The Queen’s Birthday Awards – the Honorees

June 11, 2012 by J-Wire
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Members of the Jewish community who have been honored in the Queen’s Birthday awards this year include Professor Peter Singer who has received the nation’s highest honor…the AC.

This year’s honorees are:



Professor Peter SINGER, Melbourne Vic 3000


Professor Peter Singer

For eminent service to philosophy and bioethics as a leader of public debate and communicator of ideas in the areas of global poverty, animal welfare and the human condition.

Ira W De Camp Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA, since 1999.

Laureate Professor, Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne, since 2005.

Professor of Philosophy, Monash University, 1977-1999; Foundation Director, Centre for Human Bioethics, 1983-1991; Co-Director, 1992-1995.

Senior Lecturer, La Trobe University, 1975-1976.

Has written approximately 100 journal articles, 150 book contributions ad 30 book reviews in professional journals, and 40 books including:

–  The Life You Can Save:  Acting Now to End World Poverty, 2009.

–  The President of Good and Evil:  The Ethics of George W Bush, 2004.

–  Animal Liberation, 1975, revised 1990.

–  The Reproduction Revolution, (1984).

President, Animal Rights International, 1999-2010.

Vice-President, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, UK, since 2001.

Patron, Animal Liberation Australia, since 1978.

Co-Founder, Great Ape Project, 1993; President, 1993-2005.

President, Australia and New Zealand Federation of Animal Societies, 1994-1999;
Vice-President, 1984-1994; Chairman, 1980-1983.

President, Animal Liberation Victoria, 1980-1993.

Current Member, Advisory Board, Incentives for Global Health, Health Impact Fund.

Member, Advisory Board, Academics Stand Against Poverty, since 2011.

Member, Management group, Global Happiness Organization, USA, since 2011.

Member, Advisory Board, GiveWell, since 2010.

President, International Association of Bioethics, 1992-1995.

Involved in establishing (website established to promote donating a percentage of your salary to charity); the website has received donations totalling approximately $60 million since 2010.

Financial contributor to several organisations/fundings, including OXFAM, Against Malaria Fund, Village Reach and Animals Australia.

Awards/recognition include:

Animal Liberation (1975), included in TIME magazine’s recent list of 100 Best Non-fiction Books published since 1923, 2011.

Included in the list of the twenty-five most influential Australians of the last half-century published by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers, November, 2009.

50th Anniversary Research Award, Monash University, 2008.

Named one of the World’s 100 most influential people, TIME magazine, 2005.

Named in the Top 100 public intellectuals, Foreign Policy/Prospect magazine, 2005.

Banjo Award for Non-fiction, National Book Council of Australia, 1995; for Rethinking Life and Death.

Peter Singer told J-Wire: “I was very pleased to learn that I would receive the award.  Apart from the obvious personal satisfaction, I was pleased for several reasons:

Recognizes the value of the work I do, and thus of applied ethics and ultimately, of philosophy and of the humanities

Shows that you don’t have to be a conformist to be recognized by your country

Demonstrates the value of admitting refugees (like my parents) to Australia – either they or their children and grandchildren are contributing.

As for the highlights of my professional life, the biggest would be writing Animal Liberation and seeing it contribute to an international movement that has significantly (though insufficiently) improved the lives of millions of animals.   Seeing how the work I do on global poverty, including the website has made a difference is another highlight.

Having people come up to me after a talk and tell me that one of my books has changed their life is always a highlight too.




Professor John Edward RASKO, Castle Cove NSW 2069

For distinguished service to biomedical research in the field of gene and cell therapy, as a clinician, author and administrator, through executive roles with professional organisations, and to philanthropy.

John Rasko

Director, Cell and Molecular Therapies, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, since 2001.

Head, Gene and Stem Cell Therapy, Centenary Institute, since 1999.

Professor, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, since 2005; Associate Professor, 2001-2005; Chair, Institutional Biosafety Committee, since 1999.

Chair, Industry Advisory Committee, Research Infrastructure Support Services Ltd,

Chair, Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee, Office of the Gene Technology Regulator, Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, since 2008; Committee Member, since 2001.

President, Australasian Gene Therapy Society, 2003-2005; Founding Secretary; Co-Founder, 2000.

Member, Foundation Committee, Faculty of Science, Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, since 2010.

Co-Author, Ethics of Inheritable Genetic Modification:  A Dividing Line?, 2006.

Member, Editorial Board, Cytotherapy journal, since 2010; Human Gene Therapy journal, since 2009; and The Journal of Gene Medicine, since 2002.

Associate Editor in Experimental Pathology and Cell Biology, Pathology journal, since 2001.

Regional Vice-President (Australasia), International Society of Cellular Therapy, 2008-2012.

Chairman, International Committee, American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, 2009-2010.

Board Member, Cure the Future (The Cell and Gene Trust), since 2004.

Chairman, Scientific Grants Review Committee, FSHD Global Research Foundation, since 2007; Board Director, since 2010.

Board Member, Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation, Australia, 2008-2012.

Professor Rosko is currently overeseas



Dr David COHEN,  Caulfield North Vic 3161

For service to progressive alternative education, curriculum development and science education, as a researcher and editor, and to the community.

Dr David Cohen

Principal Educational Consultant and Psychologist, from 1990 until his recent retirement.

Member, Gallery of Distinguished Educators, Australian National Museum of Educators, 2010.

Co-Founder, Australasian Association for Progressive and Alternative Education, 2006.

Founding Member, Australasian Association for Research in Education; Life Member, 2003.

Editor, Education Alternatives, 1992-1998.

Co-Founder, Australasian Science Education Research Association, 1970.

Founding Member, Australian Curriculum Studies Association.

Associate Professor, Education, Macquarie University, 1973-1989; Senior Lecturer,

Director, Studies (Curriculum Assessment), NSW Department of Education, 1980-1981.

Co-Founder, The Emanuel School, 1983; Currambena, Yinbilliko and Kinma, 1970-1972; and Elonera, 1987.

Vice President, Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria, 1961; Member, 1956-1962; Editor of various newsletters/journals; Life Member, 1969; Guest Speaker, 50th Anniversary, 2002.

Executive Committee Member, Australian Jewish Historical Society.

Executive Committee Member, Australian Jewish Genealogical Society.

Vice-President, Victorian Lacrosse Association; Foundation President and Co-Founder, Chadstone Lacrosse Club, 1960; Life Member, 2004.

Fellow of the Australian College of Educators.

A more detailed bio on David Cohen:

Heavy involvement with Jewish education, including co-founding Jewish Day Schools Masada College (1969 — 1970), The Emanuel School (1983) and input in the establishment of Mount Sinai College (early 80s) and Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of the King David School in the early 1980s.
David Cohen established, with the late Rabbi Porush and Mr Lionel Link, the Jewish Institute of Teacher Education.  This Institute conducted a year-long in-service program for teachersof Cheder, together with an accreditation scheme.
Dr Cohen has given several presentations to various WIZO groups and other community organisations.  He was President and Court Captain and Committee member of the JYPA (Jewish Young People’s Association) in the mid 1950s. It brought a lot of Jewish people together and many marriages resulted from that group. Dr Cohen captained the Maccabi Interstate Debating Team alongside Lionel Freedman and Leon Hayman.  Dr Cohen was also Treasurer of the AJAX Squash Club in the late 1950s.
He is a sixth generation Australian Jew whose forebears include:  Michael Cashmore, Phillip Blashki, Emmanuel and Vaiben Solomon.
His wife is Dr C. Margot Sims and their son is Benjamin Cohen.  From a previous marriage his offspring are Bernard Cohen and Tamara Leizer.
His further community involvement includes:  Board member and Vice President of East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation and Board member, Chairman of the Lecture series and Member of the Archives Committee of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation.

David Cohen told J-Wire: “Throughout my long career I have always tried to humanize education, so that the teacher’s focus is on each learner.  There is no place in education for the belief that one size fits all. I’ve always fought for the rights of the individual student.”


Mr Rodney Myles HYMAN, Mosman NSW 2088

For service to the plant and machinery valuation industry through the Australian Property Institute, to professional organisations, and to the community.

Rodney Hyman

Founder, Rod Hyman Asset Services Pty Ltd (t/a RHAS), since 1999.

Member, National Financial Committee, Australian Property Institute, 2001-2005; Member, Awards Judging Panel, 1999; Member, Valuers Professional Board, 1995-2000; Member, National Education Committee, 1996-1998; Chair, Quality Assurance Committee, 1996.

NSW Divisional Councillor, 1995-2007 and 2010-2012; Vice-President, NSW Division,
2001-2002; Treasurer, 1989-1999.

Convenor and Lecturer, Advanced Professional Certificate in the Valuation of Plant and Machinery, Sydney (UTS/API), since 2003.

Convenor and Lecturer, Professional Certificate in the Valuation of Plant and Machinery, Sydney (UTS/API), since 2003.

Chair, Machinery and Business Assets Faculty Board, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 2004-2008; Member, since 2001; Member, Oceania Property Board, since 2007.

Member, International Plant and Machinery Valuation Conference Committee, since 1998; has twice convened the Conference, and chaired the Conference in Beijing in 2011.

Board Member, Australian Valuation and Property Standards Board, 2005-2011.

Guest lecturer, University of Western Sydney, since 1998.

Member, NSW Divisional Council Australian Institute of Valuers and Land Economists, 1994.

Member, Family Law Division, Law Council of Australia

Member: Jewellery and Allied Trades Valuers Council, 1979-2010.

Board Member, Auctioneers and Valuers Association, 1977-1982.

Board Member, Cremorne Synagogue, since 2011.

Board Member, Kehillat Masada Synagogue; Chairman, Strategy Committee.

Board Member, Western Sydney Connection.

Life Fellow, Australian Property Institute, since 2007.

Fellow, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Fellow, Property Institute of New Zealand.

Retired Fellow, Australian Marketing Institute.

Rodney Hyman told J-Wire how he felt when he learned of the award. “I felt almost total disbelief. I did what I thought was the right thing at the time.” Hyman was on the board of Strathfield Synagogue when was only 18 years old and has also served as a board member at the North Shore Synagogue in Lindfield.


Ms Robyne SCHWARZ, Toorak Vic 3142

For service to the community of Victoria through leadership roles with a range of social, health and welfare organisations.

Robyne Schwarz

President, Jewish Care Victoria Board, 2004-2009; Vice-President, 2002-2004; Member of Board Sub Committees for Building; Finance and Audit; Services Delivery; Remuneration; and Development.

Played key role in merger between Montefiore Homes for the Aged and Jewish Community Services in 1999 (to form Jewish Care); Life Governor, Jewish Care 2010.

Founding Chairperson, Federation of Jewish Aged and Community Services Organisations, 2008-2011.

Chair, Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation Advisory Board, Monash University.

President, Victorian Health Services Review Council, since 2005.

Worked in child health, and child and family welfare, for over 30 years; including Senior Social Worker, Child Development and Disability team; and Co-Founder, Department of Home and Community Care, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

National Director and Victorian State President, Australian Association of Social Workers, 1990.

Appointed Public Member, Australian Press Council, 2011.

Robyne Schwarztold J-Wire: “I would not be telling the truth if did not say how thrilled I am to be receiving this..but it shows that the work done by Jewish Care as an organisation is also acknowledged and the leadership of it was very important to me.”


Ms Alice Eve-Marie SPIGELMAN, Darling Point NSW 2027


Alice Spigelman

For service to the community as an advocate for human rights and social justice, particularly for women and refugees, and through contributions to cultural organisations.

Director, Australia for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, since 2006; Founding Chairman, Women’s Projects Committee, since 2006; the committee has raised over $1 million to fund health programs in Myanamar, Chad and Somalia.

Co-Director, Sydney Leadership Group, The Benevolent Society, for 7 years; Marketing Director, for 2 years.

Founding Member, Examined Life Institute, since 2007, Member, Advisory Board, since 2007.

Current Board Member, Sculpture By the Sea; organisation established to promote and fund exhibitions of sculptures along scenic coast lines.

Trustee, Bundanon Trust, 1997-2007; the Trust was set up by the late Arthur Boyd to preserve his art collection, the homestead and its surrounding gardens.

Board Member, National Institute of Dramatic Arts, 2001-2007.

Board Member, NSW State Library Society.

Board Member, Australian Institute of Music.

Current Member, Advisory Council, Built Environment Faculty, University of New South Wales.

Author, Almost Full Circle:  Biography of Architect Harry Seidler, 1923-2006, 2003.

Has written plays about Freud, Virginia Woolf and Miles Franklin which have been performed in several cities around Australia.

Alice Spigelman told J-Wire: “In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be honored in this way. There are so many others who have done much more than I have…but I am very proud to have been chosen.”


Mrs Naomi Ruth TIPPETT, Melbourne Vic 3000

For service to children and their families nationally and internationally through the development of health and welfare programs, as a contributor to multicultural education, and to the promotion of social harmony.

Naomi Tippett

President, ForChildren Australia, 2000-2011; Representative on the International Forum for Child Welfare, 2011.

Founder, Polyglot Puppet Theatre, 1978; Director, 1978-1996; Consultant, since 1996; the theatre uses several languages to promote multicultural understanding amongst primary aged children.

Founder, Melbourne Rotary Dental Program; the program encourages Victorian volunteers to provide dental support to Tibetan children in Dharmsala; it has also assisted in programs to minimise worm infestation amongst children in North Vietnam.

Established the Peace Garden, Melbourne Exhibition Gardens, 1992; to commemorate the Dalai Lama’s visit to Melbourne.

Awards/recognition include:

Kenneth Myer Medal for the Performing Arts, Victorian Arts Centre Trust, 1996.

Naomi Tippett told J-Wire: “I first started dealing with Multiculturalism in 1978 and  have loved every day of my work. We started with a $3,000 grant from the Australian Council to  use  puppetry to teach it. I recall my own schooldays as a Jewish child. Although it was never talked about I always felt I was  regarded as ‘different’. We used puppets,  speaking in seven different languages (  Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Spanish and Turkish) to promote multicultural understanding and self esteem amongst primary school children.  Today I work with ForCHILDREN Australia to establish ‘Chances’ programs.  We raise funds to assist children that have  a financial constraint to their education. ”

Together with her husband Dr George Tippett,  Naomi Tippett was  the founder of the Melbourne Rotary Dental Program which encourages Victorian volunteers to provide dental support to Tibetan children in Dharmsala. It has also assisted in programs to minimise worm infestation amongst children in North Vietnam.

Naomi Tippett has also produced  ‘A Family Haggadah’, interpreted by Rabbi John Levi and illustrated by the children from The King David School,  to make the important Passover Ceremony accessible and meaningful to successive generations.



Mrs Rosalind Louise FISCHL, Lavender Bay NSW 2060

For service to the community through lay leadership of The Great Synagogue, Sydney, and a range of orthodox Jewish organisations.

Ros Fischl

President, The Great Synagogue, 2005-2009; Board Member, for 16 years.

Vice-President, Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Australia, since 2009.

Inaugural President, Council of Orthodox Synagogues of NSW, since 2008.

Current Governor, The Great Synagogue, Sydney.

Vice-President, Ezra Association, for 20 years.

Silver Life Governor, Montefiore Home for the Aged (through donations).

Current Membership Chair, Board of Directors, Monash Country Club.

Ros Fischl is the first woman to have been elected president of a major Jewish congregation in Australia.

She told J-Wire: “When I joined the Board of The Great I really had no specific feminine agenda.  I took on tasks assigned to me and worked in many different areas such as youth programs, major events such as 125th anniversary celebration, Rabbi Apple’s retirement event and Rabbi Lawrence’s induction, the Chief Rabbi’s visits, etc. as well as refurbishment of the hall and kitchens, among other things.

However, most importantly, what evolved over time was a realisation that there was a need for the women to be more included in services and festivals, within the boundary of Halachah.

I worked with the rabbis to achieve this, and today women can carry the Torah, dance Hakafot on Simchat Torah, celebrate their Bat Mitzvah in shule on Shabbat, and feel much more included in other ways. We instituted an annual Women’s Shabbat where for many years now we have honoured a woman of achievement who speaks in shule before the entire congregation. There are other initiatives evolving over time, such as special shiurim for women given by our senior rabbi on Shabbat mornings.

At first some of these practices were questioned by other rabbonim, but eventually other shules followed our example. It is a very different experience for women today than in my mother’s or grandmother’s time, and I feel encouraged by our progress.

My main challenge of the past four years has been in my role as inaugural president of the Council of Orthodox Synagogues of NSW, again at first the only woman among sixteen presidents of shules!  Now we have three other women representatives of their congregations attending.

Our aim at COS NSW is to discuss issues of importance to our congregations, lend support to smaller congregations as well as our endeavour to bring existing orthodox structures into 21st century best practice.  It is indeed a challenging task. I am deeply honored to receive this acknowledgement of my work”.


Mr Henry JOLSON QC, Melbourne Vic 3000

For service to the law, particularly in the area of alternative dispute resolution,
to professional organisations, and to the community.

Henry Jolson

Advisory Panel Member, Chief Justice’s ‘Portals’ Program, Supreme Court of Victoria, since 1997; Member, Panel of Mediators.

Conciliator appointed under Legal Practice Act, 1996 (Victoria), 1997.

Instructor – Advocacy, Leo Cussen Institute (Victoria), 1996-2003.

Chairman, Victorian Electricity Supply Industry Dispute Resolution Panel, 1997-1998.

Chairman, Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, Victorian Bar Commercial Law Association, 1994-1995; Member, until 2006,

Pioneered Court annexed mediation in Australia.

Appointed Queen’s Counsel, 1991 (Victoria); Senior Counsel, 1994 (NSW).

Service to the Victorian Bar Association includes:

–  Member, Dispute Resolution Committee, since 1991 (except 1993-1994).

–  Conciliator, Legal Profession Tribunal, since 1996.

–  Foundation Chairman, Sports Law Committee, since 2005 ;  Chairman, Accreditation Committee, 2005-2007.

–  Chairman, Overdue Fees Committee, 1992-1994;  Member, Accommodation Committee, 1993-1994.

–  Instructor, Readers’ Course, for 10 years; Instructor, Bar Mediation Course, since 1995.

Teaching Assistant – Mediation, Dispute Resolution Centre, Bond University, 1995-2000. Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, Bond University Law School, 1993; and to Professor Roger Fisher (Harvard Law School) ‘Getting to Yes’ workshops, 1994.

Chairman, Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, Law Council of Australia, 1998-2004; Member, since 1989.

Principal Author, Law Council’s Rules for Court Annexed Mediation; drafting Committee of the Law Council’s Ethical Standards for Mediators, and Guidelines for Participants in Mediation.

Member, Panel of Mediators, Australian Commercial Dispute Centre and IOOF Building Society Ltd National Panel.

Instructor – Advocacy, Australian Institute of Advocates, 1996-1998.

Director, National Board, Lawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution (now called Leading Edge Alternative Dispute Resolver), 1996-1998; Member, Executive Committee, Victoria, 1994-1998; Instructor, Trainer and Assessor, Mediation Training Course, 1994.

Member, National Electricity Market Dispute Resolution Panel, 1998.

Chairman, Family Business Council of Australia Mediation Committee, 1997.

Judge Arbitrator, International Court of Arbitration for Sport, Switzerland, since 2000.

Conciliator, International Centre of Settlement of Investment Disputes, Washington DC, USA.

Member, International Bar Association.

Member, Court of Arbitration for Sport Tribunal established for the Melbourne 2006 and New Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Executive Committee Member, Prime Minister’s Olympic Dinner, 2006-2008.

Board Member, Western Bulldogs Football Club, 2001-2011; Life Member, 2011.

Life Member, Eildon Boat Club, 2001; Director, 1988-2001; Commodore, 1995-1997.

President, Australian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association, 2001-2005.

President, Member Bobsleigh Club, 2001.

Chair, Doping Control Tribunal, Athletics Australia, 2000.

Patron-in-Chief, Melbourne High School GM&B Patron’s Club, 1999-2000.

Member, Montefiore Hospital Ethics Committee, 1988-1992.

Chair, Jewish National Fund Jubilee Foundation, 1999-2002.

President, Jewish Crisis Centre, 1990-1993.

Chair, Grievance Tribunal, Macabbi Australia, since 2004; Honorary Legal Adviser to Macabbi Australia.

Honorary Legal Adviser to Yarra Yarra Golf Club, Victoria.

Fellow, Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration.

Awards/recognition include:

Australian Ambassador for the Peres Centre for Peace, Israel.

Ambassador, AFL Peace Teams competing in the AFL International Cups, 2008 and 2011.

J-Wire spoke to Henry Jolson. He said: “I feel humbled and honored to receive the award. I am pleased that I had the opportunity ti contribute to the development of a different way of resolving disputes which has been embraced by the legal profession and legal systems throughout Australia.”


Mr Carl Robert REID, Bellevue Hill NSW 2023

For service to the Jewish community, particularly through contributions to the management of schools and through the United Israel Appeal of New South Wales.

Carl Reid

Vice-President, Kesser Torah College, since 2003; Chairman, Fees Committee.

Vice-President, Moriah College, 1989-1994; Life Member; Board Member, 1979-1994; Honorary Secretary; Chair of the Financial Assistance, Enrolments and Sports Committees.

Governor, United Israel Appeal of NSW, 2007; Member, Board of Governors; Member of Executive, since 1998; Cabinet Member, 1998-2008; Honorary Secretary, 1998-2008; Chairman, Legal Division.

Honorary Solicitor, South Head Synagogue, 1979-1986.

Awards/recognition include:

Max Freilich Award, United Israel Appeal of NSW, 2004.

Carl Reid told J-Wire: “The truth of the matter is that as much as I feel honored to receive this award, I got more out of the work I have done and continue to do for Moriah, Kesser Torah and the UIA  than they got out of me.”


Mrs Janet REID, Hawthorn East Vic 3123

For service to the law through a range of organisations, and to the community.

Janet Reid

Partner, Hogg and Reid Solicitors, since 1985.

Member, Expert Lawyers Panel, Relationships Australia, since 1991.

Co-Founder, Family Law and Psychology Association, in the 1990s.

Instructor, Leo Cussen Institute of Continuing Legal Education.

Mentoring and assisting both young women lawyers entering the profession and mature age women lawyers returning to the law.

Member, National Council of Jewish Women.

Assisting Jewish migrants from the former Soviet Union to integrate into the community, often together with Jewish Welfare / Jewish Care, from the 1980s onwards.


Dr Ronald ROSEN, Kingsford NSW 2032

For service to science, particularly in the field of radiation protection, and to professional organisations.

Dr Ronald Rosen

Founding President, Australasian Radiation Protection Society, 1975-1977; Executive Committee Member; Historian; Fellow; Life Member.

Vice-President for Congress Affairs, International Radiation Protection Association,

Convenor, Seventh International Congress, 1988.

Member, New South Wales Radiation Advisory Council, 1990-1999.

Honorary Visiting Fellow, University of New South Wales, 2010; Head, Safety Unit; Foundation Senior Lecturer, School of Safety Science; Foundation Executive Member of other committees on human and animal experimentation; Radiation Protection Officer, 1961.

Published 40 scientific reports and papers.

Member, Health Physics Society, 1964-2007.

Member, Radiation Safety Committee, Prince of Wales/Prince Henry Hospitals.

Member, New South Wales Hospitals and Universities Radiation Safety Officers Group.

Former Member, Radiation Safety Committee (AS2243.4), Standards Australia.

Adviser, Radiation Safety, Ranger Uranium Environmental Inquiry, 1976-1977; Temporary Inspector, Ranger Uranium Mine.

Visiting Lecturer/Course Director, Asia Pacific Institute of Nuclear Science.

Former Lecturer, Australian School of Nuclear Science and Technology.

Foundation President, Botany-Randwick Branch of National Seniors Australia.

Foundation President, Botany District Band.

Dr Ronald Rosen spoke to J-Wire saying: “I was thrilled and surprised to learn of the award. There are many involved…I guess I was the lucky one”.


Ruth Wisniak

Mrs Ruth Rebecca WISNIAK, Hawthorn Vic 3122

For service to community health, particularly in the field of psychology, to youth, and to the community.

Psychologist, since 1965.

Provides advice to proceedings at the Family Law Court as an expert witness.

Involved with the establishment of Collaborative Law.

Involved with establishing school counselling programs at Ruyton Girls School, Lowther Hall, Penliegh Grammar School and Fintona, 1971-1985.

Involved with establishing Parent Effectiveness Training Programs, 1982.

Founding Member, Australian Psychological Society, since 1965.

Counsellor, International Youth for Understanding, 1979-1983.

Council Member, Friends of the Victorian School for the Deaf, 1987-1995.

Presenter, Women in Management, David Syme Business School, 1970s-1980s.

Member, Committee of Friends, Victorian Symphony Orchestra, 1970-1982.

Honorary Examiner/Assessor, Mensa, 1972-1980.


Dr Frank Michael WOLF, Cammeray NSW 2062

For service to the community through a range of Jewish organisations.

Dr Frank Wolff

President, Northshore Temple Emanuel, 2002-2006; Board Member, 1980s-1990s, Chairman, Fund for the Future, 2001-2002; Chair, Golden Jubilee Fundraising Committee, 2009-2010.

Executive Member and Vice-President , Jewish Communal Appeal, since 2010; participant in various Sub-Committees; Chairman, Allocations Committee, 2009 and Member, 2007-2009; Chairman, Planning Committee, since 2010.

Chairman, Aged Care Review with Jewish Community, 2010-2011.

He told J-Wire: “I am extremely honored but there many who are more deserving…I am not looking for recognition.”


Mr Michael ZYLBERMAN, 3 Lubrano Street, Brighton East Vic 3187

For service to the community through a range of Jewish organisations.

Michael Zylberman

Chairman and former Treasurer, Jewish Labour Bund Inc.

President, J Waks Cultural Centre Inc.

Involved in the SKIF Youth Movement, Camp Manager and fundraiser.

Established the Yiddish choir Mir Kumen On, 2008.

Treasurer, Governing Council, Melbourne Ethnic Community Radio 3ZZZFM, since 2009; voluntary Broadcaster of Yiddish and English language Jewish Programs, since 2003.

Treasurer and Co-Founder, Penina Zylberman Foundation; fundraises to support Yiddish cultural activities and educational opportunities for young people.

Adviser and supporter, In One Voice Festival; largest Jewish communal event in the Southern Hemisphere.

Former Co-opted Board Member on many Yiddish-oriented organisations, from a young age.

Pro bono professional accountancy advice to various community organisations.

Michael Zylberman told J-Wire: “I feel humbled and surprised. I feel my work with Yiddish has been very important. I don’t want to wake up one day and say ‘where did it go?’.”



4 Responses to “The Queen’s Birthday Awards – the Honorees”
  1. Leon says:

    Mrs Freda Narev, of Auckland. For services to the community. –
    Awarded QSM in NZ Queen’s Birthday Honours.
    Freda is a highly respected and long-standing member of Auckland Jewish Community

  2. Diane says:

    Masada College was established and opened in September 1966.
    Dr David Cohen A.M. was not resident in N.S.W. at that time and so was not involved in the foundation of Masada College.
    Diane Shteinman A.M.
    Past Vice- President and Executive Member
    Member of Founding Group.

  3. Harry Joachim says:

    You’ve listed ACs and AMs, but what about OAMs?

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