From the hearts of Frimet and Arnold Roth

August 21, 2012 by J-Wire Staff
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Please spend two minutes and 46 seconds in watching the edited extract of a television  interview with the woman who planned and executed a massacre of innocent civilians, most of them children, eleven years ago. Following the killings, she went to her place of work which happens to have been a television studio, and calmly read the evening news bulletin, starting with a report of the massacre that she herself had perpetrated some hours earlier….write Frimet and Arnold Roth.


Malki, Arnold and Frimet Roth….other family members blanked out for privacy

After an intense criminal investigation, she was arrested less than two months later and charged with the murders of fifteen people, along with a host of other felonies. She was convicted and sentenced to sixteen terms of life imprisonment. But as a result of cynical political deal, she was freed (not pardoned) and released to the land of her birth where she has become a celebrity. Her recent wedding to her cousin, another unjustly freed murderer, received live television coverage and broad media attention. Not only a celebrity but a hero.

Watch how the woman’s face radiates the joy that comes from recounting how the death toll grew steadily in the hour or so that she spent fleeing the scene via public transport, unhindered by the police. Absorb the message of how members of the public, unaware the murderer was seated beside them, expressed happiness at the deaths of anonymous children.

Imagine the feelings of the families of the innocents murdered by a person like this as they see her achievements celebrated and honored, as they listen to the prideful boasting of an unrepentant killer whose only regret is that she did not manage to kill more. She has confessed over and again since being allowed out of captivity. There can be absolutely no doubt that her deeds are an inspiration to countless others seeking the glory and vindication that her society has delivered to her.

The video, which went to air in July and has just been translated and edited by MEMRI…

Ahlam Tamimi, a very happy person, lives in complete and unfettered freedom in the Kingdom of Jordan from where she has traveled several times in the ten months since her release to such places as Tunisia, Lebanon and Qatar to give public speeches. She hosts a television program of her own that is broadcast by satellite throughout the Arabic-speaking world. She married her cousin in June.
Among the fifteen people murdered by her on August 9, 2001 is our daughter Malki who was fifteen years old. A sixteenth victim, the young mother of a two year old child, has remained in a vegetative state since being injured in the attack.
What should a civilized society do in the wake of this woman’s story?
The Roth family lived in Melbourne where Malki was born before moving to Israel…


4 Responses to “From the hearts of Frimet and Arnold Roth”
  1. Liat Nagar says:

    Putting aside the politics, the behaviour of Ahlam Tamimi after her successfully completed mission of killing all these young people in Israel, is beyond classification, or comprehension … insofar as being human is concerned it’s thoroughly alien. I viewed the video with mounting horror.

    Jewish ethics does not allow for celebration of those you kill, enemy or not, and Tamimi gloated, worse than celebrating.

    So sorry for your loss of Malki, Frimet and Arnold Roth. I am still thinking about your question, “What should a civilised society do in the wake of this woman’s story?” You have made a start in publicising and sharing this interview with subscribers to J-Wire. We need to take it further and get international interest. There are many personal Palestinian stories that get exposure and snowballing attention in the world via the interested media (this has been part of their huge success in aligning countries and societies to their cause) – the Arab people have been very good at achieving this, at the expense of Israelis and Jews. It’s my view, as a writer, that there also needs to be a book about Malki. Look at the knowledge the world has of Anne Frank through her diary – nobody has forgotten her or her circumstances. I understand that others died on August 9, 2001, however, in focussing on Malki and writing the story well, which would expose the evil of Ahlam Tamimi, we could reach out to societies everywhere and perhaps make a difference,

  2. PATRICIA says:

    What many many people do not realise is that one day they will answer to a Higher Authority – and will be called to account for any and all attrocities they have committed. They may be crowing now – but the Grim Reaper comes for us all, eventually. Those that live by the sword, likewise perish by the sword.

  3. harry joachim says:

    Sick. What type of society holds the death of civilians as a supreme value?! What type of society can promote such intense hatred towards others?!

  4. Paul Winter says:

    The video reveals several things. The local Arabs are psychopathic antisemites. There can be no peace with a people who celebrate your pain. They cannot be trusted when they seem to cooperate with you but among themselves they celebrate every harm they inflict on you. A people who raise the act of killing and dying to the level of a religious rite are not ready for self-government. Israeli elites are stupid for not executing tried and convicted terrorists; no terrorists in prison, no incentive to kidnap anyone to release them. The Mossad needs to go after terrorists released in the swap for Shalit, just as it went after the sadists who murdered Jews at the Munich Olympics. The Roths nobly work for reconciliation, but events compel me to advocate punishment and vegeance until mohammedans join the 21st century; the civilised Jewish values of forgiveness and mercy are regarded as signs of weakness and calls for increased violence by jihadis who currently dominate the umma.

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