June 4, 2013 by J-Wire Staff
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A motion condemning the Australian Jewish Democratic Society’s decision to back BDS against Israel was passed with a huge majority at last night’s Jewish Community Council of Victoria’s monthly plenum.

Sam Tatarka, a delegate representing the Zionist Council of Victoria raised the following motion in response to the debate over recent AJDS statements:

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria:

1. Notes the resolution passed by the Plenum on 4 October 2010 (copy below);

2. Notes the undertaking sought by the JCCV Executive and tendered by the Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS) regarding the manner in which the fact of AJDS’s affiliation with the JCCV will be used in all future pronouncements by the AJDS;

3. Completely dissociates itself from the policy recently announced by the Australian Jewish Democratic Society calling for a boycott of goods produced by Israeli companies in the West Bank;

4. Deplores and condemns that policy on the basis that it is repugnant to the basic policies and principles of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria and the Executive Council of Australian Jewry;

October 2010 Motion on AJDS

Whereas  the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Movement attempts to delegitimise and isolate Israel, falsely accusing Israel of apartheid and advocating a one state solution.

Sam Tatarka

Sam Tatarka

The BDS agenda is entirely inimical to the values of the JCCV; and 


Whereas the JCCV is the roof body of the Victorian Jewish community, a community which is renowned for its strong and unwavering commitment to the State of Israel, the home of the Jewish people, and it’s security within safe and secure borders.  As such the JCCV  which has embodied these principles within its constitution is an organisation that believes in the well being of Israel and its citizens;
Whereas  the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Movement attempts to delegitimise and isolate Israel  in a discriminatory way, falsely accusing Israel amongst other things of apartheid.  The BDS agenda is entirely inimical to the values of the JCCV; and

Whereas the  Australian Jewish Democratic Society (“AJDS”), an affiliate of the JCCV, has passed a resolution in favour of a “limited” boycott of Israeli products and has trumpeted (or emphasised) its communal affiliation  with the JCCV in announcing the passage of its resolution.

It is therefore moved that:
The JCCV is fundamentally opposed to any idea, organisation or movement which recommends or supports boycotting, divesting from or sanctions against Israel, and as a result:

1.      condemns   in the strongest possible terms  the AJDS and any other organisation which gives support, whether in part or in whole, to any movement or activity supporting the BDS ;

2.      disassociates itself entirely from the resolution passed by  AJDS.

A spokesman for the JCCV told J-Wire that the vote was 29 in favour of the motion with four voting against and five abstaining. He added: “The vote was taken after some very heated and robust debate. There were at least three members of the AJDS present.


10 Responses to “JCCV Condems AJDS”
  1. Michael says:

    Larry you must be kidding It is ajds it’s loony fringe lefty extremist members who are the insignificant in the big picture
    It is you guys who are alienating your selves with the majority of the main steam Jewish community
    I have never seen you at any of the main stream Jewish community functions where the majority of the Jewish community congregate
    ajds members would be more at home at the kebab shops in Preston or Lakemba

  2. ben eleijah says:

    Goes to show the JCCV is swimming against the tide of progress and universal human rights.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      ….look who’s talkin’ about “Universal Human Rights”, the palestinian lobby-boy, representing, if anything, Animal Rights, the very symbol of Universal Terrorism !!

  3. Sam says:

    Condemn, condemn and condemn. How about banning them? Would we allow pro Palestinian groups to be members of our official organisations? No of course we would not. Though in effect we are with these people. One look at their web site and facebook page will tell you what they are about.

  4. Larry says:

    As one of the objects of last night’s motion, I’d like to point out to readers that the ZFA and the JCCV should also have included a condemnation of the Meretz party in its motion and probably numerous other groups in Israel and internationally. Meretz urged people not to buy from settlements as well.

    But then Meretz has also had to deal with the draconian anti-boycott law in Israel which allows for such views or actions to be pursued for damages. Thankfully, it has not had to face the zealots of the settler movement who appear to have moved into the bully pulpit locally.

    Sadly, the JCCV has lined up with a hardline position that only succeeds in further alienating many people from being actively engaged with the Jewish community. This is because of a fear of being marginalized for their doubts about the wisdom of the Occupation.

  5. David says:

    The JCCV vote is a little kooky.
    The AJDS has supported a boycott of goods from illegal (under both UN and Israeli law) settlements in the West Bank, and at this stage has NOT supported the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against legitimate Israeli trade.
    The JCCV motion attempts to both vilify and boycott the AJDS for an action it has not taken.
    I have directly asked members of the AJDS for their policy on the BDS and have not received a clear answer.
    It appears there is division within the AJDS, but at this stage the ‘crime’ for which they have been tried and convicted by the JCCV has actually not been committed.
    That said, attempting to discern what is West Bank and what is not is probably as impractical as discerning the difference between the various sects’ kashrut rules.
    My late parents were founders of the AJDS. I strongly oppose the BDS (and am certain they would have as well) and wish the AJDS would clarify its position.
    Finally, even if the AJDS was so misguided as to think the counter-productive and futile BDS was worthy of support, should the boycotters be boycotted? Is it not the tool of the ineffective boycott that is being opposed ?
    David Langsam
    June 4, 2013

  6. Michael says:

    Gee Sam the AJDS Palestinian activists are going to be shivering in their boots by your strong condemnation of their anti -Israeli Jewish activities . I hope they survive the day.
    Imagine they wont be able to use that famous JCCV Logo when delivering their anti Israeli Jewish propaganda Via the ABC, SBS , Fairfax media or via our Universities . Of course these anti- Jewish Israeli activists will still be able to promote that they are affiliated with the Main stream Jewish community org JCCV so in actual fact nothing will change life goes on as usual .
    I wonder if JCCV Counterparts ICV Islamic Council of Victoria will follow in our Jewish Community representatives footsteps and allow Anti Palestinian anti ARab/MUslim activists and Pro- Zionist advocate groups as affiliates of the Muslim main stream community organization.
    I await Viviene Porzsolts Jews against the Occupation and Loewenstein/ Slezaks IAJV dissident Jewish groups to sign up with JCCV as Jews they too should be allowed a voice .
    The JCCV now have Islamic Council of Victoria [ via JCMA ] and AJDS as their partners you know what they said about the friends you keep. Good One JCCV >

    • Otto Waldmann says:


      nil disperandum, Przsolt & co need not waste their shekels on joining the JCCV. JCCV have become their proxy.
      I love – as in LOL – Larry’s usual cuneiform attempt at explaining a movement brewed in a sarcophagus of visceral self denial of the Jewish kind. The “many” people alienated by the core Community would fit nicely in that funeral container and I would happily lock the top into “close” position , leaving them enough oxygen to scream out ” you bloody zealots !!”
      Not satisfied with the pathetic performance on the plenum of a concoction of shlemils with a few organs missing, such as sehel and guts, the numerically insignificant drek stirrers, are still crying “persecution” at dawn after a night of idiotic abandon at the Club House. For JCCV have, indeed ,abandoned any hope of gaining respectability among those for whom being a REAL Yid means facing with beitzim your internal sheigetz..
      If anything, the resolve of the turncoats marching along the green and yellow flags in torrents of anti Semitic fervour, has been a good wake up call for those of us even more anxious to show them who they really are and, most definitely, who WE are !!!!
      – for starters the necessary support for our settlements shall increase infinitely !!!

  7. Otto Waldmann says:

    WOW, all that meat and no potatoes !!!
    Onya JCCV and the Zionist (!!!) Council ! Now the anti Zionists within the comfy domain of the JCCV will sing sotto voce inside the JCCV their mantra of ani Zionism while doing the same with plenty voice outside with the tacit backing of the JCCV, because, artifice or not AJDS ARE PART OF THE FORMAL JEWISH MAINSTREAM while, in actual fact, they are our worst nightmare. Only THREE of them in a whole plenum and THEY WON the night !!!
    Forget about AJDS as such if the rest could not put together a motion to show them the door !!!

    All that haloymes discussions and strong Communal opinions of support for a drastic kick in the tuches and all we get is a………. motion of window dressing.
    Shame is not enough for a gutless JCCV.

  8. Paul Winter says:

    Congratulations JCCV on your glorious reaffirmation of the principles of the society of wind-bags.

    It is truly courageous and wonderful to reaffirm your Zionist credentials to people who have the utmost contempt for them.

    The AJDS position on BDS is based on falsehoods, it heaps the human rights abuses of the international community on Israel which eschews them and treats the illegality of the Palestinian Arab position as an article of international law. The Palestinian Arab position is antisemitic.

    The JCCV position is that it accepts antisemitism as long as it is practised by Jews.

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