Danby calls on O’Farrell to block Greens in Marrickville

March 6, 2011 by Henry Benjamin
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Federal Labor MP Michael Danby has called on NSW Liberal leader Barry O’Farrell to block a Greens victory in the NSW State election.

Michael Danby


Danby believes that the introduction of preferences in the NSW State election on March 26 will successfully avoid a Greens win for Fiona Byrne who is challenging sitting Labor member Carmel Tebbut, currently Deputy  Premier and Minister for Health. Byrne is Mayor of Marrickville and has called on a boycott of everything Israeli in the municipality. Currently, Marrickville Council is looking at procedures to implement the boycott.

Danby told J-Wire: “I want to commend the NSW Opposition Leader and would-be Premier Barry O’Farrell on his sentiments as expressed on ABC radio. However, he has a chance to do something about it at the forthcoming NSW State election. If only in the seat of Marrickville  the Liberals would indicate their preferences against the Greens candidate , there is a possibility that the woman who has lead the campaign for the total boycott against Israel, not just from the West Bank, but total boycott of Israel ia defeated in the forthcoming election.Liberal preferences against her would be crucial. I conclude is by saying all that is required for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.