Brain Injury Awareness Week

August 20, 2015 by J-Wire Staff
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The Sydney event launching the national Brain Injury Awareness Week was held at Bondi’s Our Big Kitchen whose CEO suffered brain damage ten years ago.

Rabbi Dovid Slavin and Charlie Teo

Rabbi Dovid Slavin and Charlie Teo

OBK’s CEO Rabbi Dovid Slavin was the victim of an incident which saw him in a life endangering situation. The surgeon who treated him was one of three presenters at this week’s launch.

Charlie Teo is a high-profile brain surgeon who operated on Rabbi Slavin and who told those attending the launch that Rabbi Slavin, who has attained a PhD in the interim, has made “a remarkable recovery”.

The meeting heard that the main causes of brain damage are accidents and assaults and Rebecca Sciroli spoke of the seven months she spent in hospital after her stepfather had attacked her with a hammer.

Rabbi Slavin made special mention of a passing nurse and Sydney emergency unit Hatzalah for coming to his immediate aid.

Brain Injury Australia’s CEP Nick Rushworth also addressed the launch