Israeli colonel to visit

October 30, 2015 by  
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IDF Colonel Shaul Arieli will visit Australia for the first time this November. Read more

New Israel Fund Australia answers Tzipi Livni’s call

March 27, 2014 by  
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Late last year, Israel’s Minister of Justice, Tzipi Livni, called on Jewish communities around the world to contribute to a proposed deliberation about “a constitutional arrangement dealing with Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic state.” Read more

Advice for the New Israel Fund Australia

April 18, 2013 by  
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The New Israel Fund Australia has established an advisory council comprising leading members of the Australian Jewish legal fraternity and academia. Read more

The NIFAu and the Knesset’s Anti-Boycott Laws

July 17, 2011 by  
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The New Israel Fund Australia has issued a statement…demonstrating concern about Israel’s new anti-boycott laws.
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