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December 2, 2012 by Henry Benjamin
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In an article published in the Australian Financial Review, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has reaffirmed her support for Israel. E-mail your support for her.

J-Wire has set up an email link to the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard

In the article, the Prime Minister said the UN decision was likely to harm the peace process and that she is “more downcast” about the prospects for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

The article makes it clear that the Prime Minister respects the views of her cabinet and caucus but is quoted as saying “I come to it  with my own perspective”.

She added: “I am just so downhearted about the absence of any progress towards peace”.

According to the Australian Financial Review Prime Minister Gillard believed the Palestinians should not have sought upgraded UN status”.

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5 Responses to “E-mail the PM”
  1. greg says:


    a quote by Andrew Bolte ::

    Julia Gillard was forced to drop her decision to vote against Palestine getting observer status in the UN, after MPs, including ministers, warned this would upset Muslim voters in key Labor seats in Sydney. Now, is that a legitimate way to decide our foreign affairs policy, on what a small group of Muslims in key seats might think?

  2. greg says:


    Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Julia Gillard, you should not have sat on the fence.

    If each of the almost 50 countries that abstained from voting had instead cast a vote either for or against Israel, then ABBAS and his fraudsters would not be able to claim such a resounding victory.

    130 votes as against 9 votes gives a distorted result. Whereas 130 votes to 50 0r 60 votes would have made a statement that only the Arab countries voted for Palestine.

    • Ben Eleijah says:

      But the abstainers would not wish to be seen as supporting colonisation, displacement and being on the wrong side of history. (As Gareth Evans put it).

      • greg says:


        Ben, read the history. The Arabs displaced the Jewish people 1,000’s of years ago.

        King David built the first Temple and the Western Wall

        Arab people and Muslim religion started some 8oo plus years after the building of the Temple.

        The Dome on the Rock was added later still. When the Muslims again displaced the Jewish people.

        When The Ottamen Turkish Empire (Muslims) controlled Israel they – The Turks built whatever they wanted in order to establish themselves.

        The Romans, The Turks, The Greeks,The Persians, The Crusaders – Every country that battled and won Israel built their own buildings, walls and , churchs or whatever they felt was necessary.

        The Jewish people came from Egypt several thousand years before the first Temple.King Davids Temple was built in King David’s city. Jerusalem is mention in the Bible – Palestein is not.

        Even the Muslim Koran refers to the Jewish people of Jerusalem as being the chosen People.

        I fail to understand your version of Colonisation. or Displacement

        Israel fought a battle and won. Simple as that. No different to the British and Northern Ireland. No different to the Americans defeating the British and kicking them out. No different to the Americans defeating the Red Indians and then moving them in to tent cities called reservations.

        this has been happening for thousands of years in every country around the planet. There is a battle and the winner takes all and keeps it until some later time.

        Isarel wants to keep the land that was given to them and wants to take back all of the land that was stolen from them over the previous 1,000’s of years.

        I am sure that if a personal possession was taken from you then you would want to take it back.

  3. Otto Waldmann says:

    sorry but I would like to see the entire statement before I support it.


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