Labor’s one-eyed misanthropes

July 28, 2015 by J-Wire
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Sam Tatarka, the president of the Zionist Council of Victoria has added to the analyses of the Federal Labor Party’s resolution on the Middle East at its recent conference.

Sam Tatarka

Sam Tatarka

Tatarka said: “The compromises that are self-evident in the Israel/Palestine motion passed at the Australian Labor Party (ALP) National Conference this past weekend are indicative of the negative influence that the persistent and wilful falsehoods spread by Bob Carr, Gareth Evans and other one-eyed misanthropes within the party are having on the rank and file membership.

The preamble to the resolution contains language that is to be welcomed as it calls for the same direct negotiations between the parties for a two-state solution that Israel has been seeking for the more than 20 years since the Oslo accords were signed and the so-called “peace process” begun. It also unequivocally rejects the hateful BDS campaign against Israel and calls for the cessation of rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel. Of particular note, the resolution reaffirms Labor’s support for the “right of Israel to live in peace within secure borders internationally recognised and agreed by the parties…”

Nevertheless, there are several aspects of the resolution that are deeply disturbing in that they perpetuate the Evans/Carr myth that it is Israel alone that must change its behaviour in order to achieve a lasting peace with its neighbours. Without in any way dealing with Palestinian intransigence, or the dysfunctional relationship between the terrorist government of Hamas in Gaza and the illegitimate and undemocratic rule of Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank, the resolution identifies settlement building as the roadblock to peace and calls on Israel to cease all “settlement expansion” as well as the “occupation” of Jerusalem and fails to mention the circumstances of the Jewish people and their desire for respect and recognition in their homeland as an independent people.

The threat that a future ALP government will ‘announce conditions and timelines for the Australian recognition of a Palestinian state’ if there is no progress in peace negotiations puts the onus on Israel alone and effectively endorses and encourages Palestinian unilateralism whilst simultaneously disincentivising any move from the Palestinians to reconsider their intransigence on the crucial roadblocks that they have placed on the path to independence and statehood, such as the nonsensical claim to a “right of return”.

Ironically and contrary to the intention of those who would trumpet this resolution as a triumph for the Palestinian camp, it is to be hoped that the resolution’s call to a future Labor government to “discuss” joining those countries who have already jumped onto the pro-Palestinian band wagon will instead lead to a far more balanced and nuanced approach to the complexities involved in resolving the issues between Israel and the Palestinians, rather than the simplistic and unrealistic call for unilateralism as a means of resolution.”


2 Responses to “Labor’s one-eyed misanthropes”
  1. Leon Poddebsky says:

    The kind of barefaced effrontery which the ALP exhibits towards Israel and the Jewish People generally is something which they would never inflict on any other nation-state, if for no other reason than diplomatic etiquette: I refer specifically to their constant mendacious mantra of “occupation,” which is so transparently dishonest that to engage in it is to show contempt for people’s intelligence or to show absolute disdain for the truth or both.
    To occupy the territory of a foreign state necessarily involves armed forces crossing international borders; that’s AXIOMATIC. When Israeli troops, responding to unprovoked Jordanian shelling of Israel in June 1967, entered Judea and Samaria [ “the West Bank”], they crossed the temporary 1949 ARMISTICE LINES, which, legally, have a totally different status from that of international borders.
    Additionally, Judea and Samaria were not a state or part of a state; they had been illegally occupied by Jordan in 1948, in violation of the United Nations Charter and the legal instrument known as the Mandate for Palestine of 1922.

    The ALP apparatchiks heap lie upon lie : thus some of them regularly invoke Yitzhak Rabin, of blessed memory, as an exemplar of what, in the ALP’s warped opinion, should be done. Yitzhak Rabin explicitly OPPOSED the notion of an independent Arab Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria. He said so in a speech on 5 October 1995, shortly before his assassination.
    Moreover, he stated that most of the Jewish National Home as it was under the Mandate would remain part of the State of Israel, with the Palestinian Arabs having self-rule, but NOT a capacity for armed aggression.

  2. Geoff Seidner says:

    ”The threat that a future ALP government will ‘announce conditions and timelines for the Australian recognition of a Palestinian state’ if there is no progress in peace negotiations”

    Indeed/ Sam T: the comment below about what a future far – leftist government will do is a mirror image of the arch – leftist duopoly across the oceans: OBAMA AND KERRY. BLACKMAIL AND WORSE.

    Note the comments in this link:

    And this:

    Here Kerry was most sickening: his threat of a new Intifada!
    If Israel did not comply with the so – called right of return and other outrageous ideas inimical to Israel’s survival.

    From the beginning of his presidency Obama has not remotely been even neutral re Israel and has surrounded himself with acolytes like Kerry who has made commenmts akin to blackmail and worse.THE ABOVE IS NOT RARE!

    There was a time when Jews were traditionally of the socialist voting kind.
    Those who think this way will surely appreciate that broadly it can now be said that moderate views from Labor are going to be outnumbered post the hapless Bill Shorten.

    Incidently – why do the Germans not make renewed efforts for Alsace-Lorraine?

    So much for ‘rights of return’

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