The boats to Gaza are a violation of international law

July 31, 2018 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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Israel’s embassy in New Zealand has issued a statement counters a Facebook post published by a New Zealand MP claiming Israel’s blockade is illegal.

The Mavi Marmara leaves Antalya, Turkey for Gaza on May 22, 2010. Nine days later, the Mavi Marmara was at the center of the Gaza flotilla incident that led to a deterioration in Israel-Turkey relations.
Photo Free Gaza Movement via Wikimedia Commons.

Israel has arrested a New Zealand trade union Mike Treen who was on board a “fishing boat” names Al Awda. The New Zealand Herald reports a trade union official in New Zealand claimed the boat was laden with medical supplies earmarked for Gaza.  The union official told the NZH: “We expect the New Zealand government to strongly protest and demand his immediate release, along with his fellow campaigners and the Al Awda so they can deliver the much-needed medical aid to the port of Gaza”.

The Israel embassy in Wellington stated: “The flotilla to Gaza, which is in direct violation of international law, is a cynical publicity stunt designed to divert the attention from the fact that Hamas, with its brutal ruling of Gaza since 2007, invested in terror instead of the welfare of its people. The naval blockade is legal and in accordance with international law (in contradiction to MP Marama Davidson’s Facebook post).

By imposing the legal naval blockade, Israel is exercising its right to self-defence by aiming to prevent the illegal smuggling of arms to Hamas, a world-recognised terror organisation (including by New Zealand) that is sworn to Israel’s destruction and had turned Gaza into a terror center.

Make no mistake, Hamas attacks Israeli civilians on a regular basis and the flotilla to Gaza will not promote peace or assist the Palestinian people – it will only inflame the situation in the region. In fact, humanitarian aid is already provided to Gaza through Israel in vast quantities making the boats unnecessary.

This cynical public relations stunt, endorsed by extremist groups such as Kia Ora Gaza, is first and foremost motivated by hatred and anti-Semitism and does not contribute to the promotion of a possible constructive engagement between the parties.”


10 Responses to “The boats to Gaza are a violation of international law”
  1. Dorothy Finlay says:

    New Zealand politicians have no right interfering with the sovereign nation of Israel. Marima Davidson and the Kiora Gaza crew are unwilling to listen to the the truth. Israel supplies tonnes of food, and supplies daily to Gaza and Gaza is not a recognized independent country so Israel has every right to stop flotillas who try to break International law.

  2. Lynne Newington says:

    There was time the unions supported Israel, in fact Bob Hawke as President of the ACTU and Labour Party was targeted for assasination by the Palestinans because of it.

    We all know where the church stands on the issue……

  3. Gerald Davidson says:

    I would urge Israel to lift its blockade of Gaza. I know this is controversial. The way to undermine Hamas is by political action, and not military action. It seems to me that the blockade is playing into Hamas’ hands and is serving as a method to mobilize Gazans to their policy of inciting the IDF and terrorising Israel civilians living nearby. I wonder how effective the blockade is in stopping arms shipments, the rockets being fired are getting in somehow. I don’t go along with stopping vessels in international waters, even those involved in political stunts. Perhaps my opinion is unpopular, but I ask you what is the answer here. How will the question of Gaza be resolved. Is there anything beyond more of the same.

  4. Liat Kirby says:

    Not sure what your comment means exactly, Adrian? Depends on what you’re doing, what your intent is, with navigation, yes, as well as where you are exactly on the ocean? The people who go along for the ride on ‘the flotilla to Gaza’, purportedly to support the Palestinians, haven’t a clue about Israel and the Arabs and should keep their noses out of it. I’ll wager not one of them has read a single history book on the subject, nor on the region as a whole. What propels them and causes such passion is their hatred of Israel and Jews.

  5. Adrian Jackson says:

    Freedom of navigation is an international right.

    • Jonathan Slonim says:

      Freedom of navigation is only an unfettered right in international waters. Navigation in another country’s territorial waters is subject to that country’s right under international law to defend itself, forbid the entry of vessels that threaten its economic or military security, and board and inspect vessels that may constitute such a threat.

    • Lynne Newington says:

      One would expect nothing more than a statemet like this from you so I’ve learned over time…..

  6. Colyn Melech says:

    As a New Zealander I wish our New Zealand MP’s would keep there mouths shut when they do not know what they are speaking about. Marama Davidson was on one of the other boats a couple of years back. Now the co-leader of the Green’s (Will not get my vote). To me she is a terrorist the same as now Mike Treen is. And Israel should be stamp their Passports as such. Any one that tries to break into another country illegally to break the law of that country are just that.

    • John Newton says:

      I agree with Colyn Melech. I don’t understand what it is that gets these liberal/labour/green in NZ so violent in their opposition to Israel. Maybe it’s because they don’t have any belief or faith in the living God. I think our Prime Minister may be in the same boat, as the liberal progressive stupids, as well.

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