Greens say “No Thank You” to signing the London Declaration

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Greens MPs John Kaye and David Shoebridge said they won’t sign the London Declaration into Combatting Anti-Semitism even though it “contains a number of laudable commitments to stamp out any resurgence of hatred against a people who have historically suffered more than most.”

Dr John Kaye

Dr John Kaye

David Shoebridge

David Shoebridge

Writing in New Matilda online magazine on Tuesday, the NSW pair said the document “wrongly conflates valid criticism of the state of Israel with antisemitism”.

“This is an unacceptable slander on those of us who speak up for the rights of the Palestinians,” they wrote. “Criticism of the state of Israel that is motivated by a hatred of the Jews is contemptible. By contrast, criticism that is motivated by concern for a people dispossessed of their land, the consequences of a state that is founded on a religion or ethnicity or the actions of a government that ignores UN resolutions, is a valid contribution to public discourse.”

The pair added: “It is a tragedy that the London Declaration is a flawed document. The fundamental intent – to combat and end irrational hatred against a people – is too important to be subverted by the political objectives of Zionism.”

Explaining their position, the Greens MPs argued: “When people of goodwill express their opposition to Israeli soldiers routinely humiliating Palestinians at checkpoints, the construction of an apartheid-style segregation wall through the West Bank or the brutal use of Israeli military force against civilians in Gaza, their motivation is not to denigrate the Jewish people but to highlight injustices perpetrated on the Palestinian people.

“Thankfully, for most of the world antisemitism remains a hateful thing that must be combatted. But there are real dangers in the Zionist strategy. If the tag ‘antisemitic is continually used as a blanket response to all of Israel’s critics, it will lose its potency and its power.”

More than 100 Australian federal and state MPs have signed the London Declaration, including NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and Labor opponent, John Robertson.


31 Responses to “Greens say “No Thank You” to signing the London Declaration”
  1. Otto Waldmann says:

    Although I just posted that I would no longer engage in debate with “Christopher”, simply because his stuff must not be dignified. considering the acuteness of his thinly veiled anti Semitic comments, it must be stressed here, on this Jewish site, that there is vast diference between considerate exchanges of views and liberties taken with notions which demand basic decency.
    This character’s statements, particularly the last one, are tantamount to seriously offensive references to Jewish matters.
    We are not dealings with challenges of the philosophical kind, but vicous attacks against important Jewish values, such as the legitimacy of Zionist principles, necessity and dignity of Jewish presence in the socio-political domains, denial of the very essential objections Jews must have against purveyors of hatred toward Jews, the right to fight anti Semitism.
    The manner in which this is done by this so called “Christopher” – we do not know who he really is, a matter I thought indispensible for any contributor on Jwire – is ostensbly one of seriously intended offensive against matters essential to the Jewish identity. It is simply a “post Nazi” in fact a very Nazi type of rethorical practices.
    Wihtin the freedom of expression, I express my view that here, where we ,Jews, want to practice discussions, free from venomous intrusions of the anti Semitic kind, we have heard just about enough from this rosche Titus !!

    • Christopher says:

      I do not “hate” Jews Otto.

      I do not object to any type of opposition or criticism of any view I express.

      In fact, scrutiny helps me evaluate the integrity of my ideas.

      I am happy to adapt my concept of truth when new information forces
      me to adjust a previous belief.

      Emotion and blind dogma are traps I try to avoid when sifting and sorting
      towards reality as best as I can discern.

      “Antisemitism” is a political swearword drenched in deliberate poisonous
      qualities and Pavlovian effects which contaminate and corrupt any open honest
      discourse. A critical thinking laboratory must disqualify any investigation process
      as flawed if this corruption of thought is detected.

      This Otto is my opinion. I wish to be free to express my opinion.

      I wish to be free to criticize and contradict your opinion or a document like
      the London Declaration on Antisemitism.

      I might be accused of pointy sarcasm at worst but I don’t have a million
      dollar budget to promote my view so I try to be “efficient’.

      My wish for you Otto is happiness, security and prosperity.

      I wish it for myself and I wish more of it for those living in the occupied territories
      of Israel.

      The formula to achieve this wish must include truth no matter how uncomfortable
      it is for us to face up to the lies and errors that govern our thinking and action.

      I include myself in this process because I don’t claim to have invented the truth,
      nor do I claim to have ‘it all worked out’ in my mind.

      I am very certain that genuine free speech is essential for progress and all promoters
      of secrecy, special interest and exclusivity damage “the life more abundant”.

      I think it is entirely possible that the “Old Testament Jew” might at some point be
      sacrificed by the “atheist money changer/financier Jew” that has framed Israel and the
      “chosen people” narrative as a business strategy.

      Will the “Israel project’ knit itself to an emerging China centric empire?

  2. Christopher says:

    Otto, one thing we firmly agree upon is that the London Declaration on Antisemitism is “very very clever”.

    Should the declaration include a warning notice …………


    This document was framed by very very clever people
    much smarter than you might imagine.

    Some language like “hate”, “antisemitic” and “denial”
    can poison healthy honest political conversations if
    swallowed by gullible minds.

    Social and Political death can occur.

    The antidote to toxic effects of word poison is……..
    “hate” translate to “legitimate opposition to Jewish lobby”
    “antisemitic” translate to “disagree with Zionist policy”
    “denial” translate to “valid historical questioning”

    Take antidote with a generous dose of common sense.

    I am happy for readers to judge the issue Otto and surprised at your almost threatening tones.

    If your case is strong and clear and I am “deranged” it should be obvious.

    The truth is generally obvious when the light shines fully on a subject.

  3. Otto Waldmann says:

    We need to be careful, mindful of a new subculture of pseudo-intellectuall offensive at the discretion of the palestinian propaganda infrastructure.
    What we see now is the alignment of non palestinian, non mulsim, non Arab cohorts of individuals detected as willing to engage in controversies withe Jewish public entities.
    While I do not believe that this is a perfectly oiled cabala at international level, we find individuals in specific places joining in the larger anti Semitic neurossis of social media encounters.
    At the academic level, we also witness now a contagious quasi cohesive communion of offensives agains the Jewish international identity, Israel well included. The technique is engaging at the “abstract” level of terms, notions, cathegories of all kind, political. ethical, social, psycholgical, all in all HUMANIST calls associated in the acutely negative with Israel and its own international lobby, being us, the Jewish Diaspora. The subtle control is done by the launching of key terms: RACISM, APARTHEID, OCCUPATION cum TERRORISM, ILLEGAL EXPANSION, HUMAN RIGHTS to which we see emotive additives, such as OPPRESSION, PAIN, SUFFERING, EDUCATIONAL DENIAL etc.
    As such, characters such as this clown Christopher, spring up motivated by their own personal educational tradition/circumstances and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the anxiety to face the Jewish challenge. We, Jews, are seen by these intellectual degenerates, as a species profiled after the entire ontogenetic anti Semitism of a millenia tradition, filtred through their ( Christopher’s type ) identity polarisation against the Jewish TYPE.
    He reckons, as so many other do, that he has reached the maturity, the complete praparation to take on the Yids. Based mostly on religious derivates, they feel confident that they have the substannce – data – and the style – language – to make an impact, to satisfy firstly themselves that they are providing valuable services to a Humanity they feel attached and obliged to. They see themselves self-righteously as highly accomplished , marching soldiers toward a seccond comming of a certain kind.
    Yes, one cannot argue and, more so, must NOT engage with these types because that is precisely the ogygen their deranged beings neeed.

    • Christopher says:

      Otto, another fascinating but predictable focus on my character and motivation instead of explaining why Australians should be subject to the 34 commandments set forth in the Declaration on Antisemitism.

      It should be noted the only media that is reporting our MP’s are signing onto this spell is the Jewish media and the alternative media across the internet.

      Otto your conclusion……..
      “Yes, one cannot argue and, more so, must NOT engage with these types because that is precisely the ogygen their deranged beings need.”
      ……..will hardly stand up where intellect, reason and honest searching for truth is conducted.

      In fact that line is a very common formula response employed to avoid dealing with facts, common sense and critical thinking.

      Are you afraid of the argument I present?

      Otto, your wordy entertaining fictional diagnosis of my motivation is simply the theater of distraction similar to the magicians over acted emotion, crafted tension and distracting pretty ladies.

      What you have yet to explain is why Australia needs to trample on the correct principles of critical thinking and open honest discourse by poisonous political “Antisemitism” spells like the London Declaration on Antisemitism.

      • Otto Waldmann says:

        Hey “Christopher”, for the last time:
        I dod not mean to offend you by insisting on the terms obtuse and insensitive, because, describing you as such, is selfevident.
        I do not engage with you out of respect, but simply because I am on holidays and have plenty of time to waste………………..

        ( you want more of the same “kind” stuff from me, post some more absurdities )

  4. Otto Waldmann says:


    within the economy of dialectis you are absolutely right, staying on a debate with the likes of “Christophers” could not produce any rational results.
    In our topic, bringing up such seriously deranged outsiders as Shulamit Aloni, one deflates completly any logic from the body of arguments. Aloni is a sad case of erratic oyf kypure, a relentless shaygets who can only attract characters such as a Christopher , the Joel above, then we go to the Lowensteins etc. from out own fold.
    Just look at this clown attributing absurditiy to the entire notion of the most tragic of inhumane events, the Holocaust and objecting to it as an act of anti Semitism.
    This verbal caricature is worse than those Jewish blood thirsty palestinians claiming “human rights”.
    We don’t just waste our time with them, AND do that on a Jewish site, we are prostituting time and ethics if addressing them !!!

    • Christopher says:

      Otto, I am always fascinated by your particular ideology and attitude.

      You certainly have provided a robust contrast between my view of a constituted open honest search for the truth about any subject compared to the malice soaked, threatening, self serving and manipulating strategy that encapsulates the mindset and intent of the London Declaration on Antisemitism.

      I am requesting my MP’s read our discussion and address my concerns about the London Declaration which you have assisted in framing.

      Events about the globe, particularly the Middle East, are taking a tragic course that is going to cost millions of lives unless genuine truth can avert the present harvest of lies.

      The world is abundantly generous in it’s created nature.

      If truth could just be applied to our conduct I am confident prosperity and security would be released and showered upon us all by the natural world.

      Truth is important.

      I have the greatest of sorrow for all the tragedy brought upon the world by WW2 just as I am disgusted by the unjust treatment of innocent minorities ravaged by war to-day.

      War is a racket wherever and whenever it is conducted.

      The Palestinian people have been dealt a miserable hand by Israel and it’s apologists.

      The inventors and protectors of political, social, historical and economic lies are denying mankind the true fruits of created nature including the full potential of our human nature.

      The London Declaration on Antisemitism is not designed to advance truth and freedom.

      The London Declaration on Antisemitism is a strategy to shield the liars and their schemes that threaten to plunge the world into another global military and economic catastrophe if we continue to fall for their spells.

      Let’s not fall for the deception that exposing lies, liars and their schemes is to be avoided for fear of being socially and politically poisoned by the “antisemitic” pointing bone.

      Who is going to get sucked into this little trick now that it has been examined?

      • Otto Waldmann says:

        no fascination at all with the much better prepared, better educated readers of this site who would be disgusted by the Goebelsian drek – excrement in Yidish – you splash on a Jewish site.
        NOTHING you say makes sense, nothing you say has any impact on us !

        • Christopher says:

          Otto, I would like to review some of my statements that you describe as
          “Goebelsian drek”, “excrement”, “nothing you say makes sense”
          so the mentality behind the London Declaration on Antisemitism might
          be better evaluated.

          I said – the truth is important,
          – all information should be examined under a microscope
          to test it’s integrity,
          – correct principles of reason and logic should be applied
          to all subjects,
          – intimidation and manipulation by “spells” to create fear of
          being labeled by the poisonous “antisemitic” charge are
          the anti-thesis of free speech,
          – all views must be given fair opportunity to be heard and all
          views must be cross examined if we are going to have
          any chance of arriving at the truth,
          – when open honest discussion is achieved the truth
          becomes obvious to the critical thinking honest mind
          – the London Declaration on Antisemitism is a danger to
          freedom of speech and action

          • Otto Waldmann says:


            you are very, very careless.
            I mentioned before and you ignore it:
            You are incredibly indolent in the use of logic. Simple careful syntax does not make for acceptable rationale.
            1. Listing known Universal cathegories as YOUR argument is INVALID.
            2. The London Declaration does not even INTEND to block free speech. It does not mention anthing about penalties for the spread of anti Semitism. IT SIMPLY CONDEMNS IT !! You do not understand the simple distinction. You failed here big time.
            Consequently ALL views ARE being heard ! The Declaration calls on DECENT people to object to those allowed – unfortunately – views being FREELY expressed.

            As such your last line is so absurd…………… makes me feel ashamed hat I have engaged in this discussion.

  5. Joel says:

    Christopher, your observation, points, facts and response is certainly well thought out and researched. As far as making these points get through to gil and oto, I think you’re pumping a dry well. However, well done!

    • Christopher says:

      Joel, I suspect you are correct though other readers might gain something for the cause of truth.

      There are lots of dark corners in this mode of discussion that limit it’s genuine useful purpose.

      This interview of a former Israeli minister by Amy Goodman is a clear confession regarding the “antisemitism” mind game.

      Would Gil and Otto accept this opinion as credible evidence against the intent of the London Declaration?

  6. Otto Waldmann says:

    Gil, your brief presentation of a very complex issue is simply brilliant.
    Patsy, your brief presentation of a mind dominated by visceral hatred and well selected misinformation can only lead to the following:

    The Zionists now in their right place ,Eretz Zion Israel, are right now, and forever, sitting on an excellent political vantage point. Your seriously deranged terrorist motivated charges, have sensed that their position, ideology, strategies of imposing farcical claims on a civilised world has reached an ireversible stage of defeat. The newly concocted strategy of BDS offers only another forum for debating certain issues. From the absurd palestinian side we hear all kinds of asumption of racism, crimes against humanity, apartheid etc. All these notional little games amount to naught at the level of realpolitik.
    Your beloved BDS has so far kept the economy of Israel – all teritories included – at a level of consistent improvement not seen at any other country. The political pressure exercised by the same irrational palestinians are as relevant as the moronic stuff you and your mates post on….Jewish sites.
    The support provided by Islamic states heavily compromised and not really interested in going beyond some lip service – and Iran is about to get its right deserts anyway – are of such practical effect that they, your palestinian chages, have resorted to the brain power of the likes of a certain “Patsy” alongside some other “ben” to carry the flag and fire the canons of their “struggle”.
    Well, let me tell you Patsy, you may spill here your absudities coated in venom as much as you like. The only impact you shall have , here and everywhere, will be the continuous successes of our Zionist entity, Israel and the enormous satisfaction all that is giving us, you beloved Zionists.
    So, go for your life – if you really have one !!!

  7. Gil Solomon says:


    You are missing something of significance in your comments.

    Tragedies happen and will always happen, in one country after another, to one people or another.

    However, the uniqueness of the holocaust is that not because of a cause or issue, unarmed Jews of whatever nationality or political persuasion were rounded up and transported to concentration camps for the purposes of extermination. Auschwitz, Treblinka and all the other death camps were primarily there as extermination camps for Jews.

    The killing machine known as the Eizenszatsgroupen followed the German army wherever it went throughout the length and breadth of Nazi occupied Europe, country by country, and it was their specific job to round up and kill every Jew in every village, town or city (men, women or children) or arrange to transport them by cattle trains to concentration camps.

    The “final solution” to the Jewish problem was the culmination of the Nuremburg Laws which stripped Jews of German nationality and made them a sub human class subject to Hitler’s view that they should be eliminated to maintain the purity of the German people.

    The Wannsee Conference in 1942 put put in place the documented instructions for the mass extermination of the Jewish people from the face of the earth.

    Hopefully in light of this brief post you can see why keeping alive the lessons of the holocaust is no “Hasbara” exercise on behalf of Jews. The aim is to ensure this nightmare is never repeated.

    To me personally, the BDS movement has significance in light of the Nuremburg Laws, but that is another issue.

    In light of your support for the “Palestinian” cause, below are some facts that you should contemplate.

    In biblical times, all of what is now Israel and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) was Jewish.

    When the Romans conquered the territory they named the entire area “Philistina” in order to rub salt into the wounds of the defeated Jews by calling the place in honour of their mortal enemies, the Philistines. By doing so, the Romans acknowledged the owners of the territory were Jews. Down the centuries, the name Philistina was anglicised to Palestine.

    At the beginning of the 20th Century, if one was referred to as a Palestinian, it was automatically implied that he or she was Jewish. Decades later, Arabs cleverly commandeered the term “Palestinian” and those with no knowledge of history have bought their message. The facts are that Palestine was a land mass administered finally by the British until the 1947 partition plan, when only a small part of which was allocated back to its centuries old rightful owners, the Jewish people.

    The so called “Palestinians” of today claim that they had a country called Palestine. If this is so, then what was its history, who were its rulers, what currency did they use?
    They have no real case but the world has bought the propaganda.

    They are fortunate they have as their enemies Jews, who they know will indulge their incessant and ludicrous claims and still be willing to sit down for talks with them in good faith. Unfortunately, the Arab world does not want this conflict to end as it is a good propaganda tool to divert attention from the tragedies occurring in their lands.

    • Christopher says:

      Gil, the problem is that the argument you make cannot be properly judged because it is “illegal” to contradict your version of the “Holocaust”.

      The fundamental principle of critical thinking is that all views must be allowed to be heard using a constituted approach in searching out the truth.

      I am happy for you to argue any point you like as long as you will allow your claims or allegations to be examined and questioned.

      Those who use the poisonous “antisemitic” accusation are trampling on the correct principles of reason and logic to avoid critical scrutiny.

      It is indefensible in honest open discourse.

      It’s a good debating trick that works successfully if your opponents are so frightened by the power of the “Sorcerer” and the black arts of mind control.

      The discriminating thinking person knows any person who avoids transparent examination of the facts of a case and resorts to childish name calling and smears has secrets they wish to avoid being exposed to the public.

      I also congratulate any politicians who do not genuflect to the bluff of the intimidating declaration.

      Exposing the bluff is not even difficult once you work out the “magic” is gone once you clear your head and stick to the facts.

      The “witchdoctor” has no power over those who stop believing in his magical power.

      I will be discussing this declaration and the issues with my MP’s and contacting the Green members to give them my support.

      Clearly the magic is wearing off western society making it necessary for the casting of some new “spells” over the community mind.

      The new “Declaration” is just another tricky spell cooked up to try and keep the public in a continued hypnotic and obedient condition.

      • Gil Solomon says:

        Christopher, you refer to “searching out the truth.”
        My comments were 100% accurate and you are free to research them. But you are obviously not interested in the truth, as the truth doesn’t fit your political agenda.

        For your benefit, I repeat that the holocaust was a unique and well documented Jewish catastrophe never before witnessed by mankind.

        What I wrote about the so called “Palestinian” narrative was also historically accurate.

        People like yourself with your political agenda will dispute whatever is presented to them in order to further their cause and attempt to rewrite history.

        • Christopher says:

          Gil, I don’t mind if you disagree with me and I would support your right to do so because my “agenda” is simply to find the truth whatever it might be.

          Discovering the truth about a subject requires a fearless approach where all knowledge is put under the “microscope” and tested for it’s integrity.

          Emotional name calling and meaningless political sorcery like declaring opinions and information that you don’t like “antisemitic” is very clearly the anti-thesis of critical thinking.

          The London Declaration is a sophisticated “spell” that it’s instigators are striving to cast upon the political landscape to achieve control through fear and intimidation.

          Having convinced the community to surrender critical thinking, the sorcerer can nominate any “truth” he decides and the public squeel loudly in a supporting chorus.

          The sorceror interprets all things, events and the past for the benefit of those who hold and wield power over the society.

          The London Declaration might weave it’s magic but I will be doing all I can to break the spell so honest open truth inform our decisions, not myth and fear.

          Gil, you might believe you have a “100%” correct understanding of any subject but unless you apply a proper critical thinking process that welcomes all questioning of your subject it is more likely you are ignorent and governed by emotion and blind dogma.

          While you support the mentality of the London Declaration you guarantee your thinking is informed by a narrow cult that deliberatly excludes the facts and reasoning that would free you from the chains of the cult.

          We all have to be careful we don’t fall for “religious” attitudes above proper honest critical thinking.

          I admit in my younger years I was often guilty of such and even now I am constantly wary that I do not fall into the traps of the sorcerors spells.

          All my statements are stricltly for intellectual purpose and not to be taken personally for that would be childish.

          The readers of our discussion can think and work it out on the strength of our logic.

          The difference between me and promoters of the London Declaration is I trust my fellow can see the truth when all information is presented.

          I reject manipulating and censoring any subject with poisonous “antisemetism” censorship and intimidating fear toward particular groups, individuals, ideas and views.

          The logical conclusion is pretty obvious when all is open and honest.

        • Otto Waldmann says:

          “Christopher” is using a gallery of oxymoron terms, some of which he has concocted himself – and they are fallacies of the first order – only to taint a solid rationale. Christopher imagines himself as a deep sophist and a word artisan and competes from the irrational distance of centrifugal incongruities with the reasonable construct you presented.
          He acts from a visceral base predicated on disturbing absurdities. He attempts to dismiss the truth and the ethical derivates of the known truth, with offensive diatribes which have only as purpose hurting those of us who take the tragedy of Shoah seriously.
          He is a purveyor of garbage and I place him in his suitable bin.

          • Gil Solomon says:


            I think your term “a purveyor of garbage” is especially appropriate for the likes of Christopher and his ilk.

            He starts off babbling on about “discovering the truth” and ends with “the logical conclusion is pretty obvious.” In reality, he absolutely cannot refute anything I have said in my above original posting. He is obviously one who does not allow facts to influence his opinions. What I would describe as a true fanatic.

            Engaging him any further would be an act of futility and I for one will not be wasting my time replying to his further rantings.

          • Christopher says:

            Otto, I think you have complimented my argument with a perfection I could never muster.

            You really dished up a treat of distraction, confusion and insults in that word brew.

            What you did not do was explain how the London Declaration could be judged as anything less than black magic intimidation designed to give the instigators of this particular sorcery the power to interpret, dictate and police the thoughts, words and views of our society regarding any subject of their choosing.

            As long as the spell holds, the magical “antisemitic” potion is poured over any threatening person,fact or information in the hope that by soaking opponents in an ugly fictional stench a proper examination of things can be avoided.

            If there is nothing to hide and the simple honest truth is our “agenda” we would hardly have to resort to devious strategies that trample upon the correct principles of critical thinking.

            I trust honest readers will be sifting and sorting all this out for themselves.

  8. Patsy says:

    I want to congratulate these 2 MEN who have enough courage to stand up in the face of the usual blow back from the Zionist community who have in place a “rapid response” to heap vitriol on those who disagree with them.
    There is more noise about Israel because they are committing crimes against humanity almost daily. Internationally people are catching on and starting movements like BDS. and the Gaza Flotilla.
    I disagree with one statement by these two; They said “…a people who have historically suffered more than most.” Zionists would have you believe that, they keep up a strong hasbara.
    Nineteen million Native Americans died in the holocaust that they suffered at the hands of white people in North America.

  9. ben eleijah says:

    no reply to their objection raised against the London declaration. The silence over the continued dispassion of the Palestinians and their destruction as a nation is sought to be reinforced through opportunistic politician lining up to sign the declaration. These will be first to dump Israel and its lobbies when it loses favour with the US empire or when China replaces the US as the new superpower.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Spectacular nonsense.
      yep, the failure of Western Democracies, as seen by the wrongly medicated ben, would be the saviour of the palestinians…………Come to think of it, actually it makes perfect sense.

  10. Liat Nagar says:

    The faces of these two speak worlds! Their superficial, irrelevant statements augment what their faces suggest. How lacking in intelligence and inquiry, how full of their own bombast, and how ridiculous … The Greens can no longer be taken seriously; I wouldn’t even consider voting for them. They’re on the their way down.

  11. David says:

    Does this mean that these erudite Greens do not condone the mass destruction and terrorism carried out in the name of Islam, the results of which far exceed any of the actions taken by the alleged Zionist political objectives. How is it that they have not spoken out about the illegal activities of those inane people who obstruct Australian businesses trading under the name Max Brenner Choclate. If they truly believe that Israelis must leave Palestine then surely they themselves must leave Australia along with the myriads of illegal boat entrants for none of them has been invited by the original landholders

  12. PATRICIA says:

    What silly fatuous comments by these idiots. They obfuscate the point of the London Declaration – it is purely against the anti-semetism that is on the rise – nothing to do with a ‘two state solution on behalf of the Palestinians’. That is a completely separate issue. Talk about dumb and dumber. No vote for the Greens from me.

    • ben eleijah says:

      Anti-Semitism is not on the rise , anti-islam, anti-turk, Bulgarian, African and Asian sentiments are being fanned by the right wing in Europe and Australia. The EDL even wears the star of David.
      The London declaration dishonestly conflates opposition to the occupation and apartheid in Palestine with anti-Semitism. The two Greens leaders are honest enough to oppose this.

      Reply to their questions, not smear and slander their stand.

  13. Paul Winter says:

    The Green parliamentarians are disingenuous when they claim that the London Declaration conflates antisemitism with valid criticism of Israel.

    Point 1 of the declaration states: Parliamentarians shall expose, challenge, and isolatepolitical actors who engage in hate against Jews and target the State of Israel as a Jewish entity.

    What they are really saying is that all and any criticism by their jihadi proteges is fair, because it advances the “cause”. They are also saying is that they refuse to speak out against mohammedan Jew haters who want to deny the Jewish people self-determination, because that is also the aim of the anti-Western far left.

    It breaks my heart that the environmental cause and the humanitarian cause has been hijacked by people who pretend to be socially aware and concerned with respecting all life, democratic freedoms, enlightenment and justice.

  14. Otto Waldmann says:

    A brilliant example that anti Semitism and repulsive ignorance are inter-dependant.
    Both Greens above, pathetic aspirants to political oblivion cojoint at the void top end of their irrelevance, have proven that comprehension of proven historic facts, the tragic tradition of anti Semitism perpetuated by an aggressive culture of hatred of everything Jewish at today’s palestinians, are one and the same phenomenon.
    Additional political/intellectual failures shall see this decomposing political formation receive its right treatement in just a few weeks at the polls.

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