Bondi attack a “random incident”

October 29, 2013 by J-Wire Staff
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President of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies Yair Miller has said that all available information regarding the attack on five members of the community in Bondi on Friday night at this stage points to this being a random incident.

Miller’s full statement reads:

Yair Miller

Yair Miller

“On Friday night a very serious assault took place in Bondi. It has been widely reported in both the Australian and international media.

All available information at this stage points to this being a random incident.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims for their speedy physical and psychological recovery.  The leadership of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies has spent significant time providing support to the victims and ensuring they have had guidance and assistance, which they have requested.

At the same time, the Community Security Group (CSG) has assessed the broader security implications and is satisfied with the level of security that is currently in place.

The efforts of the NSW Police during this period have been exemplary. Our community owes them a debt of gratitude for the seriousness and sensitivity with which they have dealt with this issue at all levels of their organisation.

We have received messages of support from many sections of the Australian community, including the Premier and Opposition Leader, other political leaders, trade unions, leaders of the Arab, Muslim, Christian and other religious and ethnic communities and many concerned individuals.

Any such incident is clearly a cause for concern to us all, both as Jews and as Australians. The community can rest assured that the authorities and communal leadership are taking this matter very seriously and the welfare of the community is our foremost concern.

It is important, however, to keep matters in perspective. We are blessed to live in a country where racially motivated violence is extremely rare. As is demonstrated by the many responses to this incident, the great majority of our fellow Australians support our right to practise our faith and Jewish way of life openly and with pride.

The Board of Deputies is charged with the leadership of the community and ensuring our political security. The Community Security Group is charged with the physical security of our community. Together we work to ensure that we protect members of our community and the Jewish way of life.

We practise our faith and traditions openly and with pride.

On that note, I would like to encourage all community members to find a meaningful way to channel our feelings this coming Shabbat. Options include attending synagogue, arranging meals with friends and family, taking a walk on Friday night or Saturday morning and meeting friends or family in parks and public spaces.

We also encourage everybody to come together next week – at The Great Synagogue on Sunday November 10 at 6.30pm. The occasion is our annual commemoration of Kristallnacht. There is no comparison whatsoever between contemporary Australia and Nazi Germany, but the anniversary of Kristallnacht will be an opportune time for us to come together as a community, to reflect and to move forward positively.

This has been a traumatic episode for our community. As traumatic as it was, it is important that we neither under-state nor over-state its significance, and that we continue to live our lives as proudly identifying Australian Jews.”

The Rabbinical Council of Victoria has issued this message:

The Organisation of Rabbis of Australasia, the Rabbinical Council of NSW, the Rabbinical Council of Victoria, The Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Victoria and the Council of Orthodox Synagogues of NSW view with horror and dismay the unprovoked attack on a Jewish family walking together in a Sydney street on Friday night.

110627 - RCV Media Release - Victorian Rabbinate Rejects Calls to Ban Shechitah

We are united in prayer to G-d Almighty that the victims should have a complete and speedy recovery.

We are pleased that at least some of the alleged perpetrators have been caught and hope that this remains an isolated incident that does not disturb the longstanding positive relationship between Jewish and other residents of Sydney in general and Bondi in particular.

We applaud the work of the NSW authorities who have assisted in regard to this matter and look forward to the relevant authorities and community security personnel working together to ensure that such incidents do not recur and all citizens can walk in peace and safety on Sydney streets.

We encourage government and religious leaders of all faiths to speak out against such racially motivated crimes. Only with strong leadership and education, coupled with the strictest application of the judicial system, can we expect to see racist violent behaviour eradicated from our society.

A statement from The Greens:

Australian Greens spokesperson for Multiculturalism, Senator Richard Di Natale, today joined Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane in condemning an attack on a Jewish family in Bondi over the weekend.

“The Greens share the Commissioner’s concern at the violence, which appears to have been racially motivated,” said Senator Di Natale.

“Violence of any kind is unacceptable but racist violence is particularly abhorrent.

“This type of hatred and violence has no place in our society. All people are entitled to live their lives in an environment without fear of intimidation or violence.

“The Greens express our deepest concern for the welfare of the family who were assaulted.

“This incident highlights the ongoing importance of anti-vilification legislation.

“The Greens call on the Abbott Government to continue the fight against racism and rethink its plan to repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

“Changing the Racial Discrimination Act risks sending a message that it is acceptable to racially vilify others and to justify it in the name of free speech.”


13 Responses to “Bondi attack a “random incident””
  1. Spotlighting says:

    We’d appreciate any further information regarding this incident. Mr. Miller has been cautious as is expected of any community leader and we commend him. Having said that however, it is incumbent that the NSW authorities take note that a full investigation is expected with due transparency and that the Jewish community continue to abide by the law whilst remaining fully alert.


    • Otto Waldmann says:

      What do you mean by “cautious” ??!!
      He has been anything BUT cautious. The statement released by the NSWJBD is so full of absurdities and irrelevant stuff all defying any intellectual caution.
      It is a “leadership” irritant , a piece of rhetorical nonsense which only “cautious” is not. It offends rationale.
      Leaders are supposed to insipre , motivate and offer assurances. This statement is all BUT that.
      Our community does not need to be reminded that it should “abide by the law” (sic) !!!
      You got the whole thing completely the other way around……………

  2. Paul Winter says:

    And just an after thought.

    Why is there a news blackout on the name, ethnicity and suburb of residence on the 23 year old? Why is there a blackout of the acts which got the 17 year olds into jail?

    • Sam says:

      I think you will find that the name of a person charged is not released until they are arraigned. The ethnicity of people is only released when seeking suspects. Which in this case has not been the case. The report in Haaretz, which came directly from the people who were assaulted and before they were silenced, claims the culprits were a mixed bag of Pacific Islanders and others.

      Information regarding the so-called ‘children’ is always suppressed. High time we classified the age of children.

  3. Paul Winter says:

    I’m 100% with Otto, but I’ll be more succinct.

    Random? Rubbish!! If 5 out of 5 are Jewish the attack is targeted and not random. The antisemitic scum had all the time to attack people, but waited till a target group was sighted.

    That 5 days after the attack the police still haven’t caught the rest of the Jew bashimg criminals indicates that the praise for doing what they are paid and sworn to do – uphold our laws – was just a tad too premature.

    Any thoughts of getting a bunch of kippah wearing krav maga experts to parade on the promanade and regain the beach for all, especially Jews. Oh, heavens no. So direct. So undiplomatic. Why, the police may get upset if they are forced to act against lawbreakers.

    As for the Greens, your comments are not wanted. You have stirred against Israel, meaning Jews, for so long that no Jew can accept your statements of support.

  4. velvel says:

    …..random incident……
    i know these dear people they daven at our shule

    they were abused with f…..jew and had their bodies beaten up!!!!

    this is not random!
    and incidently csg know that attacks on shules happen on fri night and shabbes there are never incidents at shabbes mincha and after shabbes because csg dont do security then!
    ps it must have been random because the 23 year old hooligan is out on bail!!

    Hashem Yaazor!!

    • Sam says:

      Not the 23 year old, the 17 year old.
      There is an article on Haaretz, which is behind a paywall. Clearly they do not want readers.

      “Two minors, both 17, were arrested and charged with affray and breach of bail. They appeared in the New South Wales Children’s Court on Monday via video-link from their cell and were ordered to reappear on November 12.
      A third man, aged 23, is scheduled to appear in court on December 3. Police are still searching for other gang members”

  5. Otto Waldmann says:

    Another excellent address by the President of the NSWJBD.
    And here is what I got out of it:

    – it was a “random incident”. It conjures that, not being systemic, it can be seen as an exception, not conducive to serious consideration, not something of a possible regular occurance. To all of us English speaking peoiple, it means ” without method or conscious choice” ( see Oxford Dict. ) Yet Mr Miller continues with reference to the same “random” episode by accentuating that it was:
    – “very serious”
    – “cause for concern”
    – “traumatic episode”

    Further the same referes to the functions of the Board and its Communal Security Group” (CSG) which he deems a reliable entity, one we can depend on.
    Yep, 100% as it was seen on the night in question. Here attention to actual detail of the event escaped Mr. Miller altogether as he seemed obliged to go into panegyrics of most useless and embarassing nature.
    No Yair, CSG was NOT there, you were NOT there and, here’s one you’d enjoy , I wasn’t there either.So, you and CSG are as good as me and I feel totally inept when considering what happened !
    Then we go into the ultimate embarassement: ” a debt of gratitude to the Police” No Mister, we have no debt at all. Police is suposed to attend to cfime scene. They do not do it because victims owe then something. And, INCIDENTALLY, it was aFriday night in bloody Bondi beach, a hot bed of violence. And this ” random act” went aparenbtly for some 15 minutes only 2 minutes from the Bondi beach cop shop. And, in fact, forget about the Police station. Where were the police patrolling a known area of hooliganism, particularly on week-ends and why did it take them long enough for the attack to stretch over a few streets ??!!

    I do not need badly conceived, erratic, nonsensical speeches and, most definitely do not need to be reminded that I should keep dovening as part of the NSWJBD active presence and security assurances AFTER a whole group of Jews were beaten up in a Jewish subburb in plain public view over the stretch of a few streets !!!

    Just a short and decent expression of cencern would have done, not a whole megila of haloymes !!!

  6. Otto Waldmann says:

    Boy, when some blokes reckon that they know what they are talking about and, in fact, talk through their hats, kippa, WHATEVER, I wonder if anybody has the chutzpah to tap certain groisse machers on the shoulder and say: ” mate step down, you are an embarassment”. Let’s see:

    – a “random incident”, yet:
    – “very serious”
    – “cause for concern”
    – “traumatic episode”

    – Communal Security Group (CSG) have assessed the broad security implications (!!!???) and are satisfied….” that everything is OK.
    Further we are assured that the Board is protecting our security. Relate the statement to the very incident, Mr. President, and expalin HOW did the Board or its CSG protect ??!! Never seen/heard such nonsense.
    Hyperbolae and nonsense regarding the Board ensuring our “political” rights. What’s that got to do with hoodlooms attacking in plain view a civilised group of Jews !!!

    There is more: We DO NOT owe a “debt of gratitude” to anyone, let alone the Police. Police is supposed to do this kind of job and, further more:
    All reports mentioned that the “random” incident went on for some time, the time of 15 minutes was mentioned. WHERE WAS POLICE patrolling at the time in an area KNOWN for being full of “random” incidents of this nature prticularly on week-ends !!???

    Before I forget,thanks Mr. President for encouraging YOUR community to practice its religion and doven regularly.( Rabbi Yair , noch !!)

    I wonder who writes this bloke’s speeches !!!!

    • Lynne Newington says:

      Now Now Otto, Let’s just hope it was only a random act, time will surely tell, not that it’s any justification…

      • Otto Waldmann says:

        Right now, now , Lynne, we can state with confidence that there is no confidence in a system that allowed such a large scale attack to occur in plain public view. Those poor Jews were all alone in a crowded place long enough to end up in hospital. What hurt is that one of the victims said that “…EVENTUALLY” the security guards from a hotel in the place the attack took place intervened. That “eventually” also means that they saw it for quite a while but, aparently, failed to react immediately.
        I know that the brief for security guards employed in one place is not to leave that place etc., but where do we draw the line between “job description” and other considerations !? I must not be misunderstood, the action of the security guards did, eventually, put an end, but FIVE out of eight bastards got away because there was not sufficient help provided, not to mention Police presence in a timely manner. The three hooligans arrested were NOT stopped by Police but by the bystanders and a taxi driver who must be commended for his intervention.
        Incidentally which one of the numerous solicitors or , for that matter, big “leaders” on the Board of deps. go to the Children’s Court on the day of the first hearings !!?? Is that also sub jidice ??!!
        We deserve a report on that from the President of the Board, without delay !!
        As about the future, Lynne, will talk about it in a few years from now.
        Right now “random” is not kosher at all.

        • Lynne Newington says:

          My experience is, whether an opportunist act or not, in the end, stench of foul play is always overwhelming and by now you should know where my sensitivities lie and I’m far from downplaying….
          See what comes out in court, besides, the Jewish community is awash with expert legals lucky you, that’s why the Catholic church always seeks them out.

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