Code of Silence afterthoughts

August 15, 2014 by Steve Yarrow
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Manny Waks and his father Zephania talk on film following the screening on ABC-TV of “Code of Silence” a finely made documentary showing how going public on child sexual abuse within the Melbourne Yeshiva community impacted on the orthodox Waks family…


17 Responses to “Code of Silence afterthoughts”
  1. Lauren Gabriel says:

    From Chabad website I find the statistics horrifying

    These poor children how many must be out there

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      As gratuitous insults and misleading “information” is the best way to “demonstrate” your points, I feel vindicated in my appreciation that the tactics employed by the people you want to protect are just a pathetic attempt at promoting foremost personal bile.
      Your “argumentation” is fake, vulgar and unsophisticated and that makes you a perfect Waks supporter.

      • Lauren Gabriel says:

        Never interacted with one before but no one should be upset by “Otto Waldmann” as he has a purpose.

        Understanding why people behave like Otto is beyond me completely.

        • Otto Waldmann says:

          Repetitive infantile insults wont do. Devoid of any substantive counter-argument, resorting to the use of one irrelevant term, “troll” shows how unsophisticated, base the Waks camp has been all along.
          The issue with me is not attacking a certain person for the sake of “hearing” me own voice. My objections to the Waks protagonists in this case are the manner in which they are offending an entire community, the tenets of our religion.
          Lauren Gabriel reckons that, by using dismissive irrelevant words, such as “troll”, she offers a retort to the legitimate issues I insist on. Obviously she cannot articulate anything beyond the primary school-yard cat calls. A very worthy supporter of the Waks camp; I expect nothing better.

  2. Lauren Gabriel says:

    Otto, how from start to finish would you have dealt with the same situation

    Imagine you are anally raped or sexually molested by a trusted religious man then have your rabbi enable the man to continue to do the same to your friends.

    What would you do if you suffered the results ( a simple trip to mental health and abuse websites would help)

    This happened to a friend

    And I’m interested to see if you have real knowledge or are a troll

    Liking forward to your response and if you are as knowledgable as you believe would like to know if you are willing to be someone who’d work with these victims against their religious abusers and those who protect them

    Thank you

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      I have been dealing here strictly with the Waks case.You are digressing.
      Read everything I said about it.
      Your hysterical approach does not deserve my attention.
      Stick to the case. A certain Mr. Manny Waks was ordered to apologise to a leading Rabbi. Stick to the facts I have referred to !!!

  3. Debbie Pulver says:

    People who have not been a victim should not be critical of the victims, nor of their campaign. Those critics have absolutely no understanding of the long term damage and effects of child sexual abuse, and have no right at all to make judgements!

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Utter nonsense !!! By those “norms” the whole judicial systems should have judges, magistrates recruited ONLY from victims of crime !!! Furthermore, those criticising Manny Waks do not criticise him for being a victim, but for distorting and manipulating, for bringing an entire respectable religion into disrepute for his own selfish ends. Even if his current behaviour would be the result of abuse, this does not make it reasonable, acceptable. If behaviour is affected by ANYTHING, it needs to be treated properly and, at the same time recognised as deviant. Here we have someone who trumpets exhaustive TRUTH based on the very DAMAGED effects you are talking about. Pity and expert help is one thing, celebrating a damaged mind as being RIGHT in its “judgement” is in itself insane !!!

  4. Lynne Newington says:

    Present at a Candidate Forum run by COIN last night, I was disappointed there was no humility in any of Manny’s public comments in relation to abuse within the Jewish community, as in the apology he was forced to make to Rabbi Glick and forgiven..

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Lynne, you are absolutely right considering also that the “celebrated” documentary ( soon what a Broadway musical !!!???) repeated the same untrue, offensive allegations and played a series of similarly damaging hearsay statements attributed to the good Rabbi.
      Something is not quite kosher in the Waks household…..

      • Walter Giacomo says:

        Why do you blame the victim ? Does that make you feel better ? You know what – there was abuse the victim was again blamed and sent away – yes the Waks family had troubles dealing with it – pretty normal under the circumstances – everyone deals with abuse in their own way. How would you deal with it. Your comments simply make another abused person hesitate before seeking help. Why don’t you focus on the sickness in Yeshiva – why are you afraid of that ?

  5. gabrielle says:

    Well done Manny. And shame on the Yeshiva College. None of their staff had the guts to appear on the programme.

    I do feel sorry for the older Waks. To be hounded out of town at their age is beyond belief heartless.

  6. YGBochur says:

    An amazing flick. Thank you for having the courage. As a former YG students, Im embarrassed to have been in their institutions.

  7. Otto Waldmann says:

    Not bad, not bad at all !!!!
    Just one thing, before I get onto the others, Papa Waks, did that bloke really mentioned “sending away” someone inconvenient !!!! No, drek !!! Do YOU know anybody who would have sent his own child away !!!?? because I do know !!!

    “Yeshiva has no morals !!!” and thus is how Manny, the protagonist, wishes to be remembered.

    Deceiving while milking the situation for all its worthlessness.

    The reason Yeshiva, and not just the Yeshiva, but some of the most intimate members of the Waks family have shunned their own Patriarch rests with the shameful depositions made by both Waks, Father and Son at the Royal Commission on Child Abuse in regards to their views of Judaism and its prcatices. Get real and truthful, Messrs Waks !!!
    And incidentally, contrary to what you are implying, our Jewish community is acting at all levels against any possible child abuse WITHOUT Tzedek’s precious help !!!

    • Walter Giacomo says:

      You’re very bitter and angry – why does Manny’s behaviour bother you so much – it’s not about him – it’s about you.

      • Otto Waldmann says:

        Walter you are wasting your/my time as you do not read what I say.
        Nobody is blaming the victim.
        Think before you write stuff.

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