Civilian Gaza Toll the Fault of Hamas…writes Andrew Bolt

July 24, 2014 by Andrew Bolt
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The Hamas Islamists who run Gaza love dead children. Not just dead Jewish children but Palestinian ones.
And it’s working. Media reports keep asking: why are so many Palestinian children dying as Israel now strikes back at Hamas?

The easy and lazy answer is because Israel is firing missiles and tank rounds at targets in the heavily populated Gaza area.
But there are two more relevant answers. First, what option does Israel have but to clear out the terrorists, destroy their arsenals and blow up the tunnels they’ve dug to smuggle in weapons and smuggle out killers?
More than 2000 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel over the past six weeks, all at civilian targets as far away as Jerusalem. They have been fired even during ceasefires and have now forced international airlines to scrap flights to Israel’s international airport.
No country could tolerate that.

Asked on the ABC this week what Hamas hoped to achieve by this indiscriminate firing, spokesman Osama Hamdan replied: “Well, it’s clear that we are hoping to achieve a long-term ceasefire …”

Firing rockets for a ceasefire? Liar. No, Hamas wants to show enough Palestinian corpses to make Israel a pariah, not least in countries which now fear their Muslim minorities.

Hamas is also ensuring there are corpses. Its TV station has ordered residents to ignore Israeli warnings — by leaflets and telephone calls — to move away from targets. And Hamas is operating from homes, hospitals and schools which Israel can’t bomb without being damned.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East says twice in the past week it has found Hamas rockets hidden in its Gaza schools. A Washington Post correspondent in Gaza wrote that the Shifa Hospital is “a de facto headquarters for Hamas leaders, who can be seen in the hallways and offices”.

Wall Street Journal correspondent Nick Casey tweeted a photograph of a Hamas spokesman being interviewed in a makeshift studio in the hospital, adding: “Hamas uses it as a safe place to see media”.

Then there are kilometres of concrete-lined tunnels Hamas has built at great expense to fight a Jewish enemy it pledges to wipe from the map.

Why doesn’t it instead build bomb shelters…or kindergartens? The answer is obvious. Hamas wants its people to die so the West finally leaves it free to kill Jews instead.

Andrew Bolt’s columns are published in The Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun


20 Responses to “Civilian Gaza Toll the Fault of Hamas…writes Andrew Bolt”
  1. Otto Waldmann says:

    Andrew Bolt is simply repeating known facts, known by all, including Hamas supporters.
    Hamas supporters in territories under Hamas are anxious to tell all and sundry how proudly they would sacrifice their own children for a cause they call “freedom of Palestine “. Israel has stated repeatedly that nobody needs to make any supreme sacrifice, nobody needs to die for the palestinian “dream’ of a homeland as long as those having that dream follow normal “procedures”.
    Normal is that palestinian mothers must not boast about their willingness to trade their children’s lives for something which has been already on offer by Israel.
    Normal is that Israel must not live under the fear that millions of fanatics are willing to murder Jews because some state must be indemnified, just as much as the palestinian must not use the lives of their own people – children included – in order to convince Israel – and the world at large – that the same palestinian state is an inevitability. Time and again Israel has agreed to have a secure palestinian state as its neighbour, one which would abandon violence and hatred.To this , palestinians respond with more hatred, more violence.
    One just wonders how much these people want to live in a state of their own when all they acclaim and facilitate is their own death !!!!!
    Death is the means by which these people seems to be exclusively capable of “achieving” their goal, even if it means their own and their own children’s death.

  2. Janet McKenzie says:

    Keep up the good work, Andrew. We need a strong voice!

  3. We are on the same page, Andrew.
    Now, what can be done about this scourge, not just in Israel but throughout the world.
    Enough talk!
    It’s time someone did something about it.
    Belgium is virtually under Sharia law, the Netherlands is well on its way and with 10% Muslim population in France, the die is cast.
    How many countries must fall to Sharia law before the civilized world comes to its senses?

    You may not have seen this:

    It’s time for civilized, peace loving nations to pull out of the UN Human Rights Council.
    It has been overrun by thugs, despots and ignoramuses bent on bringing the West to its knees.
    Make no mistake, China and Russia are enemies of what the West stands for and are relishing the slow destruction of the West by the UNHRC.
    “Good” will eventually win out. It always does but at what cost!
    In the meantime, “evil” is controlling the world agenda.

  4. Andrew,
    Andrew a very accurate view of what is happening.
    Islamic terrorists have no concern for human life.
    It is truly a tragedy that women and children are being used by Hamas and then blaming Israel for destroying rockets being kept where citizens are likely to be affected.
    Israel simply wants the right to exist.
    Do people realize that over a million Arabs live peacefully in the only democracy in that part of the world-Israel?
    How can we help the Palestinians get rid of the scourge of Islamic terrorism and live in peace in Gaza which could be a beautiful place on the coast of the Mediterranean sea?
    Marcia G

  5. Linda Murray says:

    Andrew is 100% right. I don’t understand how this this not clearly obvious to everyone?? It completely boggles my mind! They agree to cease fires only to break them immediately? They are clearly egging Israel on and using their own innocent civilians to try and gain sympathy and mike Israel look bad! I believe their plan is to continue their attacks and have Israel respond in order to draw in more powerful middle eastern countries to fight this war for them. Absolutely sickness and disgraceful! Shame on you Hamas and the Palestinian government ! Shame!!!

  6. Mark Dowling says:

    I reject Mr Bolt’s article in the J-Wire on bias, propaganda of the Israeli Occupation and the insidious opinon contained in the article based on unverifiable evidence. We should not rely on Mr Bolt’s opinion or other such singular entities to form truths on such complex global issues from the comfort of our living rooms, on which the information we receive is often bias, conflicted, manipulated and propagandised. As individuals we have a duty and responsibility to find the best possible truth in every situation by; testing the evidence through multiple and verifiable sources; build on the evidence that pass the test; reject the ones that fail (i.e. Mr Bolt); follow the evidence wherever it leads and question everything. If we can accept these terms then hopefully the best possible truth will be revealed.

  7. Fathieh Douer says:

    I think your are sick in the head Andrew Bolt because no one on earth like to kill women and children except Israel

  8. Collin Guin says:

    Very good analysis of the problem

    Thank you Andrew Bolt

  9. Maurice May says:

    You must be desperate to quote Bolt .

    • Jon says:

      So the argument is not wrong, just the writer? Simple question, is Hamas using children’s as shields while the politicians sit in 5star hotels in Qatar? Yes or no?

    • Paul Winter says:

      Not at all, Maurie, dear chap. Just realistic, open minded and enlightened.

    • Why, Maurice, because Andrew Bolt is telling the truth?
      He quoted even the United Nations, a bureaucracy that is very hostile to Israel, but even it has conceded that it has been tolerating weapons caches in schools; that is a war crime. So the organisation that is supposed to uphold world peace is in effect a war criminal.
      And, given the preponderant influences in the U.N.’s composition, we should not be surprised.

  10. Andrew is one journalist who easily sees through HAMAS ugly and inhuman methodologies. Like the Nazi before them they are more then willing to sacrifice their own people for some filthy ideaology and twisted Islamist cultism predicated on the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews generally.

  11. danny Kidron says:

    Gaza, Samaria and Judeah are muslim occupied Jewish Lands.

  12. Roy Sims says:

    Dead right Andrew Bolt.
    There are many disturbing aspects to your article, not the least of which refers to the de facto terrorisation, by implication, of the many European countries which have blindly and disastrously, for them, allowed Muslim immigration to have a significant influence on their domestic policies.
    When will sensible people realize that ISLAM is a political, as well as a religious ideology, which has world domination as its ultimate goal.
    Just look, if you have the courage, at the slaughter of christian minorities throughout ISLAMIC dominated nations … without a single voice of protest from the United Nations.

    • Mike says:

      Correct! The extremist islamists blow up ancient buildings such as the Buddhas of Bamiyan and most recently, destroyed a 15th-century Timbuktu mosque and only the other day blew up a revered Muslim shrine traditionally said to be the burial place of the Prophet Jonah. They have no respect for the lives or views of other cultures and religions, let alone muslims.

  13. Thank you Andrew for being an understanding voice and an island of sanity among a gaggle of selective concerns only for the Arabs in Gaza.
    How did they manage to capture the world’s imagination over and above all the other victims of Islamic terrorism? Of course they want to blame the Jews,- after all, the others’ contribution to the world is only death and destruction! It seems to be that Hamas’ Western ‘useful idiots’ have a death wish for us all.

  14. Paul Winter says:

    Andrew Bolt is clearly and boldly stating the obvious and in doing so pointing out the lazy and biased media reports smearing Israel.

    It is good to see that there are some gentiles who defend democracy and fight for justice against the baying pack of Israel – read Jew – haters.

    What a contrast this is to the stance taken by our so-called leaders who still think that we are in the ghetto. Who appoint each other by consensus and take action only against those who point out their serial failures and thus hurt their delicate egos.

    Multiculturalism is their main focus and it works in all cases except the mohammedan leadership. And here, as in the middle east, the problem is Islam, whose strict interpretation requires hating other religions and fighting to become dominant. Our leaders who blind themselves, and try to blind us to the obvious, are working our society into decay and servitude. They try to blind us to the truth by the specious argument that not all mohammedans are jihadis, ignoring that the jihadis silence and kill their own most cruelly if they don’t support their Koran sanctioned aggressiveness.

    Good on you, Andrew! Shame on you, Jewish “leaders”.

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