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August 4, 2011 by Ron Weiser
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In trying to divert attention from the fact that NIF has passed money to CWP in 2009, 2010 and according to their own accounts has/will do so this year, NIFA once again go for the personal attack – the best defence when no defence is available…write Ron Weiser

Ron Weiser

1 – I have never stated that my only red line is whatever mangling NIFA put in their statement.

The crux of our disagreement in fact revolves specifically around the matter of “red lines” – as once set, that would lead to certain funding policies. Funding policies they do not follow in my view.

Indeed, NIFA continually try and use anything except the words “Israel as The Jewish State” – words that I use often and clearly as my “red line”.

NIFA claim that whilst their platform says something else – they really mean the same thing as I do – but for reasons that I do not accept – they say that they simply cannot write the words “Israel as The Jewish State” in their formal platform.

Their claim of what red line I agreed to at our meeting is untrue, as anyone who has heard me knows, but is an indication of either their lack of understanding of what they do stand for, or an attempt to be seen to be in agreement with me without actually being so.


2 – The meeting did indeed take place and I am happy to have continued dialogue with NIFA – but no agreement was reached and to come to some agreement was not even on the agenda.

I did suggest that NIFA cease their personal attacks – but clearly they have not even agreed to that.


3 – Now – in regards to CWP – the clear impression given by NIFA was that CWP was not an organisation that should be funded (on this we all agree) and that NIF had ceased funding CWP some years ago except for earmarked donations focusing mainly on some $100 passed on by “clerical error”.

What in fact transpired is that NIF passed tens of thousands of dollars to CWP in 2010 and it would appear from NIF accounts, will probably pass some thousands to CWP in 2011.

Whether money was passed to CWP as grants or earmarked donations, where in major countries NIF provided CWP with tax deductibility and a pipeline for funding, is moot.

It’s irrelevant.

NIF continued to pass funds to CWP – and their accounts show that in 2011 – this very year – some more thousands are due to be passed to CWP – perhaps that has already taken place.

The method used by NIF to fund undesirable organisations is not the issue – the issue is that up to and including this year, NIF passed funds to CWP.

Only the continual shining of the spotlight on this and other orgs that NIF should not be funding in my view, organisations for instance that support the Palestinian Right of Return – which means the end of “The Jewish State” – is likely to encourage NIF to fall more into line with the rest of the community – enabling us all to work towards a Jewish State that is also democratic and secure.

Ron Weiser is the Immediate Past President of the Zionist Federation of Australia and Hon Life President of the Zionist Council of NSW.


2 Responses to “NIFAu: Ron Weiser responds”
  1. Otto Waldmann says:

    On a “superficial” consideration, a “face value” reference, let’s just say that Ron Weiser has been a proven Zionist leader in Australia for as long as I can remember, a minimum THIRTY years, most of it as an impecable,most dedicated, strong, assertive leader.
    On the OTHER hand, what is looming as his opposite in this current issues at least, Robin Margo has come on the Jewish community scene no more that FIVE , SIX years ago, although he has been living in Australia for over 30 years. True his ascendance to the top, leadership of the NSW Jewry has been almost immediate, but I have had serious reservations from the outset of his meteoric rise about Robin Margo’s style and, most imprtantly, substance of his “ideology” of Zionism and methodolgy of supporting it.
    Margo’s leadership of the NIFAu is of no surprise and it is highly consistent with what I have noticed in his communal CV.
    Conclusively, I trust Ron implicitely in both substance and,must insist, style. We have not been blessed in the past few decades with a Zionist leader of greater dedication and, mainly, unbeatable metal !!
    NONE of the people identified so far with NIFAu measure up to Ron’s credentials and what they are doing right now, under the guises of NIFAu is, most definitely, not helping their cause as champions of Zionism !!!

    This is NOT an attack at persons, but a clear and honest assessment which we all must make when considering who we are supporting.The profile of the individual leading face of any organisation and “ideology” is as important as the implicit respect one would have for the personal editor of JWire. If a JWire would be run by, say, a Ms Porszolt the support will be accordingly distinct from the present….

  2. val says:

    Robin Margo and his friends are just not brave enough to stand up and say what they believe in. They crave communal acceptance and so say what they think we want to hear. If they stand for supporting some organisations that want to destroy Israel – then let them say that is what they do.
    The problem is that they just do not want us to know that.
    Instead of just being open and saying that is what they do, they try to run away from it.
    The real shame is that some really well meaning young leaders are being taken in by this deception.
    Or perhaps NIFau is fooling even itself.

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