A Maori woman stands by Israel

August 11, 2014 by J-Wire
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Sheree Trotter is the interviewer and researcher for Shadows of Shoah Trust. She is a Maori New Zealander. A pro-Israel rally was held at the weekend in central Auckland, NZ to affirm Israel’s right to exist, her right to defend herself against Hamas’ agression, and in response to the worldwide surge of antisemitic expression. The event was attended by about 800 supporters. Sheree was invited to give a speech…



23 Responses to “A Maori woman stands by Israel”
  1. Sonny Tauhinu says:

    Kia Ora, Miss Trotter your wise words of truth about Israel conflicts,is what I call a boiling pot, so hot that the world governments know about an sit around their meeting tables clearly afraid to do the godly thing of supporting Israel its David vs. Goliath all over again Gods promise to his chosen people stands for all time those who believe in the promise of Gods blessings to Abraham. Fear is with the unbeliever, you certainly have been blessed and chosen to speak the truth.


    Sonny Tauhinu

  2. Zamsky Dan says:

    Amazing! all the truth. she is brave Woman. A big hug to this Women

  3. Zamsky Dan says:

    Amazing! all the truth, She is brave Woman. A big hug to this Woman!

  4. June Grant says:

    All honour to you,Sheree from this Israeli. If only you could address the British Parliament, you could wake the members up to a real threat.

  5. judy kossoff says:

    It is too bad that this brave, intelligent woman will be heard only by people who already side with her. The rest of the world will continue to turn a deaf ear.

  6. Ruth Levy-Franks says:

    Brava Sheree Trotter for telling it like it is! A voice of sanity in the midst of this terrible and frightening time in our history.

    Those the western world it seems are so busily engaged in a scenario akin to Hans Christians Anderson’s “the Emperor’s New Clothes” that they choose not to deal in the truth, but rather without any historical perspective, buy Hamas’s propaganda. And alas the Gaza conflict serves as a vehicle for the spread of the most incredible rise in antisemitism. Not that there ever needs to be a reason for antisemitism, all it takes is for a living breathing Jew to exist. T’was ever thus.

  7. Norah Nurit Manor says:

    Thank you Sheree Trotter, for a brave speech.
    Thank you on behalf of all of us in Israel.
    from Tel Aviv

  8. Annie Lass says:

    This is very moving and so refreshing to hear, thank you Sheree, for speaking the unbiased truth of the situation. G-d bless you.

  9. thomas sinclair says:

    It is a wonderful and powerful speech.
    We wish that she should have the same speech at the UN Assembly where 65% of the nations are anti Israeli including their Media should they be print or radio or TV or twitter or face book or fango.
    The left wing politicians and the handwringing apologists or cowardly
    people would never understand the Israeli situation, but have enough strength to attach the Jews and Israel.
    And the Churches are not helping it either, but conveniently forget about the Christians who have been murdered with other minority people or opposing religions. Bravo to the NZ lady.

  10. harvey goldberg says:

    Sheree i am deeply impressed by your great courage and dignity in speaking the truth of Israels case.every thing you have said is total truth.there is great suffering of Christian minorities in Arab countries yet the world remains silent.
    Sheree thank you for standing with Idrael and the Jewish people
    May G-D bless you.

  11. harvey goldberg says:

    Sheree you are a special lady. Listening to you i felt at last there is someone out there who truly understands Israels case.also you mentioned there are Christian communities in the middle east that face destruction and yet there is hardly a word said.
    there is no more to be said you Sheree have said it all and it is true.
    may G-D bless you

  12. Bryan Levy says:

    What an incredible person. It’s so encouraging to see someone of non Jewish background speak from the heart and relate the truth of what has been so hideously mis-reported by the international media on the basis of false propaganda fed by Hamas. They are real words of wisdom and sincerity and I salute this truly brave person for the courage and conviction of speaking the truth to the rest of the world.

  13. Evelyn Ruckenstein says:

    G-D bless you for standing up for Israel and the truth! We must get these words out to the rest of the world!

  14. Marjorie Moidel says:

    An inspiring speech! A wonderful talk! Everything she says is so true.

  15. Marc Mittleman says:

    Finally, an intelligent, well written and profound message that should be heard by everyone who is quick to condemn Israel and Jews for the conditions in which
    Palestinians live. The conflicts globally in which innocent children and families
    suffer under the tyrannical and killing mobs in the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere, get little press and Int’l media coverage, but Israel is always portrayed as villain. The sounds of silence are deafening.

  16. Erella Teitler says:

    Thank you,thank you. You mad me cry. With courageous people like you maybe there is hope for the safety of our people in Israel and in the world.

  17. Beatrice singer says:

    She is a very inspiring speaker. Everything she said is so true. The world ignores the countries that kill hundred of thousand of people, behead children, rape and kill all in the name of religion. It is disgusting that governments in other countries allow people to harass Jews. They should jail or shoot all of them, and maybe then we will have a civilized world. Do they really deep down want the Muslims to take over, and follow their ridiculous sharia law. Do they want to stone and behead women that cheat on their husbands? They will have a lot of heads without bodies. So stupid.

  18. Michael Isdale says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful support and clear interpretation of the current conflict.

    I hope your message reaches out throughout the globe.

    Michael Isdale

  19. Ruth Lebovich says:

    Wow!!!!!! She is truly amazing. Let’s hope that her wise words will help spread the truth.
    Thank You, Mrs. Trotter

  20. Cecile Rechtman says:

    Brilliant… we need more of this honest and truthful woman.

  21. pNINA yARDEN says:

    I think Israel should appoint her our roving ambassador of hasbara. No ,Israeli even Nethanyahu himself, could do it better!!!!!!!

  22. Lance seidler says:

    what an intelligent woman


  23. Peter Witting says:

    What an amazing speech by a wonderful lady!

    Peter Witting

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