Malcolm Turnbull’s 18C message

March 21, 2017 by J-Wire Staff
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Australian Prime Minister speaks on planned changes to section 18C in the Racial Discrimination Act. A video report.


6 Responses to “Malcolm Turnbull’s 18C message”
  1. Melina Smith says:

    I’m offended that Andrew Bolt can’t move on from his court case. The Murdoch vendetta to vilify every one under the sun makes me sick!!

    What’s next?? Defending the indefensible of sexual abuse at Universities??

    There must be a duty of care for every citizen to live freely without harassment!

    Please Prime Minister show some respect and decency.

  2. Otto Waldmann says:

    If we were to scrutinise logically each sentence uttered here by MY Member, our PM, each term dealing with matters ethical, specifically legal is incredibly false, misleading.
    Fallacies abound particularly when claims of “better” protection of “rights” are flagged as pertinent reasons for…….actually reducing the said rights through the changes of the 18C.
    By tendentiously contextualising important social-ethical terms in a misleading way, the PM seriously attacks a large number of well established, important social norms which guarantee the kind of society the changes of 18C will deteriorate.
    In terms of current, known, practiced behavioural norms, the average citizen is well aware of what constitutes an insult, what offends the individual as a primary, immediate type of behaviour, particularly if the said act occurs in ISOLATED instances. If I am insulted on grounds relevant to 18C only ONCE I can sue.
    By all accounts, with the changes of the 18C, ONCE would be contested at “harassment”, if we must – and we must – observe the literary meaning of “harassment”. Thus the once only offensive act will not allow me to seek legal redress and the offender – deemed as such only under the current 18C – gets away with it. He could offend by, indeed, posting ONE cartoon, writing ONE piece in a public paper, just a singular act which, as I understand, cannot be considered “harassment” as such.
    Turnbull’s example citing Bill Leak fails the test precisely because the offending , late cartoonist, used an assumed freedom to express his twisted views which were meant, I suppose, to …entertain, not to offend, insult. This is the totally warped, false, DISHONEST argument Malcolm is using, populist and as cheap as some of Leak’s output used to be at times.
    Insults are, indeed, to some, a laughing matter, it seems, most definitely, to Malcolm-my member- Turnbull , while hurting others. And, since politics run on numbers, the fact that the hurt ones by the anticipated 18C changes will always be likely to be in small numbers, also called minorities, how can MY PM be wrong !!!!!
    Incidentally, the changes to the 18C are guaranteed to go through, simply because of the…….numbers, both in the two Chambers and, mainly by popular consensus.
    Legal challenges to the new , “improved” 18C, will follow suit, maybe I will sue someone, although I cannot think of anyone anxious to insult, offend me……….How could anyone NOT love me …
    Otherwise, Bill Leak is dead, long live Bill Leak !!!

  3. Henry Herzog says:

    By weakening racial discrimination laws it strengthens them. How utterly absurd. What about, “racial hatred sets you free”, in regard to reason there is little difference. Can’t wait for Turnbull’s next address to a Jewish gathering where he swears his love for multiculturalism and for the Jews, and declares how abhorrent anti-Semitism is. I can almost hear the champagne corks a popping at the institute of Holocaust denial and other far right white supremacists’ centres for racial equality. When I heard Turnbull’s words I felt like a second class citizen. I should be grateful that those white Anglo Aussies let me in to their country.

  4. Noel says:

    I am totally devastated by the actions of a person I trusted and supported. He has thrown away his support for minorities. As an independent voter I no longer trust this man,a man who has traded in his believes for party politics. I hope the Jewish population of Wentworth pays him back.

    • Henry Herzog says:

      Turnbull’s only believes are that Jewish voters are stupid, and that if he loses the leadership he’ll end up with egg on his face.

  5. Adrian Jackson says:

    All unnecessary and pointless Commonwealth legislation should be repealed.

    This should include 18C, the Commonwealth Marriage Act and the Anti Voluntary Euthanasia legislation. These are all state and territory matters.

    In fact the Commonwealth Health and Education Departments and Ministers should also go as they to are state responsibilities.

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