Israel and the UN Vote

December 31, 2014 by J-Wire News Service
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Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement on the defeated UN vote on a draft resolution for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Israel strongly opposes unilateral measures in the Security Council. This resolution is completely one-sided and lacks the components that would advance a future agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. It will harm chances for peace and undermine hopes for a better future for both Palestinians and Israelis.

An agreement between Israel and the Palestinians will only be achieved through bilateral negotiations and not through one side dictating terms. Israel remains committed to the negotiating process and will reject any attempt to unilaterally impose conditions on it.

The PA resolution can only harm chances for peace as it:

  • Reduces any incentive for the Palestinians to negotiate and compromise while encouraging Palestinian rejectionism. The resolution is part of the PA’s strategy to bypass direct negotiations by forcing its positions on Israel through third-party pressure.
  • Allows the Palestinians to ignore Israel’s legitimate interests, especially in regards to the necessary security arrangements and recognition of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.
  • Promotes further Palestinian unilateral actions that violate the agreements signed – with the backing of the international community – between Israel and the PA, as well as all internationally accepted frameworks for peace, including UNSC Resolutions 242, 338 and 1850.
  • Rewards the PA – at a time of heightened terrorism and official incitement – for choosing Hamas as its partner in government at a time when radical Islamist terrorism is raging throughout the region.

The PA’s insistence on presenting the resolution despite the lack of support (and in the middle of Israel’s election season) shows that the Palestinians are not engaging in a measure to advance the negotiating process but in a provocation to heighten tensions. The Palestinian Authority (PA) is attempting to dictate terms that will undermine the security of Israel. Israel expects that the international community will unequivocally reject this effort.


3 Responses to “Israel and the UN Vote”
  1. Efrem Manassey says:

    I agree with the Israeli Government’s position. I have long felt that what is glaringly absent here is world pressure on Hamas. It is a self avowed genocidal fanatical Islamic terror organisation. Why is there not a very strong world condemnation for starting hostilities? Where is the outrage for endless flying bombs targeting Israeli citizens? What about its charter calling for the death of every Jew?
    I am left astonished that there is no outcry that Hamas dug safety tunnels for its rockets and bombs but left Palestinians out in the open without air raid shelters, to face the Israeli defensive response to the war that they started in the first place. Israel protects her people. Hamas intentionally endangers Palestinians by placing rocket launchers among them.
    Apart from delisting Hamas as a terror org in Europe, based on a so called legal technicality, where is the response to their crimes and existence as an obstacle to peace?
    Surely with such glaringly obvious bias, it is all the more important that the world retain its bilateral approach to peace and it should not allow a unilateral skewed approach which only emboldens fanatics at a time of such violent assertion against civilisation by them.

  2. Eion Isaac Israel says:

    Just to withdraw and risk a Hamas Majority State with missiles and Tunnels is crazy .Will lead to
    a massive cycle of wars and start MegaCatastrohic Regional Destruction.

  3. Paul Winter says:

    It should never have gotten so far. With the PA in Fatahland waging a propaganda and a low grade terror war against Jews and the Hamasland Jew haters a hot war when it suits them, any self-respecting government would long ago have invaded those fiefdoms of hate, corruption and terror, and those who remained after the majority were sent to meet their 72 virgins should have been sent into Sinai, Syria or shipped to a friendly Arab state like Sudan. And for heaven’s sake turn off their electricity, ration their water, kill of imprison their preachers of hate, cut off their communications and destroy their media. Any government that deludes itself into thinking that a jihad against it is merely a picnic spoiled by some nasty insects, is unfit to be in charge of a public convenience, much less a nation.

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