Julie Bishop on the PM’s Opinion Piece

September 23, 2011 by J-Wire Staff
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Prime Minister Julia Gillard chose to write an opinion piece on Australia’s stance on the question of Palestinian statehood exclusively for one newspaper. Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Julie Bishop had something to say after yesterday’s question time…

Julie Bishop

Julia Gillard

The Prime Minister today confirmed in Question Time that she has no opinion on whether Australia should vote for, against or abstain from the upcoming United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood.

In response to my question the Prime Minister said, “The position of the government was outlined in an opinion piece by me published in newspapers during the course of this week. … The government will make its final decision as was made clear in that opinion piece. … I refer them to the exact sentence in that opinion piece about the question of text. …”

 The Prime Minister’s opinion piece contains no opinion and does not answer the question of how the Government intends to vote at the UN.

Her opinion piece made the Government’s position as clear as mud, with sentences such as, “Australia understands the sense of frustration the impasse in peace talks has brought and we understand the strong desire of Palestinians to have their own state. If a Palestinian statehood resolution is introduced to the General Assembly we will consider it carefully and will consult widely before making our decision on how we will vote. But no UN resolution will change present realities on the ground. That is why we believe direct negotiation is the only true path to peace. And that is why I have just written to President Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to urge them to return to direct negotiations.” It has been reported that Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has written to the Prime Minister advising that Australia abstain from the vote, however this would be a failure of leadership.

The Coalition believes Australia should vote against this attempt to isolate Israel and which may have far-reaching negative consequences for the Israeli and the Palestinian peoples.

It has the potential to undermine future peace talks and a negotiated two-state solution.



3 Responses to “Julie Bishop on the PM’s Opinion Piece”
  1. Otto Waldmann says:

    Considering the value of time and other considerations, opinions of the Ben kind ought to be ignored, but, since a rich list of names is being branded, corrections are necessary. Starting with our own ( as in Australian resident/citizen ) Ian Cohen, continuing with the Lowesnsteins and then the etc., the desk on which my PC is, the PC itself, the floor boards on which all of the above rest, the bricks that make the house all of the above reside, are 100% more Jewish than any and all of the names listed by Ben !!!!
    As in the brilliant Jewish comedy, “The Producers”, Max Bialystock refers to some fake identities by asking ” Have you ever had lunch with them ??!!”. Same for the “Jewish” brand of Chomsky !

  2. ben says:

    Ian Cohen Greens leader who spoke out against Isareli colonisation and aparthied in NSW is Jewish. So are Jews against Zionism and racism, Jews Against the Occupation, Not in My Name, Israel Shahak, Tanya reinhart, Amira Hass, Vivienne Prozsolt, Avigail Abrabanel, Anthony Lowenstien, Jeff Lowenstien, Jeff halper, Lenni Brenner, Haim Bershet, John Rose, Uri Davies, Illan Pappe, Boycott Within, Anarchists Against the Wall, Israeli Comittee Against House Demolitions, Gush Shalom, Norman Finkelstien, Noam Chomsky ….And Rita uses the long debased currency of anti-semitism.

  3. Rita says:

    Gillard will do what the Fuehrer of the Greens will dictate: and we know the attitude for example of Rhiannon nee Brown towards Israel and the Jews.

    I commend Julie Bishop for her clear stance when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people.

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