Zentai presents new evidence

April 27, 2010 Agencies
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In a bid to avoid extradition to Budapest to face questioning about the murder of 18-year-old Peter Balazs in Budapest in 1944, Perth resident Charles Zentai’s son Ernie Steiner,  has preseneted new evidence pointing to his father’s innocence to the Attorney-General.

Charles Zentai

Zentai’s appeal is due to be heard in Perth shortly.

Steiner has furnished the new evidence to Senator Robert Mclelland claiming that the Hungarian government knew where Zentai, now 88,  was living and from a soldier at the barracks at which Peter Balazs was beaten to death in front of other prisoners claiming that Zentai was not involved in the murder. Balazs was pulled from a tram in Budapest for not wearing the mandatory yellow Star of David in spite of the fact that the was carrying papers showing that he was living in Budapest under Swiss protection.

J-Wire has the newly presented evidence and publishes it below.

New evidence

The Attorney-General will also received an statutory declaration  from Karoly Szabo made in Sydney last month.

This is what Mr Szabo had to say:

Zentai’s legal team said it would take about 4/6 weeks to receive a reply.