Police move pro-Israeli group away at a Melbourne rally

May 22, 2018 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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Activist Avi Yemini and supporters faced up to police in Melbourne during an anti-Israel rally. A video report.





15 Responses to “Police move pro-Israeli group away at a Melbourne rally”
  1. Leon Poddebsky says:

    The Australian Labor Party is poised to recognise a Hamas state.
    When the ALP is elected to government no doubt they will invite a Hamas ambassador to Canberra.
    It’ll be fascinating to hear how they justify that to Australian voters.
    No doubt Mr Dreyfus will use all his legal and rationalisation skills to “prove” to us how this is consistent with ALP tradition and Australian values.

  2. Erica edelman says:

    The point is that Hamas should NEVER have been
    Granted a Lisense to protest – peaceful or otherwise
    The police are just intermediaries – they don’t understand
    Politics and they dont adjudicate on who is legitimate
    And who is not. It is not their role.
    The point is that WHATEVER organization granted these
    Arabs a lisense to demonstrate is in fact supporting Terrorism –
    Plain and simple
    These demonstrators are ALIGNED with HAMAS – there’s
    No other way to look at this
    They say they represent PEACE and not TERROR
    But at the end of the day they believe they represent
    Freedom Fighters and we all know that calling HAMAS freedom fighters
    Is Just plain criminal..
    These Melbourne Arabs, although they weren’t committing physical harm
    In the streets of Melbourne, are affiliated with HAMAS – by not
    Only proxy but through associations with the Brotherhood and their
    Beliefs ..
    That is the point – association with HAMAS. That is their
    Crime and that is why they should NEVER have been granted
    Permission to demonstrate or SPEAK OUT in our streets!
    There is NO difference between Resident Arabs of Melbourne (proxys) wanting to protest (although
    About what I don’t know) and HAMAS BACKED Arabs of Gaza –
    They are one and the same.
    So these Melb Arabs, technically, should have been shut down
    With ANYTHING they had to say, and CHARGED with inciting
    Violence ..

    • Adrian Jackson says:

      Erica – I assume you are not an Australian so do you understand how free speech and democracy works?

      Local government councils, like Melbourne City Council, issue permits to hold a protest or a march and this is mostly so the council and Victoria Police know whats to happen so they can plan for it with police numbers. street closures and barriers etc. Its not to ban or hinder the protest in 99% of cases.

      Protests groups with a history of violent or treats violence may not get a permit or be confined to a tightly controlled space like a park if they agree to behave.

      • Erica Edelman says:

        AND your point is? When are you going to address
        The inappropriateness of letting HAMAS affiliated Arabs
        Demonstrate – FOR ANY REASON – in our streets ?
        Thanks for the lesson on councils and police – I’m not only
        Australian – I’m educated and hard working (media and academia)
        And don’t appreciate neither your dismissiveness
        Or innuendo ..

  3. john nemesh says:

    The function of police was to allow the protest and keep the peace.

    melbourne people what are you going to do about this?

    • Adrian Jackson says:

      As a 5th generation Victorian I very happy with Victoria Police.

      My grandfather William “Wild Bill” Jackson was a senior officer awarded the Police Valour Medal in 1926 in Ballarat for disarming an offender whilst himself unarmed. The offender was charged with discharging a firearm in a public place and creating a nuisance Grandpas young cousin was Chief Commissioner Reginald Jackson.

      Victoria’s motto on the state coat of arms says “Peace and Prosperity”.

      • Ralf Schumann says:

        Unfortunately, the medal of your grandfather will not help us today.

        The relevant point is this: State law in Victoria stipulates that there is no right for police to “move on” peacefully demonstrating citizens. See the Summary Offences Act 1966 – Section 6(5).

        As you saw in the video, Victoria Police disregarded state law and moved people on; just not the aggressive and violence-inciting lot supporting a prescribed terrorist organisation, but the peaceful and law-abiding Victorians who stood for law, order and protecting civil society.

        If you’re indeed “happy” with this, your grandpa may not be very proud of you. 😉

        • Adrian Jackson says:

          Ralf – You misread what happened. Victoria Police just put more space between each protest which is normal.

          Despite what was claimed by the reporter/agitator (Avi?) the larger protest held the high ground on the State library steps so its safe to assume that they were their first.

          The smaller protest could have been assembles quickly by a call out using social media as Caulfield, East St Kilda and Toorak are only a short tram ride away from the CBD.

          Not see on the video but the smaller groups would have continued their protest further away, my guess is 100 metres.

          Other unrelated protests are often separated by a road with each group on the nature strip opposite each other.

          Unless you are in the CBD near the state library at the time or had seen the protest here on social media few would know that either protest had occurred.

        • Erica Edelman says:

          Good on you Ralf .. as per usual Jackson misses
          The point (and brief) .. always looking for a way to either
          Dismiss the case or not-so-subtly give Israel or her supporters
          A “thump”!
          In this case it’s the old red herring trick ..
          Boo Jackson .. keep your comments to yourself !

        • Royston Wilding says:

          Sorry to be a “Johnny-come-lately” but I’ve just discovered this page.

          I was there on the day, along with Avi and Ralf. What occurred is exactly as Ralf described it.

          We were holding a peaceful, even jovial, rally, supporting Israel’s right to move their capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and Trump’s right to move the American embassy accordingly.

          The main rally, in support of Hamas and the Palestinians was substantial, very vocal and aggressive, but not physically violent or vandalistic.

          On talking to some of those waving Palestinian flags, it was clear they had no real idea of the issue, and even less knowledge of Middle Eastern history, from ancient to recent.

          Victoria Police moved our group further south, away from the main group, “for our own safety”. Although not outwardly hostile towards us, one could easily assume they were doing the Victorian leftist Labor Government’s bidding.

          The Victoria Police presence was substantial, however I doubt the pro-Hamas organizers were given and invoice, before or after the event.

          This contrasts with Milo Yiannopouls private, indoor event that receive a bill for $67,000 after the event, or Lauren Southern’s similar event, that received an invoice in advance!

  4. Ralf Schumann says:

    More Australians and friends of Israel must stand against Hamas supporters and radical GreenLeft enemies of civil society. It is not good enough to put your head in the sand and proclaim to not give oxygen to Islamists. They don’t want your oxygen. They want media exposure for their propaganda and lies, they want our streets, our neighbourhoods and eventually our country.

    Stand up to jihad while there is still time.

    • Adrian Jackson says:

      Whether you are left or right politically or a Jew, Muslim or Christian (or an other religion or an atheist or agnostic) you can all protest or conduct a march as many groups do on most Sundays in Melbourne in democratic Victoria.

      • Erica Edelman says:

        YOU miss the point Jackson ..AGAIN ..
        We DO NOT want a group of ppl affiliated
        With Another TERRORIST GROUP here, there or
        Anywhere in MELBOURNE or any other state in AUSTRALIA !
        YOU and anyone else is oxymoronic to suggest
        An affiliated terror group could have ANYTHING to say
        To us .. Most of all PEACEFUL ..
        The police need URGENTLY to get their act
        Together and decide who is BONAFIDE peaceful
        And who is NOT! And these Arabs do NOT have
        Good intent !

  5. Colyn Melech says:

    The Melbourne police now part Hamas with their one side way they when about thing.

    • Adrian Jackson says:

      Colyn – Your comment about Victoria Police is wrong and offensive.

      The video does nothing to support Israel in fact it harms Israel.

      The Victoria Police inspectors reply “you are in Melbourne” about a comment in the video where the male agitators (Avi?) said a song sung by the Palestinians (not heard on the video) would lead to an arrest in Israel.

      Israel has just won Eurovision too.

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