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December 12, 2012 by J-Wire Staff
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A spokesperson for Foreign Minister Bob Carr has responded to the op-ed by Federal Labor MP Michael Danby….


The spokesperson said:  “Mr Danby’s characterisation of this issue is incorrect.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr

For the record the Minister did not make the comments attributed to him in this piece. Nor did he threaten to speak against the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister consulted widely on the issue of the UN vote, and made a decision which was backed by a decisive majority of both Cabinet and Caucus.

It’s time to respect that decision and move on.

Australia’s position on this vote was the same as that taken by, for example, the conservative government in the UK.

And it is worth recalling that Australia’s position – both before and after the UN vote – remains one of support for a negotiated two-state solution with an independent Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel.”


9 Responses to “Response from the Foreign Minister’s office”
  1. Gedalia says:

    Mr Carr, you are a disgrace to Austalia. May you and your Government be consigned to the dustbin of history at the next election. Hopefully we will find somebody who can rebuild Australia and our global reputation.

  2. Shirlee. says:

    Bob, you are in la-la land

    Mashaal said last week

    “””We are not giving up any inch of Palestine. It will remain Islamic and Arab for us and nobody else. Jihad and armed resistance is the only way,”
    “We cannot recognize Israel’s legitimacy.””””

    Read the Charters of both Hamas an Fatah if you think they want two States

  3. Michael says:

    Blah Blah Blah… the bottom line for the astute followers of the Israel- Arab/Muslim conflict is very very clear.

    There is a 500,000 and growing Muslim / Middle Eastern/African community that needs to be appeased other wise they may shall we say get agitated if they don’t get want they want, of course there is the votes that Labor wants to keep in the Arab/Muslim Western suburbs of Sydney and here is all that ARab/Middlern East trade Vs a very tiny and divided Jewish community of about 120,000 tops that at the most when aggrieved will write letters to the Editor.


  4. Paul Winter says:

    The issues Mr Carr are:
    1) your underhanded and disloyal orchestration of opposition to the principled position our PM on the Israel/”Palestine” issue
    2) your lack of principle on the statehood issue of an entity that fails to meet the Montevideo conditions of statehood and an entity which violated its signed undertaking of not altering its status unilaterally
    3) your cynical betrayal of a fellow democracy for short term electoral gain by currying favour with that segment of our society that refuses to integrate
    4) your spouting the nonsense of the “two state” solution which the Palestinian Arabs have repeatedly rejected and who are led by terror regimes hanging on to power beyond the terms of their mandates

    And don’t you dare tell Australians, Jewish or non-Jewish, to accept the shamefull betrayal engineered by you and to “move on”. The best service you can render Australia is to move on yourself and thereby remove the stain you have placed on Australia’s honour.

  5. Danny says:

    There is no reason to “respect this decision..”, why not follow US decision , this comment is just patronizing piffle from Canberra spin factory.

    “Move on..” ? Yeah OK man.., do people really talk like this in serious circles?
    OK we can move on with the firm knowledge that the Foreign Minister is a questionable asset to Middle east Peace Process.

  6. Joseph says:

    If people think, that Carr just recently turnd his coat, thing again. The ddifference is that now planty of
    labor parlamentarian, who worried about their reelction in moslim suburbs, and joint Carr’s cohort. Hi would not have the guts to stand- up alone.
    If you have any problem remember quite a few of his not so friendly doing while he was the premier, call me and I will help you.

  7. Richard says:

    Mr/Ms spokesperson for Mr. Carr:

    Please tell Mr Carr that there will never be ” a negotiated two-state solution with an independent Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel.” The Hamas charter states that in its first chapter. It totally rejects the existence of the State of Israel, and calls for the destruction of the Jewish State.

    Refer to for the exact wording of the charter.

    Wake up, Mr Carr, along with the entire Caucus. Start reading some of the other opinions on the matter, and don’t let the Hamas publicity machine be your only source of information.

  8. Otto Waldmann says:

    Yes Mr./Ms speaker, we are moving on and convey to you the message that the “explanations” given by you and your boss, Bob Carr , are totally unsatisfactory.
    Bob Carr admitted that he MADE “a few phone calls., two or three..” and that is precisely what Michael Danby is talking about.
    Various sources have confirmed that Bob Carr, together with Bob Hawke, among other “friends of Israel”, have put pressure on the PM to accept the change in Australia’s voting at the UN.
    Moving on and Bob Carr has lost his credibility, not to mention the trust of the Jewish community, Israel and all decent fellow Australians.
    Time for Bob Carr to move on and move over !!!

  9. Rita says:

    Mr/Ms spokesperson for Mr. Carr:

    Please tell Mr. Carr that I find Mr. Danby’s characterisation of this issue far more believable that the half-excuses of Mr. Carr et al for throwing Israel and the Jewish people to the UN wolfes.

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