Israeli NGOs to disclose foreign funding

November 3, 2015 by J-Wire
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Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked is sponsoring a new bill that would force nongovernmental organisations to disclose foreign funding sources if they make up more than half their budgets.

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Shaked said Sunday that the proposed bill “follows publications and data indicating that a high number of Israeli NGOs receive significant contributions from foreign countries or entities, which often try to influence government policy and blatantly interfere in Israel’s internal affairs,” Israel Hayom reported.

Foreign entities using their financial ties to Israeli groups to influence policy “is done to an unprecedented scope and in a way that undermines Israel’s sovereignty and undercuts the authority of an elected government,” Shaked wrote in the bill’s abstract.

The bill stipulates that any NGO primarily funded by foreign donations would need to state that fact clearly in its publications, reports, and formal communications with any public or government body. It also stipulates that such NGOs’ annual reports, and their communications with state bodies, would need to include the full details of their funding sources.

NGOs would be fined $7,500 for any violation of the proposed requirements, the bill states.


6 Responses to “Israeli NGOs to disclose foreign funding”
  1. Gil Solomon says:

    What a pathetic toothless bill.

    Forcing these organisations to disclose foreign funding sources “if they make up more than half their budgets”. Then if they don’t comply they will be slapped with a paltry $7,500. Is this amount of $7,500 per violation a one up figure or $7,500 per day?

    If these organisations are doing anything remotely against Israeli sovereignty and “blatantly interfering in Israel’s internal affairs” the principals and all linked with the group should be incarcerated for treason for the term of their natural life and their overseas handlers told in clear terms that they will be arrested if they ever step foot in Israel.

    As far as fines are concerned, the figure should be for the organisations total assets and the Fund shut down permanently.

    This or something similar would be a bill with teeth.

    • Henry Herzog says:

      Gill, you must be getting soft in your old age: Just jailing those who speak ill of Israel? Why, they should introduce public floggings followed by stoning to death, and any political parties that opposes Mr Netanyahu should be outlawed. That’s the way do it.

      • Paul Winter says:

        Henry, I am inclined to presume that your recommendation for dealing with dissenters, reveals your true attitude.

        On a point of correction, Gil does not seem to be inveighing against “those who speak ill of Israel”, rather he seems to recommend action against NGOs that receive funds from outside Israel, who then turn around and vilify Israel internationally and engage in lawfare and sow dissension internally. Your criticism of Gil implies that you condone the actions of such NGOs.

        • Henry Herzog says:

          No Paul, I don’t condone the actions of such NGOs. But they have every right to free speech in a democracy like Israel, which those on the right, particularly when it comes to vilifying other minority groups, so strongly defend, but any criticism of the right is considered as shutting down free speech.

          • Paul Winter says:

            Terribly sorry Henry, but you are missing the point.

            The article was about Shaked’s proposed bill to penalise externally funded NGOs. Passage of Shaked’s bill would not affect Israeli NGOs.

            Israel is a democracy as you yourself state. Giving free speech to organisations in the pay of other countries undermines the democratic processes of a state. It is meddling in the internal matters of a sovereign nation-state. It is tolerating a subversive seditious fifth column.

            Finally, Henry, you are completely wrong to assert that criticism of the right is met by attempts to deny free speech to others. Free speech denial is the tactic of extremists of all shades of politics and creeds. Disagreement is not an attempt at silencing, rather it is the exercise of the right of reply in a society that values freedom of expression. Crucially, that right does not extend to foreign funded groups serving the interests of other states.

            Shaked has a good point and Gil rightly points out her bill’s deficiencies.

    • Paul Winter says:

      Ah, but don’t you see Gil, Shaked’s bill is like a duck; all quack and no bite.

      All NGOs should be made to declare all sources of funding. Just today we see that our government is concerned about jihadi funding by-passing usual controls. Any group which cannot account for any money received should have such funds confiscated. Any foreign supported organisation that supports an enemy should be expelled. Any locally funded NGO that sides with the enemy or plays at lawfare should be named and kept under surveillance. In the USA foreign funded organisations must reveal their funding and under Obama, the IRS investigates right of centre and pro-Israel groups.

      Of course none of this will happen because the post-Zionist High Court would disallow any bill that bites or upsets the delicate souls of the UN, EU or the USA. For that mob the highest form of civil rights takes precedence over the safety of Israel or its citizens; that is why it rules that traitors be allowed to sit in the Knesset.

      Any decent bill would also get rid of the NIF and antisemitic gangs like the ISM, Christian “peacemakers”, the groups funded by the Ford Foundation, and groups funded by the Qataris. That would be too much to ask; can you ever imagine Israel acting like a sovereign state and not a ghetto or a dhimmi enclave?

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