My dearest Israel

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My dearest Israel,

Why do you weep so? There is no shame in shedding a tear for an enemy which you have to crush. We do this every Passover when we remember those Egyptians who died at the Red Sea. How may I comfort you? Your deep soul-searching shows that you have not lost the good inclination for you do not rejoice at the killing of your foes as does your enemy.

Did not the prophets Amos and Zephaniah disclose that Gaza will be destroyed in the fourth conflict? This is the fourth major time Israel has had to intervene and defend itself against the Gaza threat. Gaza and its HAMAS leaders have not learned that to attack Israel is to invite the inevitable response. This time it is different because Israel’s enemies have equipped the Gazans with weapons that can reach most of Israel and rain down destruction and murder.

Thus said HASHEM: For three transgressions of Gaza [I have looked away], but for four I will not pardon them . . . [I will not turn back My Wrath] I will send fire into the walls of Gaza and it will consume their palaces, I will eliminate the inhabitants of Ashdod.” (Amos 1:4,7) “For Gaza will be deserted; and Ashkelon become a wasteland; they will drive out Ashdod’s residents at noon and Ekron will be uprooted. Woe to the inhabitants of the seacoast . . . the word of HASHEM is against you, O Canaan land of the Philistines, and I will destroy you, without an inhabitant [none will be left] the seacoast will be an abode for shepherds and sheepfolds. It will be a portion for the remnant of the House of Judah; upon which they will graze.” (Zephaniah 2:4-5)

Of course you want peace, but peace at any cost is a false peace. Doesn’t the Talmud instruct that there are times when the opposite of war is not peace but injustice? When you feel unfounded guilt, this is the Satan – the Accuser – and we must rise above it. Just as a parent feels bad when they have to chastise an unruly child, thus it is when our beloved Israel must chastise those unruly nations and peoples about it. The situation is very different but the same emotions are at play. Remember that the Palestinians chose this path of confrontation and conflict, and they will have to suffer the inevitable consequences of these actions.

These are the same people that a generation ago were hijacking aeroplanes and murdering innocent passengers, singling out the Jewish travellers for ‘special treatment’ – a euphemism for murder. Bombings and other terrorist acts have not ceased. So many times Israel has made concessions, not by force but because Israel wants to be at peace with its neighbours and to appease those other erstwhile allies who think that appeasement with the terrorists will work. All such efforts are a dismal failure and always will be because the underlying impetus of the so called ‘Palestinians’ is the destruction of Jews and Judaism by whatever means.

This conflict is not about land, nor is it about ‘occupation’, nor is it about political systems; the rockets and other acts of war and terrorism carried out in the name of Palestinian self-determination are an end in themselves. Behind all the propaganda and rhetoric is the fact that Islam is predicated on the murder of Jews! The murder and mayhem which has flared all over the Islamic world is part of their cult in an effort to make the world such a dangerous place that it will force the appearance of the ‘hidden Imam’, a semi-mystical figure which is the Muslim equivalent of a messiah. In the historical past and right now many have claimed to be this person who will recreate a world-wide Muslim Caliphate – a merger of the spiritual and temporal. Iran is ruled by the Shia cult that inculcates its followers to kill Jews, Christians and all Westerners all with the aim of establishing the conditions for the appearance of the Muslim Messiah.

So in a real sense, the war/s against Israel is a spiritual battle which is fought for the hearts and minds and souls of the ‘infidels’ – all non-believers and Muslims who don’t follow their particular cult. This is why there are Islamic wars all over the Muslim world as each cult tries to gain prominence. He only thing they have in common is the Qur’an and their pathological hatred of all things Jewish and for the more extreme cults, hatred of all things Western and anything in the Judeo-Christian tradition. One could best describe militant Islam as a very immature religion that has not grown to the extent that self-criticism is possible. The penalty for leaving Islam – to convert to another Faith – is the death penalty and this is enforced even in apparently moderate and ‘liberal’ Islamic nations.

That they feel they have to fight for and avenge ‘Allah’ their god to ‘protect’ Islam is a demonstration of their immaturity for each that takes up arms in this cause means that their god is not capable of defending Itself. It is very much like the situation of Elijah and the priests of Baal; again Israel is fighting against the priests of Baal. The cold truth is that Jews and Israel do not want to hurt Palestinians nor do they have any hatred of Muslims but we are being forced to defend ourselves against the actions of deluded Islamists.

When the Allies in WWII defeated and liberated Europe from the grip of that terrible demonic entity, the Nazis, they liberated the German people as well. In the same way, Israel’s destruction of HAMAS and the other violent cults of Islam are to liberate the Palestinian people though they cannot yet see that. If they have the will, Gaza could be the Singapore of the Middle-East, peaceful and prosperous but as it is now, the Palestinian people are held hostage by the violent criminal cultists that use the excuse of nationalism and religion to carry out their hideous acts of terrorism. The leaders hide and send out the deluded as suicide bombers and terrorist operatives. The leaders grow rich from their crimes.

So don’t cry, my beautiful Israel, it is a hard task to dismantle these evil cults but it has to be done for the sake of Israel, all Jews and humanity in general. It must be done now for who is to know when the lunatics of Islam find a way of putting biological agents in their rocket warheads or manufacturing dirty bombs. With the mad cultist mullahs of Iran and other places there is no morality and they will destroy the Palestinian people as well; they don’t care. Just as Hitler vowed to bring down the Germanic people because ‘they didn’t deserve him’ so HAMAS and the others will attempt to destroy the Palestinians if they don’t toe the party line. The acts of BDS are so geared as to prevent Palestinians having paid work and forcing them into the arms of HAMAS for their basic sustenance. Those in the West who support the BDS are so deluded or so hard hearted that they don’t care if the Palestinians starve for their ideology, but sensitive Jewish people care.

As Israel’s warplanes descent on the terrorist sites in Gaza and ‘Iron Dome’ intercepts the Islamist death rockets pray that the objectives can be achieved through minimum loss of life and limb for all. Do not, my Israel, tear yourself apart with guilt, fear and worry. These things have to come about and reading of the destruction of Gaza, and the Scriptures also mention Ashkelon and other places, it is like reading tomorrow’s news yesterday. I could write you a chronology based upon the prophecies of Amos and Zephaniah which shows the prophets were talking of today but it best you search it out for yourself.

It is a heavy task and duty but you know that as Jews we have the G-D given stamina and the spiritual and physical strength to continue until the task is done. As we fight these dreadful enemies we are also blessing them. It is difficult to comprehend this whilst the fighting is still going on but it is so. Each rocket launcher and terrorist cell eliminated frees the Palestinians just that much more so. The Gazans should thank their god that it is Jews and Israel they are fighting and not another Western nation, for if they had attacked a State such as the United States, Russia, Britain, France or another European nation or even Australia, from where I write this, as they have to Israel, Gaza would be a smouldering heap of rubble now. Any other nation would have cut off Gaza’s water, electricity and enforce a total blockade of materials in and out and Gaza would be starved into submission as well as suffering wholesale bombing of all Gaza not just military and terrorist sites.

Israel, be proud for you are the only nation that will still fight a righteous war and do its best to spare the innocents though there can be few innocents in Gaza and amongst the Palestinians now. They know what they are doing is evil and it is possibly only the children who can be said to be innocent and they are being constantly inculcated with hate. We must have a strong hand toward them for they only understand force and strength. Israel you are better than those who attack you; ignore the shrill cries of the hypocrites of the nations and carry on justly.

May our Sovereign Lord G-D continue to bless and Keep you and be assured that victory is near and the strong arm of the lord protects you, that are why there have been so few Israeli casualties. HASHEM is our shelter and our Iron Dome and whilst you continue to wage war with pure motives G-D will not abandon Israel.

Love, Shalom, Peace and Blessings,

from one who loves you.

Richard-Rafael Joachim


One Response to “My dearest Israel”
  1. Ian Baker says:

    Hi there,
    I stumbled upon this whilst looking on the net for any comments regarding the behaviour of Hamas militants in targeting Israel. I also previously found the Hamas Charter and it made interesting reading. I was correct in my thoughts that Hamas does not want peace, but only the destruction of Israel. The latest 3 day cease-fire which has now ended in yet more rocket attacks on Israel speaks volumes about the aims and intentions of the people of Gaza. Ignoring the historical facts, and -without wishing to offend anyone- the religious beliefs of any party in the present conflict, we have a situation where a small badly organized country is again attacking a larger well organized one. The outcome will be as before in previous attacks: the smaller country will suffer more damage and casualties and deaths. The Hamas attacks bring forth the might of Israel’s military, which , however reluctantly, will destroy yet more of Gaza. Regrettably Hamas does not appear to have connected the actions of individuals firing rockets at Israel with the destruction rained down upon them. Of course Israel must defend itself, and most people in the UK where I live understand that, and have no qualms about the effects of that action despite the news bias generally in favour of the Moslem victims. Here in the UK our government and media are terrified of the Moslem minority here, and what action they might take.
    We lived through the IRA bombings of the 1960s and 1970s and eventually allowed the threat of terrorism to influence out politics. During the IRA bombing campaign many of Northern Ireland’s Catholic population lost their jobs when employers sacked all Catholic employees fearing sabotage(as happened in the Belfast shipyards building British Naval vessels), or simply relocated somewhere safer.It may be argued that the IRA bombing campaign gave Northern Ireland it’s own government, but at what cost?
    As it was the IRA who trained middle eastern terrorist organizations in the use of weapons and propaganda in exchange for supplies of illegal drugs-which was one of it’s major sources of income-it is not surprising that the (generally)Moslem terrorists believe that eventually they will win.
    Sadly the evidence does not support this view being reality . Fortunately Israel is no push-over and although the Hamas sympathetic propaganda machine here in the UK (and probably throughout the rest of the world) would have us all believe that Israel is wrong in it’s reaction to rocket attacks, the majority of the population here feel that Hamas has brought destruction to Gaza by it’s own provocative acts.
    I feel it is vital that at least someone speaks in support of Israel’s defence policy. There is too much chance that the propaganda in support of the citizens of Gaza will be taken as world support for their cause and course of action. After all is said, it was the people of Gaza, and the group known as Hamas that attacked Israel with missiles and incursions through tunnels. An attack such as that , and incursion by armed people, is in fact an Act of War. An invasion. Israel reacted as it’s right.
    The letter I am responding to speaks of Israel’s anguish over the casualties in Gaza, and the anguish that Jews throughout the world may feel at the claims that Hamas makes of over-reaction by the IDF.
    This is a War. A war started by those neighbours of the State of Israel who want to destroy the country and it’s people completely. That is what Hamas’s Charter states quite clearly.
    Please, I beg you, do not be put off the fight by the propaganda. As Moslems are now in most western countries (Forgive me if I include Australia and New Zealand as “western”) we may rightly fear offending them in expressing support for Israel.We may also rightly fear a back-lash of violence against Jewish targets, or indeed of a back-lash against any western target. Radicalised young Moslems may well be a problem to be faced here in the UK soon, and in other countries too. I fear the people of Gaza, and Hamas in particular, have not understood the reality of the situation they have created. Hamas has started a war against Israel. and they will not win. They must not be allowed to win. Israel must continue to fight and win. I personally do not care much how that is done. I do not want to see the Moslem youth in the UK rising up in violence against us in the mistaken belief that it will make their life any better.It would be a tragedy if the problems in Gaza were to spill over into a generalised uprising.
    We have seen actions in Iraq against Christians and other religious minorities reach horrific proportions in the last few days. Is this the way we want a Moslem state or military force to behave to other religions? Would we, in this day and age, treat people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds like this in our countries? We have laws, quite strongly enforced , on the subject of equality in the UK. Iraq does not seem to though. Surely if middle- eastern countries wish to be treated as serious players in world politics then some sort of moral code must be in existence. Some form of tolerance of other peoples beliefs.
    I said earlier in this reply that we must look at the situation between Gaza and Israel not purely as one of religion, but as one country attacking another.To make war on a larger state is foolish. It is, for example, the possession of nuclear weapons that has prevented different ideologies in Europe from all-out war. The Soviet Union has gone in name , but Russia still exerts a force that is met strongly. The presence of those nuclear weapons actually prevents either side going too far.
    Egypt has recognised the fate of attacking Israel, but with a change in the internal politics perhaps this may change. I support the right of Israel to fight back, and if it does it more effectively than it’s aggressor, then so be it.
    If we are feeling bad over the casualties in Gaza, let us remember that they do not have shelters. They have money to buy weapons apparently, but no money-or desire- to build shelters. Hamas fires rockets from positions close to UN schools and hospitals. Israel fires back with predictable consequences. Hamas has money to buy weapons. It does have money to build schools and hospitals apparently. In our lives we all make choices on how to live and spend our money. The people of Gaza must make their choice. If they continue to attack Israel, then their lives will get steadily worse. If they mind their own business and rebuild their country they may live in peace. It is in their own hands, not mine, or yours, or those of Israel.
    Forgive me for being so long winded about this.
    Ian Baker
    somewhere in rural England.

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