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September 16, 2015 by J-Wire Staff
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Australia’s new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is no stranger to the country’s Jewish community given that his federal seat of Wentworth is home to the majority of Jews living in Sydney.

Prime Minister Turnbull is a frequent visitor to the Central Synagogue in Bondi. The Shule’s spiritual Leader Rabbi Levi Wolff told J-Wire: “He is a dear,  dear friend of our congregation to which he feels connected and in fact is one of the greatest friends of the entire community.” Rabbi Wolf who refers to Malcolm Turnbull endearingly as Moishe Turnbull has told congregants publicly that the Prime Minister has attended the synagogue “more often than many of its members”.

Congratulations on Malcolm Turnbull’s appointment as Australia’s 29th Prime Minister have poured in from the community.

From The Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s Robert Goot and Peter Wertheim:

Malcolm yk2-1

Malcolm Turnbull

“The Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the elected representative body of the Australian Jewish community, conveys its heartiest congratulations to the Honorable Malcolm Turnbull MP, on his election to the position of Leader of the Liberal Party of Australia, and on being sworn in as the 29th Prime Minister of Australia.

Throughout his public life, Malcolm Turnbull has been a consistent and outspoken supporter of the Jewish community and Israel. Having represented, since 2004, the electorate of Wentworth which has the largest Jewish community in New South Wales, Malcolm Turnbull has been a regular and welcome visitor and speaker at Jewish community functions, generous with his time and deeply supportive of all aspects of Jewish communal life. He has a thorough understanding of the Jewish community and of Israel, which he visited in 2005, and an excellent relationship with the ECAJ.

We also extend warm congratulations to the Hon. Julie Bishop MP on being re-elected as Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party and continuing as Foreign Minister.

We wish the Prime Minister, the Deputy Leader and their team every success in guiding our nation. May they be blessed with the wisdom, vision and courage to discern and do what is right and in Australia’s national interests in the decisions they make on behalf of the country.

We also congratulate the outgoing Prime Minister, the Hon. Tony Abbott MP on his term of office as head of the government and leader of the Liberal Party. Tony Abbott did much to strengthen the security of all Australians, an issue of paramount concern to our community. We also commend him for his unerring support for the State of Israel, particularly in times of war and conflict when its duty to defend its citizens was fiercely challenged, and in the face of disgraceful prejudice and discrimination in international forums, not least the United Nations. The State of Israel has been blessed with many friends among international leaders, none of them more sincere than Mr Abbott.

We wish Mr Abbott, his wife Margie and their three daughters, Bridget, Frances and Louise, all the very best for the future.”

From The B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) and B’nai B’rith Australia/New Zealand (BBANZ):

The B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) has congratulated Malcolm Turnbull on his election as Australia’s new Prime Minister and wished him well as he assumes the responsibilities of the nation’s highest office. The ADC also thanked outgoing Prime Minister Tony Abbott for his long and distinguished public record and service.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the ADC, issued the following statement:  “The ADC congratulates Prime Minister Turnbull as he assumes the mantle of leadership of our great nation. We know that in the coming months PM Turnbull and his government will face many pressing and imposing challenges. As they address them, the ADC, as it has done for more 36 years, stands ready to work with the  government on issues of mutual concern. We wish the PM and his government much wisdom and fortitude as they go in the words of the Bible, “from strength to strength”.

The ADC would also like to express its heartfelt appreciation to outgoing Prime Minister Tony Abbott for his long and distinguished service to our nation and for his steadfast friendship with the Jewish community and Israel. We wish him good health and much success in all his future endeavours.”

Dr Danny Lamm, the president of the Zionist Federation of Australia told J-Wire: “The ZFA congratulates  The Hon Malcolm Turnbull on his election as  Leader of the Liberal Party and his elevation to the post of Prime Minister. Mr Turnbull is a long-standing friend of the Jewish community and Israel and we look forward to the opportunity of working with him on issues of mutual interest. The ZFA was honoured to welcome Mr Turnbull as keynote speaker at its Plenary Assembly held in Sydney just last month.

We also congratulate The Hon Julie Bishop on her re-election as Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party and her continued tenure as Australia’s Foreign Minister. We look forward to working with her as well.

The ZFA also wishes to extend its gratitude to The Hon Tony Abbott for his leadership and the friendship towards the Jewish community he has shown throughout his various positions in Government and Opposition. We wish him well with all his future endeavours and know he will remain a steadfast friend of Israel and the Jewish people.”

From The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council:

“The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) congratulates Malcolm Turnbull on his election as leader of the Liberal Party and elevation to the post of  Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia”.

AIJAC Executive Director Dr Colin Rubenstein said “Malcolm Turnbull is an exceptional friend of the Jewish community  and a staunch supporter of Israel. We are thrilled that he visited Israel   and had AIJAC/Rambam  organized meetings in 2005, was a keynote speaker at the Rambam ten-year anniversary celebration in Sydney in 2012 and regularly meets with AIJAC’s overseas guests.”

AIJAC National Chairman Mark Leibler AC added “We have known and worked with Malcolm Turnbull for many years, and have always found him to be understanding of, and sympathetic towards, our concerns. Under his leadership, we look forward to Australia developing our unique multicultural model and also seeing the relationship with Israel going from strength to strength, with collaboration in the areas of innovation, hi-tech and entrepreneurship.”

AIJAC also conveyed sincere thanks to former Prime Minister and Rambam alumnus Tony Abbott for his very warm relationship with the Australian Jewish community, unswerving  commitment to Israel’s wellbeing and security and appreciation of the unique challenges Israel faces.

“Former Prime Minister Abbott earned our profound admiration and gratitude for his sincere empathy and support for our community and his principled and unstinting support for Israel throughout his political career”, Dr Rubenstein said.

“We wish Tony Abbott well in his future endeavours and look forward to continuing our close friendship with him at AIJAC,” Mr Leibler concluded.Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the ADC, and Morris Tobias, President of BBANZ said: “The ADC and BBANZ congratulate Prime Minister Turnbull as he assumes the mantle of leadership of our great nation. We know that in the coming months PM Turnbull and his government will face many pressing and imposing challenges. As they address them, the ADC and BBANZ, as always, stand ready to work with the  government on issues of mutual concern. We wish the PM and his government much wisdom and fortitude as they go in the words of the Bible, “from strength to strength’. The ADC and BBANZ would also like to express their heartfelt appreciation to outgoing Prime Minister Tony Abbott for his long and distinguished service to our nation and for his steadfast friendship with the Jewish community and Israel. We wish him good health and much success in all his future endeavours.”

From David Freeman, president of the Sir Moses Montefiore Home in Sydney:

:On behalf of the Board of Management, staff, residents and supporters of the Montefiore Home, I would like to congratulate The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP on being appointed leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister of Australia.

In 2007 Montefiore was proud to welcome Malcolm as an Ambassador. As one of Australia’s most distinguished politicians and business leaders, Malcolm has a deep and demonstrated commitment to social responsibility and supporting the community.

The Montefiore Home feels privileged to have Malcolm, along with Professor Henry Brodaty and David Gonski, as its Ambassadors.

At the time of his appointment Malcolm said, “I am delighted to be an Ambassador of Montefiore Home. Montefiore provides an outstanding level of aged care for the Jewish community. I am looking forward to continuing my close association with the Montefiore community and all of its friends over the coming years.”

Whilst we are delighted at Malcolm’s appointment as Prime Minister, I believe it is appropriate to acknowledge the achievements of his predecessor, Tony Abbott​,​ with whom the Home had good relations.​

​ ​These include​: ​achieving Government, stabilising the budget, ​negotiating numerous historic free trade agreement​s​ as well as his determined efforts in securing Australian borders and thereby enabling a legitimate increase in the refugee intake.​



22 Responses to “Community welcomes Malcolm”
  1. Liat Nagar says:

    Oops, sent off before finishing … A tiny percentage of population in Australia, UK and USA, possess an obscenely large proportion of the capital, while the rest of us strive to make do with what’s left over, to a greater or lesser extent. Those in the lesser margins are becoming dispossessed in what is a hungrily selfish, greedy, consumerist society, emblazoned ‘proudly’ with the terms free trade (what a laugh that is) and strong, democratic economy. How many more Coalition politicians are going to continue to browbeat us with their false rhetoric in this regard, as Australia races more and more quickly to its societal demise, with homelessness, a dysfunctional education system propping up the rich private schools, and shocking job opportunities in real terms. The whole system is quaking underneath for want of good, honest and meaningful stabilisation, while the privileged few ignore those around them trying to make any sense of it.

  2. Liat Nagar says:

    I am well aware that my comment on climate change is not profound (also aware of your sarcasm). You say, ‘In reality it is not profound at all.’, however it does state simply THE REALITY as regards choice. Why waste a lot of words waffling, when you and I are not the experts.

    You make a whole lot of definitive statements with absolutely nothing to back them up. As I said, neither of us are experts in the matter [by all means tell me if I’m wrong about you here], so why pretend to be?

    You say the science is not proven, yet as Gabrielle Gouch says, 90% of scientists agree with the claim that global warming is occurring through human activities and that this will have irreversible and terrible effect on the planet if we don’t turn it around. 90% is a pretty high percentage in any one’s book. Science is a building block and facts can change over time as new knowledge is gained. Nowhere is this more visible than in medicine, where over the years, even in our lifetime, we have seen new scientific discoveries that go further toward saving lives and at the same time change or modify facts that went before. This is the nature of science. So, exactly what sort of extra information do you require before you will consider the realities before you? Better to be on the safer side of caution, no? Except perhaps if you have shares in coal mines.

    As far as socialism is concerned, for better discussion we would have to allow the definition of the word some flexibility, which you haven’t done at all in your statement that it never brought prosperity to anyone, and …everyone ends up with nothing. I’ve already made the point that I’m not referring to socialism veering towards communism. There are a number of countries in the world that exercise socialist principles extremely effectively and serve their people well with it. Scandinavian countries are a good example. Denmark has the highest personal tax in the world (and it’s put to such good use – I’ve stayed with a close Danish friend a number of times over the years and have personal knowledge of this country) and equality is an important value in its ethos and governance. Small businesses thrive (in contrast to Australia where they struggle to survive), with over 70% of companies having 50 employees or less. Finland has one of the best education systems in the world, with no tuition fees and no private schools – all the money goes into making the public schools the best they can be and all teachers are highly educated at tertiary level, and respected; free meals are provided for students; and they have a literacy rate of 100% (last I heard the literacy rate for Tasmanian students was 49%!). Similarly, Norway operates with socialist values and principles, as does the Netherlands.

    Capitalism as it stands today increasingly lines the pockets of the few. A tiny percentage of population in Australia, UK

  3. Liat Nagar says:

    If Malcolm Turnbull proves to be more aligned with Labor thinking than the conservative stream of politics, then that’s all to the good. We shall see. For the sake of many less well off Australians, and the country as a whole, we need leaders with a social conscience and a sense of humanity. We also need a leader and party brave enough to confront corporate power and make hard decisions that shift the status quo as it stands. Capitalism has evolved into monstrous proportions and is imploding, creating misery for most. Bring on the likes of Vaclav Havel and Lech Walesa. They were against communism and for the kinds of values that give hope to many, not just the boys’ club of corporations with a few women hangers-on. You don’t have to follow communist principles to have the welfare of a healthy, equitable society in mind.

    As to climate change, to deny it, do nothing, and be proved wrong, is far too dangerous an option to choose.

    • Gil Solomon says:


      You say: “As to climate change, to do nothing and be proved wrong, is far too dangerous an option to choose”. No doubt if you were running for some office and said this from a podium you would receive applause from the intellectual pygmies seated before you who would regard this as a truly ever so profound statement. In reality it is not profound at all.

      Why do you think the proponents of man made global warming don’t use the term “global warming” too much these days? In a nutshell, the world is in fact not warming at all so they countered this with the word “Climate Change”. This way, they have it both ways. If there are raging fires caused by excessive hot temperatures they scream “climate change”. On the contrary if there are freezing temperatures with rain, snow, hail etc. again they blame “climate change”. As I said in an earlier comment below, the ice cap is not melting and polar bears are not dying.

      By your quoted comment above about doing nothing, why is it that scientists who are not politically correct and go against the tide to debunk this theory of man made global warming are rarely quoted in the media? The science is certainly not proven and the scare mongering that the polar ice caps are melting and that polar bears are dying is a falsehood to ensure the “industry” of propaganda goes on.

      I for one do not subscribe to spending billions to prop up an ”industry” based on a THEORY. Nor do I subscribe to putting up endless wind farms (a by-product of this theory) all over the place dotting the landscape. Machines which in Australia will ensure that the bird life of this country will be decimated by these poor creatures flying into the massive blades and being torn to shreds.

      And by the way, on the other comment you intimated, socialism never brought prosperity to anyone. As a way of government, apart from the inherent control over a society, it makes everyone equal all right, everyone ends up with nothing.

  4. Eleonora Mostert says:

    Oooops,well not all the community welcomes-malcolm Turnbull. Lets see what happens with the man that can Turn bull into a fairy tale.

  5. Gil Solomon says:

    Henry Herzog,

    I assume by your comment “He’ll bring Australia back into the real world” you are implying that Turnbull will formally endorse the nonsense of man made global warming, the greatest con foisted on a gullible public.

    By his stance on many issues, Turnbull is more aligned with Labor than to the conservative stream of Australian politics.

    • Henry Herzog says:

      I had no idea that Mr Solomon was a climate scientist. Could he please tell me where I could cite his papers on climate change published in any scientific journals.

      But it’s not just climate change where Turnbull might bring us back to reality; same sex marriage and becoming a republic, to mention but a few.

    • Gabrielle Gouch says:

      Mr Solomon,
      Denial is a comforting feeling which flourishes in the soil of science illiteracy.

      • Gil Solomon says:

        To Mr Herzog and Ms Gouch,

        This is nothing to do with denial.
        Facts are that only those “scientists” who toe the political correct line of a belief in man made global warming can be guaranteed to receive funding for their institutions or for the furtherance of their careers.

        The facts are that carbon dioxide is the source food for all plant life on this planet. The polar ice cap is not melting, climate change proceeds in cycles and polar bears are not disappearing. The chief scare monger of man made global warming (Al Gore), after predicting that the San Francisco bay area would be under water in a decade or so then immediately proceeded to purchase a mansion for himself right on the bay.

        Legitimate scientists who talk on this issue do not get media coverage to counter this con that is being taught to children today. Unfortunately many adults around the world have bought into this nonsense, including yourselves.

        To the issue of Mr Herzog comment that he thinks Turnbull will bring Australia into the real world by supporting same sex marriage, let me tell you this. Gays living together in loving relationships is of no concern to me and I wish them well. However, from a conservative point of view I do not support the concept of same sex marriage regardless how politically correct, support of this issue is. I have never been politically correct and never will.

        • Gabrielle Gouch says:

          Mr Solomon,
          You have given us the stories which are circulating among 2GB’s listeners and the arguments of a few self-interested industries like coal mining. But these are not facts.

          1. You are saying that ’only those “scientists” who toe the political correct’ receive funding. Wrong. Before I became a writer, I worked in scientific research for close to three decades. First at universities, but mostly in the private sector. You receive funding based on your submission and whether you have a proven record in research (based on publications in recognised academic journals.)
          Not on predicted results!

          2. ‘carbon dioxide is the source food for all plant life’- true, but it also traps heat. And the more there is, the more heat it traps. Years ago, before the climate change debate, in second year Physical Chemistry in the Technion we used an Infrared spectrometer to measure just that. I wish the high school students of today would at least be shown that experiment.

          3. If over 90% of scientists including Nobel prize winners agree that there is a trend towards warming of the globe, I will trust them.

          4. This is a very complex science. It is not an exact science since only models can account for the large number of parameters. The predictions might not be 100% accurate, but far more accurate than Alan Jones’s gut feelings, or those of American Republicans. These models are forever improved by tunning with actual measurements and they show that the trend is unequivocally towards overall warming.

          5. I am from Transylvania-Romania. People tell me that in the last few years they had extremely hot weather, the like of which they have never seen before. Drought was unheard of in Transylvania. Not any longer.

          • Henry Herzog says:

            Gabrielle, there’s no point arguing with Mr Solomon as he’s a climate change denier and by definition, denies the science. I too suspect that his main source of information is from the likes of Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt, and if they said the world was flat, he’d probably believe that too.

            • Gabrielle Gouch says:

              I agree. I just tried to prove to him that I exist. No doubt he will find some argument to discount it. Well, it takes all sorts to make a world.

          • Gil Solomon says:

            Ms Gouch,

            Read my reply above to Liat Nagar, then maybe you will learn something. I don’t have the inclination or time to waste conversing with you any longer.

            Incidentally, I have my doubts if “Gabrielle Gouch” is your real name. Maybe you can confirm this name to the Jwire editor in order to continue writing with this name or once and for all identify yourself, especially since you say you worked in scientific research for nearly three decades.

            • Gabrielle Gouch says:

              Mr Solomon
              I don’t have the intention to continue this discussion either, because you only believe what takes your fancy.

              I am not the urban spacewoman, my existence is confirmed monthly by J-Wire when it deducts money from my account. (Gouch is my married name which I adopted when I turned to writing.)

              Conspiracy theories have blamed Jews for many wrongs. Now you Mr Solomon are propagating a conspiracy theory, against scientists, against Nobel Laureates like Peter Doherty (you can listen to his recent interview with Margaret Throsby).

        • Henry Herzog says:

          Mr Solomon, could you at least please inform us of your sources and the research on which you rely upon to draw such definitive conclusions. Surely you can’t expect me to take you seriously if you can’t provide this information. I can’t just believe that there’s no global warming because you think Al Gore is a con-artist. I need credibly scientific proof.

          • Gil Solomon says:

            Mr Herzog,

            Firstly, I could not care less what you believe or don’t believe.

            Secondly, I wrote a comment not an article and have not the faintest intention of going laboriously through my archives to put together something that may or may not satisfy you.

            Lastly, as I said to Ms Gouch, have a read of my above reply to Liat Nagar. Maybe then you will learn something.

            • Henry Herzog says:

              Of course you don’t care what I believe Mr Solomon. Not only can’t handle the truth, you have no idea of the truth: well, at least of the facts, that is.

              • Henry Herzog says:

                PS Mr Solomon, you didn’t address my question about you believing that the world is flat.

  6. Henry Herzog says:

    Happy to see Malcolm Turnbull as our new Prime Minister, and not just because he’s supportive of Israel and the Jewish community, which he should be, given the large number of Jewish constituents he represents in his electorate; but because, hopefully, he’ll bring Australia back into the real world.

    • Gabrielle Gouch says:

      Dear moderator can I just correct the above to:

      Yes Henry.
      And I hope he will give science and technology the place it deserves in the 21st century. Something we can learn from Israel.

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