Act like a ghetto Jew and you’ll be treated as a ghetto Jew…Writes Gil Solomon

February 10, 2014 by Gil Solomon
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I could not have been more disgusted when hearing about a recent prayer rally organised by thousands of orthodox Jews at the Kotel, the aim of which was to beseech the almighty to “cancel the decrees” of the US Secretary of State.

Cancel the “decrees”!

Gil Solomon

Gil Solomon

Do they regard Kerry as an Emperor who issues decrees from on high for which they, as poor ghetto Jews, have no power over whatsoever?

This act of cringing passivity, only reinforces my view that these people do not regard Israel as a sovereign nation in control of its own destiny. In my opinion, the way Israel is behaving one could easily come to this conclusion but to the main issue, if a rally is organised it should be to beseech G-d to put some sense and a spine into the current Israeli leadership and once the prayers are over to move on and:

1. Demand that the sovereign nation of Israel finally gets up off its knees and

cease its relentless capitulation to Kerry’s demands.

2. Demand  that the true story of the nation be told whereby the so called “Palestinian” narrative be exposed as the fiction that it is. To this end I quote from Sheikh Ahmad Adwan, a Muslim scholar living in Jordan who recently made the following comments about the so called “Palestinians”.

“Your demand for the land of Israel is a falsehood and it constitutes an attack on the Koran, on the Jews and their land.” He went on to call these people “liars”, “accursed” and “killers of children, the elderly and women who they use as human shields.”

It is my opinion that Obama and Kerry aim to destroy Israel or at least bring it to its knees. The 2003 Bush Road Map was in theory a blueprint of where these so called “negotiations” could revolve, but Obama and Kerry have deviated so far off course as to make this “roadmap” a dirt track in the middle of nowhere. This is the track they want Israel to travel on and to date Israel has foolishly indulged their every whim, including the release of the most heinous terrorist murderers in order to just bring Abbas to the table. It should be of great significance that Obama has put Muslim Brotherhood members/sympathisers in key administrative positions in his administration. Does this concern that group known collectively as American Jewry? It would appear not. I would assume most would probably not even know this. Indeed, most would probably have never heard of Salam al-Marayati (Obama Advisor and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council) who is on record of suspecting that the 9/11 atrocity was committed by Israel.

It is my opinion that the current US administration, headed by someone whose credentials for office are dubious, is a clear and present danger to the Jewish nation yet American Jews, by a vast majority and to their shame have voted for Obama not once but twice!  All the warning signs were there for those whose eyes were open and were not deaf. Now we have the disgraceful recent spectacle of a brainwashed American Jewry, a group truly worthy of the title of ghetto Jews of the diaspora, attacking the New York City (NYC) Mayor, Bill de Blasio for his support of Israel! All countries have their share of loony tunes self hating Jews but the USA stands first and foremost among the pack. One can only hope that those attacking de Blasio represent a minority of US Jews.

It seems to me that Israeli paralysis is the net result of being sucked into the Obama so called “peace process”. Combined with the constant lack of support and hostility towards Israel and what it stands for has led to an IDF that has lost the confidence or will to even deal with a rag tag bunch of rock throwers on the West Bank. The IDF is taunted daily but refuses to respond in the only way that these people will understand. No other army on the face of the earth would put up with this nonsense. Worse still, according to Israel’s Chief of Military Intelligence, Major General Aviv Kohavi, Israel faces 170,000 rockets aimed at her. To quote General Kohavi: “Israel is surrounded by 360 degrees of actual enemies. We call this period in time the ‘Era of Fire’, in light of the amount of missiles and rockets we face as a constant threat. There are about 170,000 rockets and missiles that threaten Israel. For the first time the enemy now has the ability to hit Israeli cities hard. IAF pilots can no longer move freely towards their targets and have to dodge missiles that threaten them.”

To all this I say. If you know of the numbers you know the locations of these missiles be they at ground level in the open (unlikely) or in a lounge of a home with a detachable roof that can be opened and shut at will or in the myriad of underground  tunnels in Gaza or elsewhere. If ever there was a time for an IAF pre-emptive strike to take out all these missile batteries once and for all, it is now. Unfortunately thanks to Obama and Kerry and a disunited world Jewry, paralysis seems to have infected the IDF.

With this background in mind and to the shame of Jews worldwide, countless American Jews, those simpletons of the diaspora, have the audacity to assail the NYC Mayor for saying he supports Israel! If those in NY disagree with the actions of a so called few in their midst, where are the counter protests in support of de Blasio?

As for ghetto Jews, Tzipi Livni, that disaster of a “negotiator” a woman who it seems is totally out of her depth but who unbelievably heads the so called “peace talks” on behalf of Israel would be a prime example of what I would refer to as a left winger hell bent on capitulation. A woman who appears to have no concept of the fact that capitulation after capitulation brings more and more outrageous demands. Spoken like a true ghetto Jew, this defeatist woman, a woman who disgraced herself with her screeching at Netanyahu in the Knesset during the recent visit by the Canadian Prime Minister (a true friend of Israel), declared recently at an event at Bar Ilan University that “if we don’t decide (on territorial concessions), the world will decide for us.” Behind closed doors, Abbas & Co. would, in all probability, be thanking Allah day in day out for Netanyahu’s political stupidity in appointing Livni.

This woman praises Kerry at every opportunity when in fact it is Kerry who “hints” that Israel will be on the receiving end of boycotts by European nations if they do not abide with his peace plans, hints that have been green lighted by this administration to the Europeans as to what they should do, not if but when, these talks fall in a heap. Not lost too are his hints that should the peace process fail the intifada will resume. One has to assume that Abbas is not a fool. He would have realised that he has just been given the green light by a US Secretary of State to restart a massive terrorist campaign when these talks break down. From the outset, it is this writer’s opinion that this terrorist never entered these talks in good faith and has no intention of ever allowing this conflict to end. He has invested too much in demonizing Israel to the population he is supposed to represent to be able to reach an agreement. Peace to him would mean obscurity and this man, together with the rest of the PA will not give up their lavish lifestyles which includes them being feted by world leaders on centre stage and indulging themselves with money that is bestowed on them by foolish nations who think they are aiding the cause of peace and the supposed suffering of a people who have attempted to rewrite history. Having become masters in propaganda, the PA will blame Israel for any breakdown in this so called “peace process” on supposed Israeli intransigence, be it “settlements” or anything else, knowing full well that most of the world will probably agree with this false assessment.

This brings us to the issue of what exactly has happened to the Netanyahu Government? It was elected with the largest majority in that insane process known as the Israeli electoral system but he in turn puts in place for political reasons this woman, an extreme leftist, who had virtually no political support and is certainly no match for those master propagandists known collectively as the PA. It seems that every Prime Minister in recent memory starts off in one direction but is subsequently infected by the cancerous ideology of that so called “elder statesman” of Israel, a man who, in my opinion, has lost all connection to his Jewish heritage, a master appeaser and cringing ghetto Jew if ever there was one, Shimon Peres.

This is the man who brought Israel the disastrous Oslo Accords and in the process brought to life a people who never existed. A man who to this day refers to Abbas as his friend and peace partner.

A man who when hearing that Yasser Arafat was calling for “Jihad” rushed to his immediate defence by claiming he was calling for a “Jihad for peace’.

I have said it before in my articles and it is worth repeating here since the Israeli Government is loathe to mention any of this. There was never a Palestinian people nor a country called Palestine. It is pure fiction that successive Israeli Governments have never sought fit to counter for fear of offending anyone. In biblical times, all of what is now Israel and Judea and Samaria (West Bank) was Jewish. When the Romans conquered the territory they named the entire area “Philistina” in order to rub salt into the wounds of the defeated Jews by renaming it in honour of the Jews’ ancient and mortal enemies the Philistines. By doing so, the Romans acknowledged that the real owners of the entire territory were Jews and over the centuries the name Philistina was anglicized to Palestine.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, if one were referred to as a Palestinian, that automatically implied that he or she was Jewish. Decades later, Arabs cleverly commandeered the term “Palestinian” and the unknowing masses bought the message that these same Arabs have never forgiven the division of their “country” by the UN. The facts are that Palestine was a geographical land mass administered finally by the British from 1914 until the 1947 partition plan, when only a small part was allocated back to its centuries-old rightful owners, the Jewish people.

Fortunately for the “Palestinians” they are dealing with Jews. No other country or people on the face of the earth would have even indulged their ludicrous and incessant claims nor given them the time of day. Jordan certainly did not.

Unfortunately for Israel, it to this day apparently has no concept of Hasbara (pr), let alone realises that Hasbara is a war that Abbas and Co. have mastered to an extent beyond their wildest imagination. They have turned history on its head and convinced the world of the truth of the Palestinian narrative.

It is now up to supporters of Israel worldwide to counter the Palestinian narrative of Abbas & Co. by engaging politicians and others with the pertinent facts and getting them to come out publicly with these facts.


Author Gil Solomon is a retired finance manager who takes an intense interest in current affairs impacting on the Jewish community.




7 Responses to “Act like a ghetto Jew and you’ll be treated as a ghetto Jew…Writes Gil Solomon”
  1. Jim Hylland says:

    I am not a religious man so I will understand that my thoughts will be disregarded, probably before they are read.

    I support the Jewish peoples right to their country and religion, but I feel the same for all people. It appears to me that neither the Israeli state leaders or the “Palestinian” leaders as they are currently conducting themselves deserve anything more than than they have. I am “so not impressed” that the both of you can go back decades, “or centuries” to justify your hate & vitriol. From my observation you are both right, I hope you are both happy.

    As for your vehement comments about the US’s meddling in your country/religions affairs let me assure you if it was up to me we would leave you to your own joyous situation. I have friends that say we must support Israel without question, I say why? They would say “but Israel is our closest ally”, I would say “let them have their way with each other and leave me out of it.” The billions we give to Israel, with the millions we send in support of the Palestinians would go a long way our country, believe it or not we have problems too.

    The history of the middle east and it’s religions appears to me to be a lot of hatred from people that claim to want peace, “ya’ll” are all very religious with “Great Religions” of peace. Some how I don’t see that.

    Does being religious mean you have no empathy? If I lived under the threat of constant war I am sure I would have a different point of view, by only the luck of birth and miles I see things differently.

    The Jews in Israel have suffered greatly from terrorism, the history of the holocaust cannot be denied. However if Jews & Palestinians cannot see each other as “people” and have respect for each other then you have your relationship as it is. I don’t think your wall will work and I am tired of supporting your AID.

    There are too many war mongers on both sides. I was born in the 1950’s, so I could have easily spent my whole life in a Palestinian ghetto, I’m sure that would color my opinion. The only thing I can say about the Jewish ghetto is I am sure it was worse by a magnitude that I will never understand. I am amazed that you can use the term “ghetto Jew” as a slur of another Jew that has a different political view.

    As I see it current Israeli policy: it is to expand to all the land you think you deserve (as it was probably a gift from God) and since you hold the power over the Palestinians you are getting your way for now. If/when another war starts could we please have winner one way or the other. The way I see it Palestinians lost ground in your previous wars and you want to keep it, but you could go back centuries and find more reasons to hate/fight. Well now your in the 21st century and the world looks down on conquest expansion. I guess you could have sealed the deal back in the day but “we all are here now!” I expect that the current war mongers like you Gill will have the day or stall till you can’t stall no more.

    I am not much of a pusher of politics but I follow it closely as I can. I believe in humanity (all of it’ even you.) Just so you know I greatly love my country and am very proud of it and its history. There have been many wrongs done to many in our past history, but its my country and I love it. That is not to say that am proud of all our actions, currently I am embarrassed by my leaders,(almost all of them)they are acting like fools on domestic politics more often than not these days.

    In my humble opinion there will be a 2 state solution. My guess is that world opinion will force it. I expect that trade & public opinion will be the answer just as it was in South Africa. The USA can only protect you about so far, I would hope that humanity will force a solution on ya’all. Fear not the USA will back you farther than is good for either of us.

    As an alternative us old people “will” die & perhaps the next,(or next), generation will act like we should.

    PS: From my point of view the worst thing that will happen near term is that your country will start a war with Iran which my fool country will “help you with”. Useless to your cause because it sets them back a few years and will guarantee more hatred & warfare.

    Sincerely, Jim Hylland

    • PaulWinter says:

      You make many points Jim, few of them valid or pertinent, without addressing Gil’s article. To bring you into the present, Gil wasn’t going back centuries.

      If you read J-Wire, you will note the assistance the IDF and Jewish volunteers are providing to Syrians caught up in the Sunni-Shia love match. If you bothered to look at Palestine Media Watch or MEMRI, you would note that the hate comes from the mohammedan side; Jewish crazies are marginalised whereas mohammedan ones are glorified.

      Jews are concerned for “the other”; that is what Jewish values are about. Its something that we Jews gave to the world and something we haven’t been forgiven for.

      Gil’s point was that Israeli leaders shouldn’t act like they were helpless in some ghetto. The ghetto gave no protection and the Arabs surrounding Israel and many inside it, are blood thirsty savages. Appeasing them only leads to more demands, which are more difficult to meet from a weakened position.

      And, Jim, spare me your sympathy. You were born in the USA in the 50s, while I was born in Hungary in the 40s, and just lucked out on not getting a one way trip to Auschwitz. The current crop of Israeli leaders are as hopeless as the ones in Budapest, who were too fearful to organise any resistance to an implacable enemy.

      Jews have offerred territory to the local Arabs in 2000, 2001 and 2008. Each time the offer was refused because the leaders firstly don’t want to lose benefits if democracy took hold and secondly, they won’t accept a state if it means they don’t deprive Jews of self-determination.

      Jews are entitled to the land of Israel not because of god but because it belongs to the Jewish people by history and by the San Remo Conference in 1922 which was reaffirmed by article 80 of the UN Charter. There never was a Palestinian polity. The British mandatory gave 79% of the land intended for Jews to the Hashemites and transferred the Golan to the French. The Arabs rejected the 1848 partition plan and lost. Israel came into possession of Judea, Samaria and Gaza as a result of a defensive war started by the Arabs in closint the Straits of Tiran, which the USA had promised to keep open. Gil’s point and mine would be that Jews can only trust themselves and we must assert our rights.

      As far as US aid to Israel is concerned, write to your congressman to keep it; Israel’s economy is in better shape than the USA’s. Besides, almost all of the aid stays in the USA supporting its military-industrial complex. Israel was stupid in not developing the Lavi and its successors that could reach Iran because the F-15 and F-16s range is inferior to Russian Sukhois. The F-35 is not much better.

      No, Israel does not need the US to deal with Iran. But if Israel’s leaders would not be ghetto types, they would have told Emperor Obama off for divulging the Azeri option and for treachery in negotiating in secret with Iran and thus frustrating his Congress’ sanctions on that regime.

  2. Paul Winter says:

    Perfectly right Gil! Just in the last issue of the AJN Rabbi Ingram takes the ECAJ to task for its weak endorsement of pro-Israel comments by Julie Bishop and Julia Gillard, observing that non-Jews are more supportive that our leadership. And it has been thus for a while; when the UN passed the Zionism is Racism resolution it was the US’s then delegate that stood against it.

    Our oh-so-clever Jewish leaders have convinced themselves that the best way to stand up for Jewry is to remain on their knees. They think that by accepting the “Palestinian” narrative instead of affirming Jewish history, they will appease their enemies and peace will break out. The mohammedan narrative is a maliciously constructed lie to replace Jewish history and our leaders ignore both that peace cannot be built on lies and that those who base their cliams on lies, do not want peace.

    Bibi is like all ex-military politicians: a stuffed shirt convinced that he can avoid conflict. Noble intentions, wrong game with the unappeasable enemy. The current nonsense should have stopped in 1967 when the world started treating Israel the victorious defender and its defeated Arab aggressors as equals. And no great Jewish leader since then has protested nor acted to assert the rights of the victor, particularly after the Khartoum 3 noes in response to Israel’s offer to give back everything for peace.

    Bibi thinks it is clever to outsmart Kerry and Obama. but he would have less need to be clever and diplomatic if he possessed the three ‘Bs”: brains, backbone and b***s. He and his acolytes should have got rid of foreign agitators, clamped down on aggressive arrogant Arabs, enforced laws equally, reformed the electoral system, staked claims on lands, asserted Israel’s rights and legislated to bring the High Court to heel. Instead, while Israel’s existence is at stake, Bibi sets one faction against the other to enhance his ego as a very important super clever diplomat.

    Yes, Gil. The ghetto was destroyed and our current lot of clever leaders are doing their damnest to repeat the disastrous failures of the last generation.

  3. Emil Molho says:

    An excellent article. I wish Jewish communities in bolshevick’s New York and communist’s LA will read it.

  4. The false palestinian narrative needs to be exposed more often. This American Jew never voted for obama.

  5. It seems that Netanyahu is giving in to Kerry ; yet, nothing will occur. Kerry will go home empty handed. The U.S has no guts to fight anyone anymore. The new
    appeasers (like 1938) are in control.

  6. Avi Bendavid says:

    Wow! You are my hero! Spoken as it is. I thought I was one of the few on the phase of this side of the planet, American U.S.A., who thought exactly what you just have said.

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