Hebrew Uni award for Julie Bishop

October 12, 2015 by J-Wire Staff
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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is to receive “A Torch of Learning Award” from The Australian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop will receive the award at the organisation’s gala dinner in Sydney next month.

The theme of the evening will be to rebrand the Australian Friends, and showcase to our community the world of innovation developed at the Hebrew University.

Professor Shy Arkin

Professor Shy Arkin

The Hebrew University’s Professor Shy Arkin, the university’s Vice  President for Research and Development will visit Australia to attend the dinner. The HU alumnus is the youngest individual ever to be appointed to this prestigious position. Previously a lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry at Cambridge University in England, Professor Arkin joined The Hebrew University in 2001.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will be the keynote speaker at the event.

The Torch of Learning Award is the Hebrew University’s most prestigious honour presented by Friends organisations around the world to their respective country’s distinguished citizens.

The Award recognises individuals identified with the highest standards of professional achievement and whose careers are equally dedicated to leadership, scholarship and humanitarianism.

In 1971, Mrs Ruby Rich-Shalit MBE became the first Australian recipient.   Other recipients include Sir Hermann Black AC, Sir Asher Joel KBE AO and Sir Zelman Cowen AK.


11 Responses to “Hebrew Uni award for Julie Bishop”
  1. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Lynne Newington, I am not aware of the statement by Bishop to which you referred.
    No selective memory, but rather a gap in my knowledge.
    Could you please let me know exactly what she said.
    Mind you, I have no illusions about the capacity of the Coalition to turn on Israel; they could be just as adept at that as Labor, but I am not aware of her statement.

    • Lynne Newington says:

      The Guardian back in Sept.2014 when she aligned Australia with the UK and US.
      *Julie Bishop criticises Israel’s decision to take over more West Bank land.
      My apolologies Leon, I thought you just being political.

  2. Gabrielle Gouch says:

    What about her developing relationship with Iran? I am not referring to Obama’s deal, but sending back Iranian refugees, etc.

    • Leon Poddebsky says:

      Any government that normalises relations with Iran and removes sanctions is an accomplice in the creation of an Iranian nuclear monster which will target the entire Middle East and beyond.
      Lenin said that the capitalists would sell the communists the rope with which the latter would hang the former: apt analogy.
      The so-called “leader of the free world,” the USA, having capitulated to Iran, and with the capitalists of Europe, China and Russia salivating to exploit what Britain’s Foreign Secretary cynically and self-defeatingly called, “business opportunities,” the rest of the world sees no point in being the sucker who misses out on such opportunities.
      Avarice, shortsightedness, stupidity rule.

  3. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Julie Bishop has demonstrated honesty and a firm grasp of international law regarding the myth of “Illegal settlements.”
    I am referring to the challenge which she issued to the myth disseminators to show her the supposed law on which their false claims rest.
    Our erstwhile friend, Bob Ashrawi, likes to try to fool us into believing that The Geneva Convention applies, but on at least four grounds, it does not:
    1. Jordan held Judea-Samaria illegally.
    2 Hence those territories were not part of a state (and had not been a state since the fall of the Second Jewish Commonwealth.)
    3. Jordan was not a “high contracting party” to the Convention.
    4. the Jews living in Judea-Samaria are not deportees.
    5. the intent of the Convention was to prevent a recurrence of the kinds of deportations which the Nazis had perpetrated.

    The ultimate status of Judea-Samaria will be determined by the People and Government of Israel and the Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” if the latter can bring themselves to accept that Jews too have rights.

    Julie Bishop constantly demonstrates a high degree of competence in all the political roles which she fulfils, such as Foreign Affairs, leadership, effective communication with the Australian People etc.

    • Lynne Newington says:

      You have a selective memory unless I have it wrong; twelve months ago she was telling you she wasn’t happy with Israels decision to claim land that would undermine a two state solution fully supported by Australia…..

      • Henry Herzog says:

        Sorry, could you please replace the one above with the following comment.

        I know what you mean Lynne: those on the right only see and hear what they want to see and hear to further their right-wing agendas. I suspect that Miss Bishop will also be receiving an award from the University of Tehran for services to strengthen Iran in its quest to wipe Israel off the map.

      • Leon Poddebsky says:

        Lynne, if she used the term, “two-state solution,” she erred grievously on a number of counts:
        1. whether or not a plan or proposal will solve a problem can be determined only AFTER it has been implemented and the plan’s aims are successfully achieved, in this case, peace.
        2. all the evidence shows that the Arab society that calls itself “Palestinian” does not want a “two-state solution” because that would mean that Israel would continue to exist, an intolerable scenario for that society.
        3.if the experiment of a “two-state solution” were to be conducted, the risk that Israel would thereby take would be that Judea-Samaria would become another Hamastan, a very likely result. This would cripple Israel.
        Julie Bishop is a Minister of the Government of Australia, so her sole calculations are what is good for Australia, not for Israel.
        4. She clearly has not thought through the implications of the fabrication of another “Palestinian” militarised state, namely, aggravated destabilisation of the Middle East. That is not in Australia’s interests.
        No minister of any party is infallible, and that includes Julie Bishop.

        • Lynne Newington says:

          No minister of any party [including religious]your speaking to the converted, I’ve lived through now retired Bishop Patrick Power [and others]and when members of the Catholic Church start grandstanding…….My first introduction to J/Wire some years back was “Oh men of goodwill don’t trust them”……..

  4. Lynne Newington says:

    I thought she may have taken a course in Hebrew…….

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