest Judaic façade based on Jewish ethnocentric divine superiority complex and the complete denial of the humanity and rights of all other nations; Goyims without any exception.This leaves no room for peace with such an ideology, not just with the Zionist terrorist state of Israel in Palestine but in any other place in this world. Supremacist Jews keep on planting more seeds of hatred among nations, and as in the past they will reap only hatred. Jewish history repeats itself.”

Akleh is described on Media With Conscince as “an Arab writer from a Palestinian descent born in the town of Beit-Jala [who] was first evicted from Haifa after the Nakba of 1948, then from Beit-Jala after the Nakseh of 1967.” published a disclaimer under the article, saying: “The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect those of”

But the ECAJ’s Peter Wertheim blasted the article as “ostensibly anti-Israel rhetoric segueing into outright anti-Semetism.”
The “truly shameful piece” was “accompanied by snide stereotyped comments about Jews all the way through,” he said.
Suggesting that was “a supposedly ‘moderate’ website”, Wertheim added: “The pretense of anti-Zionism disappears altogether in the final paragraph as the mask is ripped away and the author spews raw old-fashioned Jew-hatred.”


5 Responses to “Australian Muslim web site attacks Zionism”
  1. Michael says:

    When will our Jewish community leaders ussualy
    On the ball give their naive support of multiculturalism
    Time to move on multiculturalism was fine in the
    1930,s 40,s50,s and 60 ,s when we had asylum seekers Refugees and immigrants willing to fit in
    Not intimidate or threaten the security of other ethnic or religious minorities not try to change their hosts way of life not sponge of our too generous social services or abuse our too generous free legal services
    we should take note of uk France holland and other European and scandinavian countries that wish they would have not have such liberal immigration policies .
    If only the current wave of refugees and asylum seekers would emulate the Jews Chinese Italians Greeks Vietnamese and Cambodians .
    Just because so called multiculturalism worked in the past doesn’t mean it would be good for Australia on the future .

  2. Otto Waldmann says:

    See Danny ho you are about to wreck the decade long hard work of so many in our community who have achieved so much in these wonderful, harmoniuous interfaith dialogues and even monologues.
    Just in case you were NOT aware of the realities on the ground here are some for you edification:

    – scores of group photographs where one can easily identify who is who, although collective smiles made it easier to distinguish the participants.
    – yearly yom tev functions, fests of communal Seders, strictly kosher – that stuff at $30.00/kg of $5.00 chicken wings – again group pics of merryment, glasses raised, same smiles – not quite, here with a touch of a Carmel drop.
    – Interfaith meetings with smiles – not again – of communal leaders, complete package with speeches, statements etc.
    – scores of committees, more recently something like The Sydney Something, where ALL ethnic groups debate in a friendly athmosphere – G-o forbid I of all people should be there !!!- possible (!!) differences.
    – Muslim leaders coming out (!!) with excellent statement post CBD Muslim-riots, assuring all and sundry that there is NOTHING to worry about the core Muslim community, that only some fringe elements are disturbing the peacefully intended show of…interfaith understanding .
    etc. etc.

    You don’t believe me, ask our communal laders, they all know me and love me and would never say a word against me, or never say a word, whatever ……………….

    Incidentally the stuff we are debating right here is just a fringe manifestation. Again, don’t believe me, just ask Paul Winter, he will vouch for me, wontya my dear Paul !!!

    • Paul Winter says:

      I will indeed vouch for you chaver.

      At the last plenum we were informed that the item referred to perturbed our highly esteemed leadership because MuslimVillage was a moderate site. Seems like the wise ones were surprised and just a tad disappointed that such an item appeared on a site that they could point to as evidence of mohammedan moderation.

      The web site carries a mohammedan condemnation of the butchery in Britain of a young soldier. It also carries this sentence: “This is why we urge the British societry not to put any burden of guilt on the Muslim communities which live peacefully amongst them side by side.”

      As well, they carry another comment from the UK: “Muslim organisations have failed to teach young people that there is a democratic route to express discontent, according to the UK based Muslim Public Affairs Committee.

      Asghar Bukhari said that while organisations are “rightly” condemning the suspected terror attack in Woolwich, they have “washed their hands” of the youth.

      But he also blamed the government for failing to admit that there is a link between foreign policy and radicalisation.”

      This is all typical Dawa (propaganda). Even when people scream Allahu Akhbar as they butcher another human being, it is not the fault of the perfect faith; we have all heard that “A Muslim cannot be a terrorist and a terrorist cannot be a Muslim”. Tell me another one! And of course we again have blame shifting: the youth are radicalised because the host nations haven’t done enough for them.

      We must never become bigots and condemn every Muslim! At the same time we must cease being PC fools, like the group think enforcers demand of us and blind ourselves to the fact that the followers of mohammed are more prone to violence – particularly in defending their creed – than other people. And defending their creed includes compelling others to submit and grant them privileged status in Western societies.

  3. xena says:

    Nothing has changed. The Koran is a manual that teaches hatred of all non-muslims especially Jews who are labelled “pigs” and “monkeys”.

  4. danny says:

    Open up to all you see and hear of islam: the violence, the riots, the signs ISLAM IS THE ONLY ANSWER; ISLAM WILL RULE THE WORLD; THE CALIPHATE WILL RULE; BEHEAD ALL WHO INSULT ISLAM and all the rest of the hate filled dialogue, if you replace “jew” with “muslim” in this lunatic’s rant, it makes sense and reads true and that is typical of islam accusing everyone else of what it, itself, is guilty of.
    Anyone for interfaith dialogue with this new wave of nazis?

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