Embassy/Gaza fall-out

May 15, 2018 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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Prime Malcolm Turnbull has said in an interview “Israel seeks to defend itself:..and Tony Abbott maintains his support for an Australian embassy move to Jerusalem.

Palestinian protesters during clashes with Israeli forces along the border with the Gaza strip east of Gaza City on May 11, 2018. Photo by Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Malcolm Turnbull on 3AW

Neil Mitchell:

Israel, 50 Palestinians killed in Gaza. They’re saying it’s Hamas.

Prime Minister:

So this is another, tragic. Yes this is Hamas pushing people to the border, pushing them – with Israel – pushing them to challenge the border, to try to get through the border. It’s tragic, any loss of life is – like this or any loss of life – is tragic in these circumstances, but Hamas’ conduct is confrontational. They’re seeking to provoke the Israeli defence forces.

Neil Mitchell:

So their life is on the hands of Hamas?

Prime Minister:

Well if they’re pushing people to the border in an area, you know in that context, in that conflict zone, you’re basically pushing people into circumstances where they are very likely to be shot at, as Israel seeks to defend itself.

The Israeli Embassy in Wellington

Make no mistakes – There is no valid connection between the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and the weeks’ old Hamas-orchestrated violent confrontation campaign already taking place in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas, an internationally recognized terror organization (also by New Zealand), has ruled Gaza since 2007 and instead of caring for the welfare of the Gaza population, has invested in a large-scale terror infrastructure and has cynically fanned the flames of the conflict while initiating violent provocations against Israel.

Israel has the right and the duty to protect its sovereignty, its borders and its citizens. Accordingly, that message of self-defense has been conveyed to the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Any imposed solution cannot work. The only path to reach a peaceful solution to this conflict is through direct negotiations.

Tony Abbott: on Twitter


Penny Wong:

The deaths and injuries of Palestinian protesters in Gaza overnight are both shocking and tragic.

Labor urges Israel to show restraint. We support the right for peaceful protest and call on both sides to deescalate tensions.

We support Israel’s right to exist within secure and recognised boundaries and the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.

Australia, like most other nations, does not recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel. Jerusalem is claimed by both the Israelis and Palestinians and its status must be determined as part of an overall two-state solution.

A just two-state resolution will require recognising the right of both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples to live in peace and security.

Labor will continue to call on both sides of the conflict to refrain from any actions that hamper peaceful outcomes for both the Israeli and Palestinian people.

We believe the leadership of both sides should examine what more they can do to work towards a viable two-state solution and deliver a peaceful future for both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

Government Press Office [Jerusalem]

Hamas is encouraging and sending protestors to the fence area in order to commit violent acts and damage security infrastructures. Iran is transferring funds to Hamas for violent action in the Gaza Strip fence area.

The following has been received from the investigation of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip who have been arrested upon infiltrating into Israel:

Yahiya Eijle

Yahiya Eijle, 19, a resident of Gaza City and Hamas member, was arrested on 29 April 2018 while making his way into Israel to steal a security camera and cut the Gaza Strip fence. From his investigation it was learned:

1. Hamas is instructing its activists to cut the fence and steal security cameras in order to sabotage and topple the fence and disrupt IDF activity ahead of “Nakba Day.”

2. Hamas in the Gaza Strip wants the activity to be seen in the international media as a popular uprising, and not as violent action led by its militants.

3. Hamas militants, who are embedded among the residents of the Gaza Strip, are taking an active part in the violent protest activities along the fence every Friday in part by wielding firebombs, knives and large wire-cutters.

4. Hamas members supply Gaza Strip residents with tires and assist them in setting them on fire in order to create thick smoke to agitate residents and persuade them to infiltrate into Israeli territory, throw firebombs and prepare kite-borne firebombs to be handed over to violent militants.

It has also been learned that Hamas terrorists themselves are prohibited from approaching the fence lest they be killed or captured by the IDF. However, ifs the fence is breached, then they are to enter Israeli territory armed – under cover of the mob – and carry out attacks.

Salem Abu Daher

Salim Abu Daher, 21, a resident of the Gaza Strip, was arrested on 28 April 2018 upon infiltrating into Israel in order to burn fields and groves

From his investigation it was learned that Hamas is financing the violent action in the framework of which kite-borne firebombs are sent toward Israeli territory. Hamas members in civilian clothing circulate among violent activists and supply gasoline for the kite-borne firebombs which are designed to ignite and burn Israeli fields.

* Another detainee said that Hamas encourages children and young people to cross the fence.

* Three Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip were arrested by the IDF on 4 May 2018 after crossing the fence into Israeli territory. One of the infiltrators told his ISA investigators that Hamas militants in civilian clothes encourage children to try and cross the fence in order to steal IDF equipment. Thus the event on 4 May in which a 13-year-old youth was wounded while taking part in an attempt to infiltrate into Israeli territory in order to steal a security camera at Karni Crossing, east of Gaza City.

The foregoing attests to the cynical and potentially life-threatening exploitation of innocent children and civilians by Hamas in order to vandalize and steal civilian and security equipment / infrastructures on sovereign Israeli territory.

The IDF and the ISA will continue to defend the security of Israeli citizens and sovereignty and, to this end, will take resolute action to thwart attempts to infiltrate into Israeli territory.


Bob Carr: on Twitter



6 Responses to “Embassy/Gaza fall-out”
  1. Roger Ellison says:

    Afraid Penny Wong doesn’t seem to know that Israel chose Jerusalem as their capital many years ago just as it was in ancient times. Penny all sovereign nations are entitled to choose where their capitals are just in case you didn’t know. As for Carr he has always been virulently anti-Israel – maybe he’s the one who needs medical attention for his phobia.

  2. Leon Poddebsky says:

    The ALP’s platitudes are typical hypocrisy.
    They do not have the courage or sense to identify the cause of the mayhem.

    By the way, what words of morality does the ALP have regarding the recent murders of Christians in Indonesia, a country that is on the ALP’s doorstep.

  3. Erica Edelman says:

    Whilst I agree with Bella Ceruza in every sense, I’m totally disgusted with what Penny Wong had to say to the media. 1. The deaths were totally predictable and totally preventable. 2. Israel ALWAYS acts with care and caution. HAMAS uses these Palestinians as pawns in their game with Fatah and the PLO. 3.These Arabs who call themselves Palestinians have had EVERY opportunity since 1948 (when Britain was dividing up the land)to make peace with Israel. Inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza and the useful idiots who are throwing rocks and kites (neanderthal if you ask me)have their ancestors to blame for the predicament they find themselves in today.
    In actuality, Penny Wong is un-doing EVERY bit of right her precious Labor party has put forward about Israel. She does her party or her leader no favors. What she sprouts is puerile to the endth degree. Do some more academic reading Penny Wong. I thought you were supposed to be educated.

  4. Adrian Jackson says:

    The US Embassy move to Jerusalem is only the US Consulate there being re-badged with a US Embassy sign and the US ambassador relocating to Jerusalem.

    The concern of Palestinians and nations in Europe and Australia is the USA declaring Jerusalem is the capital of Israel which is in opposition to the UN official view.

  5. Bella Ceruza says:

    Bob Carr was behind Hanan Ashrawi receiving the Sydney ‘Peace Prize’. Lucy Turnbull resigned from the group which presented it.

    Giving HA a ‘Peace Prize’ more or less explains where Carr sits with respect to the possibility of peace for Jews in the Muddled East. ..ie he sits with those who claim Palestine from the ‘Jordan to the Sea’. No wonder he doesn’t credit Israel with a capital city chosen by Israelis.

    Frankly, I’d like to see Carr’s response if a bunch of militants attacked his borders in the same way Hamas is doing to Israel. I assume he would sit and chat to them!!!

    Enough talk – talk requires two willing partners and Hamas/ PA / Fatah have repeatedly shown they are much better at throwing rockets and are not very willing talkers.

    It’s sad that many such as Carr are profiting by agreeing with terrorists, but heartening that other politicians can see the truth. Thank you Turnbulls.

    • Leon Poddebsky says:

      The Westerners who support the Arab’Palestinian’ project to destroy Jewish self-determination have two sets of supposed ethics, one for themselves, and a different one which they prescribe and mandate for the Jews.

      The moral discrepancies are epitomised in the following true story: in the 1930’s a Polish non-Jew was sitting in a tram opposite a Jewish woman who had with her a live chicken in a basket/bag (presumably on the way to a shochet.)
      The Polish man lashed out viciously at the woman (using an antisemitic pejorative) for her “inhumane” treatment of the chicken.
      This same Polish man was known to his Jewish neighbours as one who routinely used to abuse his own wife and children, who would seek shelter in the homes of Jewish neighbours during one of the man’s frequent violent rampages.

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