Bob Carr on the Israeli Election

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Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr today urged the incoming government of Israel to accord a high priority to the resumption without preconditions, of direct negotiations with the Palestinian people on a two-state solution.
Foreign Minister Bob Carr

Foreign Minister Bob Carr

“Israel’s national elections reflect its proud democratic tradition,” Senator Carr said.

“While a new coalition government has yet to be formed, Australia looks forward to continued close cooperation with Israel including on issues of regional peace and security. 
“Australia strongly supports a negotiated two-state solution resulting in a secure Israel alongside a Palestinian state.
“There is an urgent need for progress in this peace process.
“Resolution of the Israel- Palestinian conflict would also strengthen the forces of democracy and moderation throughout the Middle East.”
Senator Carr’s comments follow a joint Australia-United Kingdom communique on January 18 which:
  • called on the United States to lead a major effort in 2013 to achieve a negotiated two-state solution with a secure Israel alongside a Palestinian state;
  • called on the Palestinian Authority and the new Israeli government “to engage seriously in negotiations without preconditions”
  • said “actions by both sides must be in the interests of peace”
  • called on the Palestinian Authority “to exercise restraint and avoid provocative actions at international forums” following the Palestinian status vote in the United Nations
  • urged the Palestinians “to resolve their internal differences, unite for peace and cease acts of violence against Israel;” and
  • called for the Palestinians “to abide by the terms of the Gaza ceasefire and to stop all rocket attacks” and
  • Called on Israel to stop settlement activity.



5 Responses to “Bob Carr on the Israeli Election”
  1. Halina says:

    Min. Carr behaves as the Palestinians would be an entity with whom one can discuss things in the way we normally would. This is just holding a belieff that his wishfull dream is a well established reality. Reasoning in this way is wasting the precious time in a futile effort. Life would be certainly easier if this could work, but it doesn’t. Hence if he can’t see the real conditions, he should not pontificate, as this put any of his pronounciations about this matters in the realm of “and pigs will fly”.

  2. Paul Winter says:

    In spite of himself, Carr put his finger on the difference between Israel and her enemies. Israel is a democracy and our sagacious FM just knows that the Arabs will follow Israel’s lead once peace is negotiated (and when pigs will fly).

    It is shameless cheek for Carr to call on both parties to negotiate without preconditions. One would have to be deaf and blind not to know that it is the Pallies who are setting preconditions and refusing to aboide by agreements to negotiate. But then, if you are FM, reality is what you make it, you are after all in wonderland.

    When he calls on the USA to take a lead in starting talks, he really means that he presumes that only the USA has the power to force Israel to make concessions. And realities like the PA putting itself out of business, that “Palestine” is two warring bits and that neither the PA or the Hamas leadership has a democratic mandate to negotiate.

    When Carr and his ilk display even-handedness to Israel and the “Palestinians” they are showing bias. Israel is a democratic state, while the local Arab entities are undemocratic entities which ignore their signed undertakings. When Carr calls on Israel to stop Jewish developments when the territorial issue has not yet been agreed upon he is setting preconditions, and those of Israel’s enemy to boot. In calling on the Arabs to cease aggression, he is exposing his hollowness, because he knows full well that his call for the cessation of violence on the part of the Arabs will be ignored as
    such calls always were.

    Israel needs Carr’s suggestion like a drowning man needs an anchor.

  3. Liat Nagar says:

    Bow out, Bob. With the issues Israel has to face, your exhortations, recommendations and opinions are like a small fly soundlessly buzzing around the face of things, unable to alight and get any kind of recognition, yet continuing in most irritating fashion anyhow.

  4. Otto Waldmann says:

    Just think: Where would Israel be without Bob telleing her what to do !!!!

  5. robert says:

    Wanna bet Hamas/Iran/Hezballa will listen to the USA mate

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