Sydney Jewish community organisation donates $1800 to its Christchurch Muslim counterpart

March 16, 2019 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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The Jewish community of NSW has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Muslim community of Christchurch with the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies launching the campaign with a donation of $1,800.

Al Noor Mosque, Christchurch. Photo: Facebook

Lesli Berger

The NSWJBD explained the number of its donation is divisible by 18, given that the number 18 denotes “life” in the Hebrew language.

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies president Lesli Berger CEO Vic Alhadeff stated: “The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies stands in solidarity with the Muslim communities of Christchurch, New Zealand and Sydney in condemning this act of wanton slaughter.

The massacre occurred at a time when people were at their most vulnerable – at prayer in a house of worship – and all humanity is profoundly the poorer today.

Vic Alhadeff

We remember the attacks on the mosque in Quebec, on the synagogue in Pittsburgh, on the church in Charleston. An attack on one faith is an attack on us all. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of this terrible massacre, as well as to our Muslim friends and colleagues, and pray for an end to racism, bigotry and terrorism.”

After 24 hours the fund had risen to over $25,000.

The website:


4 Responses to “Sydney Jewish community organisation donates $1800 to its Christchurch Muslim counterpart”
  1. anonymous says:

    Nice thought and incentive, but do any of you donate to our own fellow terror victims? Yesterday 2 died and one severely wounded in israel by terrorists and i do not see any of you lending your hand to the family of twelve who just lost their father yesterday in the latest of never ending terror attacks in Israel or to the family who just lost their 19 year old son. I respect the idea but unfortunately we are quick to help others and often forget about the ones apart of us who need consistent on going help. Who are treated like this daily and whose deaths continue to pile up because of this atrocious behaviour.

  2. Michael Burd says:

    Perhaps instead of the thousands of dollars being raised by NSWJBD [ NSW Jewish Board deputies ] in their fundraising exercise for the Muslim community could better be utilized for our own Jewish community security needs because of blatant antisemitism out of control in the Muslim community and wider community .

    How much does the Islamic communal bodies in NSW collect for the Jewish victims of Muslim terror

    Perhaps a little self respect and entitlement of reciprocal respect is in order ?

    The Muslim community are posting the attacker is from British Jewish parents and that he had visited Israel twice


    Already we are seeing crazy antisemitic conspiracy theories, blood libels, looking for ways to construct blame against the Jews for the massacre at the mosques in NZ on Friday 15 March.

    Look how the leftist / Islamic alignment works to create such dangerous rubbish. Problem is many will actually believe this sort of nonsense.

    Example 1: It was caused by Israel because NZ & its PM had criticised some Israeli policy – therefore Tarrant shot Muslims in mosques.

    Example 2: It is the fault of Chelsea Clinton because she called out the antisemitism of Ilhan Omar – this provoked Tarrant to kill Muslims in NZ.

    Example 3: Because NZ Jews asked police to deal with antisemitic incidents, the plot by Tarrant to kill Muslims in the mosque was not detected.

    Sometimes we see evidence of mad irrational accusations of outrageous anti-Jewish conspiracies. These examples are particularly crazy and ugly leveraged on the slaughter at the NZ mosques.

    • Riva Shpak says:

      Hi Michael,

      thanks for speaking the truth. The news is on the radio, in the newspapers again, and again, and again. I don’t agree that this should’ve happened, but I haven’t heard on the local news at all about, for example, shooting at a pregnant woman, and or raping and killing of a innocent beautiful teenage girl. This is just to mention some.

  3. Daniel Katz says:

    From John Rose

    Re Milo’s latest post

    [The Al Noor mosque in Christchurch targeted by Brenton Tarrant produced at least two terrorists, from a very small congregation: al-Qaida recruit Daryl Jones, killed by a drone, and Christopher Havard. The parents of these boys say their sons were radicalized by extremist preachers at Al Noor. The boys were in Yemen with the guys who trained the Charlie Hebdo killers. A 2014 story at (now scrubbed from the internet) quotes a mosque attendee who says, “A visiting speaker from Indonesia talked about violent jihad and plenty shared his views.” Three questions: How many news reports have you read these details in? If you’d known that this mosque was a terrorist factory, would it have changed your feelings about the news at all? Finally, how does it make you feel to learn that the media has been not just ignoring these facts but deleting stories to hide them over the past 24 hours?]

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