Kosher Shopping Online

February 21, 2012 by Community Editor
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A Sydney-based company is selling Kosher food on line…and half their clients are not Jewish.

Heath and Lucy Baum

Heath and Lucy Baum run offering over 1000 products but no meat products.

Heath Baum, 40, who emigrated to Australia from Dublin 12 years ago, told J-Wire: “We know there are many members of the faith out there who either have difficulty getting to the shops or who live too far away from a Kosher food supply source.

We have on our site some items which are not available anywhere else and when we get requests from clients for items we don’t stock we can usually track them down and deliver almost immediately. And of course, we offer goods to people who live overseas who need to buy Kosher.”

Lucy 38, who arrived in Sydney from Capetown 12 years ago, added: “It’s not only food we sell, We also offer Kosher toothpaste and mouthwash.”

As the world gets busier and on line shopping becomes part of daily life, the future looks bright for

The company maintains a database of its clients and is baffled why the site is so popular with non-Jewish clients.