JCCV disclaims Reclaim Australia

April 7, 2015 by David Marlow
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The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) condemns the Reclaim Australia rallies advocating and inciting religious intolerance which took place over the weekend.

JenniferHuppertJennifer Huppert, JCCV President said, “we support freedom of speech but there is a line which should not be crossed. The JCCV condemns any racial or religious vilification.”

The campaign against Halal certification is in reality nothing more than an attack on religious freedom. The JCCV is concerned that such attacks, fuelled by ignorance and misinformation, could easily spread to other targets.

The hatred, intolerance and vilification expressed at the rallies are inconsistent with the values of our multicultural community, which has welcomed people from all nations, all races and all religions.

Ms Huppert advised that, “the Facebook page known as the ‘Australian Jewish Communal Lobby’ is not affiliated with JCCV or any Jewish communal organisation, and does not represent the views of the Jewish community.”


23 Responses to “JCCV disclaims Reclaim Australia”
  1. Michael Burd says:

    Is it true the JCCV and ICV are merging?

  2. juliana says:

    I think anyone thinks politically religious about halal.I want to say halal is a plan to kill animals a life cut open the animal so the blood runs out before they start the process .That’s brutal and when you love animals you would not kill them so the humans get halal meat.In the abartoir they have ways to kill the animals in dignity then they are killed to get halal meat.
    Is this why people get of a brutal way beheaded and killed. We live in Australia and everyone from the Multi Culturel background have to be happy to live here and its not much to ask to live by the Australien rules and flag

  3. Michael Burd says:

    Joseph you pose some very good questions that should be asked of the left in general.
    I guess in the 1930’s in Germany there were Jews that would have been arguing we are Germans first these Nazis are are fringe party , a small minority of bad apples, how much damage can a small bunch of extremists cause , we shouldn’t label all Germans with the same brush .Blah Blah Blah… and if there were any Jews back then that dared to show concern and make ‘ waves’ these fellows jews would have called them ‘ Naziphobes’
    Firstly let me assure you I have met Pastor Daniel Nalliah on numerous occasions, unlike leftist Jews who reject outright any critics of Islam no matter how pro- Jewish, Pro- zionist or Pro- Israel they may be .
    If you listen to two separate interviews we conducted with Nalliah the most recent below where he was the Key Note speaker at the Rally and discusses the Melbourne Rally including that Neo Nazi gatecrasher and the ant- Semitic opposition Socialists so called ‘ anti= racist’ and Muslim protestors [the Jewish community appear to have no problem if the Muslims have anti- semites as their partners ]

    Pastor Daniel Nalliah discusses the Reclaim Australia Rally


    and Previous Interview with Nalliah and why he supports the Jews


    Leftists such as comrade Herzog and many leftist Jewish community leaders like JCCV Huppert believe it is their job to act as Muslim advocates, never mind that the Muslim community leadership such as ICV never reciprocate and spend much of their time demonising Israel and Zionists which as we all know feeds anti- semitism in Australia.

    The Muslim / Arab community who have an abundant of supporters like the anti Semitic Socialists , Adelaide Institute , Trade Unions, academics, much of the media, Greens , labour Party and of course leftist Jews .
    Unfortunately we Jews have very few friends and supporters [ thanks to the Jewish left] if any and if those naive Jews wish to exclude any would be supporters Like Nalliah and his large congregants, Bolt, John Michael Howson, evangelist Christians etc just because they have very legitimate concerns about Islam or people that represent Islam we will continue to be persecuted and live in fear and have no one standing up for us.

    Of course the standard mantra from these leftist Muslim useful idiots is always a patronising ‘ we are better than them ‘

    I would like to ask M/S Huppert and Comrade Herzog and others with similar ‘dhimmi’ like views if they are so concerned about the Muslim community and how they are perceived perhaps we can offer some of the Palestinian , Iraqi, Iranian, Sudanese, Somali , Afgani or Pakistani refugee and Asylum seekers jobs as our security guards looking after Jewish days, Synagogues and Community Centers.

  4. Michael Burd says:

    Judging by the JCCV leadership head in the sand , naive attitude they have no problems with the so called anti- Racist stormtrooper allies the Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative.
    These anti- Semitic anti- zionist thugs who intimidate anyone in support of the Jewish state do not even rate a mention in the JCCV Political Press releases. I wouldn’t be surprised if these press releases may have been jointly written together with the Islamic Council of Victoria.
    This is certainly not the first time the JCCV has gone out to bat for the Islamic Community .Of course the Islamic Council Victoria have never reciprocated would should they when they have such accommodating Jewish Communal leaders at willing to do their work.
    It is obvious nobody at JCCV has bothered to listen to the interview with Danny Nalliah’s version of events at the Rally.This includes his statement about the uninvited tattooed neo -Nazi who he claims was a Socialist plant . It is also obvious that JCCV couldn’t give a damn if Nalliah and his supporters along with a the Reclaim protestors were supporters of Israel and Jews whilst the opposing side were vehemently anti- Israel and in many cases anti – Jewish.
    JCCV have form in supporting our enemies they have a Jewish Palestinian advocacy group still as their official affiliates regardless of the mainstream Jewish communities distain.
    Perhaps one day JCCV and ICV may merge they may as well.

    • Henry Herzog says:

      I would give a very big damn, Michael Burd if Rev. Nallaih and his supporters and the Reclaim Australia bigots supported Israel me: that’s one reason why the JCCV disclaims them. And I do like the one about the Neo-Nazi with the swastika tattooed on this shave head being a Socialist plant; what a knee slapper that is.

      • Michael Burd says:

        I can tell you one thing Comrade Herzog my respect
        goes to Paster Nalliah and his congregants who I personally saw
        Standing arm in arm at the pro Israel rally in the city during the last Gaza. war with the Jews in
        Melbourne that do support Israel
        I can tell you who was not there Mr Herzog
        That was any leadership of JCCV
        Perhaps if they turned up they may have offended
        their interfaith partners Islamic Council of victoria

        • Henry Herzog says:

          And were those skin heads with swastikas tattooed on their heads, standing arm in arm with Paster Nalliah, Mr Burd? Of course not; those Socialists were at the anti-Israel rally. I was at the rally supporting Israel’s right to defend itself as were many of my Comrades. Jennifer Hubbert also was there.

          • Joseph Silver says:

            Please explain why people like Danny Nalliah who are out-spoken supporters of Israel should be fobbed off in favour of your Comrades who are fully-fledged opponents of Israel.
            Please explain why you use the presence of a solitary Nazi-style skinhead at a Reclaim Australia rally as an excuse to lambast the whole movement.
            Please explain why the organisers of the Reclaim Australia were not given a fair opportunity to express themselves at the rally in Melbourne.
            Please read an account of what happened at the Brisbane rally (http://www.dailyexaminer.com.au/news/a-couple-of-friends-invited-me-to-attend-the-recla/2599269/)before you press on with your smear campaign.

  5. Eion Isaac Israel says:

    Tribalism and Herd Mentality is innate in all peoples .Its malignant expressions have to be contained .Humans have the capacity for the greatest malevolence WW1 and more WW2 and the wars and massacres of people’s by the Massacre and Mass Torture Personality types prove it .
    But the Viscious Cycle has to be avoided .

  6. m ferber says:

    When the ‘multiculture’ has finally succeeded ie. completely displaced and replaced the European culture that was Australia – Australia will be a third world country. No other outcome is possible.

    • Robert Weil says:

      I’m sure the JCCV will be heavily involved with Yom Hashoah commemorations in coming days. I hope Ms. Huppert will take the opportunity to engage with some of the few remaining survivors who will no doubt remind her how sad and shameful it was that the world remained silent in the face of Nazi atrocities between 1939-45.
      Perhaps she and the JCCV which purports to represent our community, might come to realize how disgusting and nonsensical is their condemnation of those who dare raise their concerns about what is being wreaked on our world by the Nazis of this generation.

      • Henry Herzog says:

        Robert, get a grip on yourself. There’s only 2.2% of our population that are Muslims, and the number of those who advance all that nonsense of Sharia law, they are loud, but totally insignificant. Yet the xenophobic mobs think it’s the beginning of the end, and Jews are going along for the ride: Haven’t they learnt anything of the evils of racism? Thank goodness this is Australia, where the majority of people are far more tolerant and accepting of other cultures.

        • Eleonora Mostert says:

          Hear, Hear Robert Weil and wake up Henry Herzog. et your facts straight Henry, this is how it started in Europe, just one man and ended up murdering Millions.

          • Henry Herzog says:

            Yep, Eleonora, that sure is pretty scary.

            • Michael Burd says:

              Talking about useful idiots the JCCV certainly don’t represent my
              Views .
              I guess comrade Herzog and others with
              Similar views have no problem with the Muslim
              Communities close relationship with the socialist alliance and socialist
              Alternative anti semetic storm troopers .
              Even the nazi Adelaide institute support the
              Palestinians .
              If only the Muslim community had so many
              of their own constituents so supportive of the Jews

  7. Joseph Silver says:

    @Henry, you don’t need to speak to me as though I am some kind of simpleton who is not aware of the Holocaust. I really don’t see why you need to raise the spectre of the Holocaust in this discussion.
    Let me tell you something about last weekend’s Reclaim Australia rally:
    According to the key note speaker Pastor Danny Nalliah at the Reclaim Australia Rally in Melbourne there was a Neo-Nazi character with a swastika tattoo on his neck who actually was an uninvited gatecrasher and the organisers claim to have proof that he was a ‘plant’ to discredit Reclaim Australia. The organisers claim they have evidence and will be following it up. According to Mr Nalliah in an interview on Nothing Left program on JAIR (go to https://soundcloud.com/jairradio/nothing-left-episode-47-7415-with-steve-lieblich-danny-nalliah-isi-leibler and listen to these 3 segments – Islamic Council Response to Reclaim Australia Rally at 54:12, Who are the “Racists & Bigots” Reclaim Australia Rally at 59:45 and key note speaker from the Reclaim Australia Rally Melbourne Danny Nalliah [Rise Up Australia Party] at 1:05:15) he declared that his Christians congregants and the rally organisers, strong supporters of the Jewish State Israel, were horrified when the the thug turned up at the rally with his placard and tattoo, along with a cameraman in his trail.
    Go and listen to Mr Nalliah’s version of the rally and how the police acted from the interview I have mentioned on Nothing Left and make up your own mind about what actually happened and what were the intentions of the sincere participants based on information rather than by just adopting a regimented position about this issue.

  8. Ben Derusai says:

    The JCCV is clearly going down the road of politically correct left-wing nonsense which they believe is representative of the Jewish community – only it’s not.

    Why is it impossible to have a rational debate about religious extremism (and Muslim extremism, in particular), without the starry-eyed PC police accusing everybody of racism and Islamophobia?

    Islam has a problem with Jews and Christians, so why can’t people express their concern without being labelled as some sort of monster?

    Denying reality is an absurd model for running a society. It has previously gotten Jews into trouble many times in history, most notably during the Nazi lead-up to WW2, and if we Jews make the same mistake, it will be at our peril!

    • juliana says:

      I knew how we where treated in WW2 im one of the lucky children to be a life so was my mother and my aunt from my fathers side im thankful every day to be here and have a life.

  9. David Adler says:

    Is JCCV concerned that Halal certification (invented about 1980) has been proven to fund Hamas in a Canadian government investigation?

  10. Nathan Sykes says:

    Emma, that never happened to you. The only assaults that occurred at these rallies did so in Melbourne and were instigated by the nasty totalitarians on the left side. The whole of Australia knows this.
    It’s interesting that what one Jew repudiates the other manipulates. There were many Jews present at the Sydney rally and they are well known to be a controlling force behind the Civic Patriot movement. It is very much in the Semitic DNA to lie and set one side off against the other. They wish to condemn the rallies, while inciting them.

  11. Emma Green says:

    Thanks for putting out this statement. After being physically assaulted by men with swastikas tattooed to their heads and faces I’m glad that at at least some people are speaking out.

    • Joseph Silver says:

      “men with swastikas tattooed to their heads and faces”
      are not representation of this group.
      It is completely wrong to judge the ethos of Reclaim Australia by its bad apples.

  12. Joseph Silver says:

    Has this advisement been published anywhere besides JWire? It smells a bit like a community leaders’ dictate just for the benefit of the Jewish proletariat.
    Is JCCV happy to indulge in Harmony Day with the ICV, but not willing to rock the harmony boat by condemning outright the disgusting utterances of the principal of al-Taqwa, the largest Muslim school in Victoria, when he indicated that IS was created by Israel and the US to control oil in the Middle East?
    Did the JCCV take issue when it was reported that a visiting imam had told al-Taqwa students that Jews were putting poison in bananas and they should not eat them?
    Did the JCCV complain when it was revealed that a teacher had been warned that if spoke about the country of Israel in the classroom he would be thrown out of the school?
    I suspect the good old political correctness charade continues. It is being conducted under the guise of preserving the holy cow of multiculturalism and fighting islamophobia as though it is some kind of evil irrational disease.
    When will the JCCV appreciate that they don’t necessarily speak for the majority of Jews anymore?

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