NIF launches emergency fund for asylum seekers in Israel

January 30, 2018 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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The New Israel Fund (NIF) Australia announced it is launching a $20,000 emergency fund for asylum seekers currently living in Israel.


Today, around 35,000 asylum seekers and refugees live in Israel, most having fled persecution and some of the most despotic regimes in the world, including Sudan and Eritrea.

Last month, the Israeli government announced it was shuttering the Holot Detention Centre and would forcibly deport many asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Israeli media has reported that some of the asylum seekers who have already left under similar policies have been lied to and sent back to danger in Sudan, placed in detention or found in torture camps. Three were killed by Islamic State in Libya while trying to make their way to Europe to seek asylum.

“As a people who were once refugees, and were once strangers in a strange land, we believe we have a special obligation toward refugees, whatever their religion or race,” said NIF Australia Executive Director Liam Getreu.

He continued: “NIF and our partners in Israel will continue to fight for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees as enshrined in the International Refugee Convention and in Jewish law and values, and to allow those asylum seekers already residing in Israel to live in dignity until it is truly safe for them to return.”

The $20,000 emergency fund launched by NIF will be used to fund refugee rights organisations including the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, an organisation with a long track record of securing refugee status, avoiding deportation, and ensuring basic rights, including the ability to work.

“The government of Israel – a country founded by, and for the protection of refugees – should be providing help to these asylum seekers, not sending them back to danger,” Getreu said.

Those wishing to contribute to the fund can do so at .



3 Responses to “NIF launches emergency fund for asylum seekers in Israel”
  1. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Do they mean Jewish asylum seekers from Arab “Palestinian” rockets aimed at Jewish schools and kindergartens?
    No; after all, it’s the fund that wants a “New” Israel, that is, a euphemism for “No Israel.”

  2. Ruth Cohen says:

    Oh Australia you are sticking your nose into our affairs based on what ?? the huge success you are having with your own aliens who are doing their best to make your lives miserable. What you think we dont know what is going on??? sure we do. Rape, crime and other merry mischief by those invading your shores looking for love and shelter and living of the fat of the land and the stupidity of those who never pay teh price because they are tucked away safely in their palaces.

    Israel is the homeland for the Jews, repeat after me, the Jews not the millions of Africans. I lived many years in South Africa and unlike most of you who dont have a clue about Africa, travelled to various countries there. Hunger, war, crime and misery is the story of Africa. Not fair, true but then the big boys are robbing Africa blind and leaving her people to die. We cannot fill up our tiny little land with millions who need help, but Australia on the other hand, well big big land right, lots of space.

    Ask me about how to treat Africans and I will be thrilled to help you as you settle them in your land. Dont ask your own local folks the Aborigines as they dont have the same rights as you lot with your high minded wisdom. Just load them in trucks and dump them all over the areas you dont want to see those who bother your pretty little lies.

    They eat mealiepap, it is delicious, learn how to make it so that you have something to offer those who will work to survive unlike the delightful folks invading your shores looking for free and easy lives. African men are very strong, if you piss them off, they can hit you with their heads and do serious damage. Not a good idea to piss them off.

    Cheers from Jerusalem. feel free to write to me any time you have no idea what you talking about and I will share the light and wisdom from our holy city, sorry my holy city as it does not interest you does it, and giving it away is not an option because I will not allow you in your ivory towers to dictate the destruction of my homeland, birthland and spirtual land. Cheers dears.

  3. Otto Waldmann says:

    Wonderful project. Have you got any more such initiatives that run against the official policies of the State of Israel !! The ones which aid the oppressed palestinians are well known and I am sure you got me, at least, on record of how much I, have contributed to them. You have my approval to publicise the amounts.

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