Anti-Muslim activity concerns Jewish leadership

October 12, 2014 by J-Wire Staff
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The New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies has voiced concern about the current spate of anti-Muslim activity in Sydney. 

President Jeremy Spinak has issued the the following statement:

Jeremy Spinak

Jeremy Spinak

“The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies is deeply concerned by reports of violence, threats and intimidation directed towards members of the Islamic community in New South Wales. There is no place for such disgraceful behaviour in New South Wales and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

The perpetrators seek to undermine our tolerant and multicultural society and to create fear and division, and we must ensure that they do not succeed.  These incidents highlight the need for all communities to work together to promote  mutual respect, understanding and acceptance.

All people have a right to lawfully express their cultural and religious identity in freedom and with security.”


29 Responses to “Anti-Muslim activity concerns Jewish leadership”
  1. Otto Waldmann says:

    So far, out of 28 comments, 27 seven ( “J” in Jaku stands for “Joke”, anyway ) have been seriously critical of the author of the statement on how and why Jews must embrace islamic values and did anyone see the valiant President of “our” Board of Deps. coming out to respond !!!??? No way and this is consistent with the quality of leadership we have and we must rid ourselves of.

  2. Michael Burd says:

    Whilst the Jewish Community continue to live under siege from a ‘ unsubstantiated ‘ so – called Minority ‘ of extremist Muslims and we are required to erect bomb proof security barriers outside our Jewish day schools what we need are strong Jewish leaders that have some self respect.

  3. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Is The Board of Deputies aware that a bedrock foundation of the religious / cultural identity of the community for whose welfare the Board is so concerned is that the Jewish People have no national rights in The Land of Israel, and that we Jews should know our proper place in society, namely as dhimmis?

    Does the Board intend to supplement its statement with a rider to the effect that the abovementioned dogmas are incompatible with Australian values?

  4. Gil Solomon says:

    Surely it is time for the Board of Deputies to change the Constitution so that new leadership can be appointed from within the community without first having to go through the nonsense of the appointments as franchise deputies or whatever.

    The leadership of the JBD seems like one rotating merry go round where leaders are appointed who share the same pathetic politically correct perspective. One gets off and a twin gets on.

    The Muslim community are condemned by the general Australian community for the actions they commit or views espoused in the name of Islam. At the first sign of criticism they scream they are being victimised.

    Then we have the typical supposed “leaders” of the Jewish community who perpetually babble on in defence, support or whatever you want to call it, pleading for tolerance of Muslims. This support could in fact lead to anti-Semitism.

    What is wrong with Jews?
    We are the victims of Islamic hatred world wide and it is high time these so called “leaders” learned to keep their mouths shut for once in their life.

    • Lynne Newington says:

      Look, pave the way for a Jewish prime minister one day,…. wouldn’t you like to have that here in Australia? The sooner the better is my view considering the state we’re in and I’m not even Jewish.
      Moderation is the key……

  5. Debbie Robinson says:

    Some words of wisdom from Ben Shapiro…..

    “The West cannot be the great defender of Islam, because we have no capacity to slice radical Islam out of broader Islam. We are radically unqualified to do so. We can only fight those who share an ideology dedicated to our destruction. And defending that broader ideology by downplaying a so-called “fringe minority” only emboldens those of the radical minority.”

    for further reading

    see link

  6. Otto Waldmann says:

    The statement/issue we are discussing now is emblematic of the chronic problems our NSW Jewish community has been facing in terms of the quality of leadership we have been facing for a long time. Not since Leslie Caplan and Michael Marx have we enjoyed Presidents of the Board who would not be causing serious problems in terms of their ideology and even competence. In one case a President was taken to the Supreme Court of NSW by a Deputy for making public statements deemed by some highly offensive in terms of Jewish matters and unbecoming of a Jewish leader. It is fair to say that the “ideological” pool from which some of the previous presidents came has been more from the “left” side of politics, one which enjoys the kind of affinity to expressions of “universalist” integration of distinct ethno-religious entities. While a harmonious society is the very aim of Judaism , there are clearly recognisable features of certain groups in the “multicultural mix” which cannot possibly be accepted as positive factors in the said , well balanced melting pot. Identifying traits which are clearly unwelcome, some of a high degree of perniciousness, is a function of all members of the “cultural” melange.Ignoring the negative manifestations which, in the case of the GENERAL muslim community of NSW, at least, has become vividly apparent, runs counter to the very well established role the leadership of any responsible community , the Jewish one very much included, MUST provide.
    All Australians have been made aware of the seriousness of the activities within the islamic fold right here, in our midst. All Austraians have been exposed to a solid campaign organised by the local muslim community of obfuscating the REAL face of the islamic faith AGAINST the very grain of our liberal values, the basis of a decent, secure society. These manifestations threaten the very fabric of our secure existence and our, the Jewish community ,is at the coal face of the clearly intended destructive islamic drive. Anyone ignoring these obvious facts is, simply put, utterly irresponsible or, knowingly or otherwise is supporting the islamic drive of undoing the structure of our ethics.
    For a President of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, the so called umbrella organisation of NSW Jewry, to make the statement above it is a clear indication of a serious lack of understanding of all issues described herewith. It is an indication that the ideological domain to which the President belongs is one totally inadequate in respect to the function he occupies. This is an indication of one’s fundamental beliefs, a set of values which we cannot afford to retain if we are to accept a leadership which is dependable, indeed representative of our, Jewish, values and also of the general Australian society firm views on the same. It is now of imperative importance that, at the imminent Board of Deputies elections, the Board selects a President and a general leadership completely different of what Jeremy Spinak represents.
    We cannot afford another FOUR YEARS of this kind of attitude both in terms of substance and approach, whereby communal consultation is all but ignored.
    This is not some wanton “attack at person”, but a necessary comment on facts which are pressing and which cannot be treated with kid gloves.
    Jeremy Spinak must go !!!

  7. Hilary Rubinstein says:

    All very well and good, Jeremy, but don’t go overboard. Please do not equate “Islamophobia” with antisemitism, as that would be a travesty of the truth. Please do not ever attempt to justify Islamic misogyny in your evident eagerness to prove that all cultures are created equal, for that is to betray the liberal values of the West, of which Australia is an integral part.

    Now could you please turn your attention to fighting antisemitism, and getting raw, racist antisemitism such as this, which concerns the Sydney Jewish “leadership” directly, removed from the public domain?

    • Rita L. says:

      Thanks for pointing to this. I reported this incitement to hatred – as should everyone half-decent.

  8. Eleonora Mostert says:

    Oops Jeremy WHO??? A new author of fairytails is he? He doesn’t speak for me.

  9. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Throughout the long Jewish sojourn in the dispersion, Jews have been disproportionately ( a popular word nowadays) represented in movements and causes which have had as their aim the improvement of the lot of the oppressed, the suffering, the victims of discrimination and prejudice. The State of Israel has splendidly continued this humanitarian Jewish tradition.
    Invariably, once the beneficiary populations had achieved their objectives, large numbers among them revealed their vicious anti-Jewish sentiments and acted upon them “disproportionately” to the goodwill and concrete assistance which had been extended to them by Jews.
    Inter-communal harmony in any society is to be welcomed.
    The Board of Deputies now having made this statement, I await expectantly and impatiently for a reciprocation from the leaders and rank and file of the community
    for whose welfare the Board is so solicitous.
    Will I wait in vain?

  10. danny kid says:


  11. Judith Latham says:

    Send this out in your own name if you wish, on your own letterhead, but you have no right to send such a foolish and naive letter in the name of any other person. (And do you not realize that ‘multiculturalism’ is what CREATED division in Australian society in the first place? – It was the death knell to our wonderful way of life.)

    I am sure your heart was in the right place when you wrote, but I doubt you would have too many THINKING people in the community who would agree with you.

    To say you are writing as a representative of the Jewish community would be completely fallacious and I for one would be furious if you did so.

    By-the-way, are you aware that there is a plan already in place for the global massacre of the Jewish people within the next year or two? A nice, moderate Muslim proudly confided in me because I’m such a “lovely young lady”. He was telling me how good this world is going to be – after the signal for action is given.
    Still want to send that letter?

    • Judith Latham says:

      omg. I just re-read The statement has already been issued. I shouldn’t have responded in the wee hours of the morning. Now I am furious, ashamed, words can’t express the emotions I am feeling at the moment – not printable words.

      How DARE Jeremy Spinak and the Board of Deputies presume to speak on behalf of the rest of us, particularly o such a delicate matter.

      How amused those who are planning to murder my loved ones and me must be by your sincerity. You are all beyond naive. Way beyond!

    • Lynne Newington says:

      You should’ve taken noted his name and anything else of an identifying value, he seemed familiar enough to know you were Jewish, and forwarned the authorities there’s a toll free number I believe…..the prime minister Tony Abbott should be the first port of call, or maybe the right to be a bigot Brandis….. but not anonymously otherwise you won’t be taken seriously.
      You have a duty of care to your community I would think.

  12. Rachel Sabarit says:

    I felt nothing but despair when I received the email from Jewish Board of Dhimmis today… here they are, at it again, the Jews always kowtowing to the politically correct and trying to be seen making “peace” with the Muslim hordes .. and where are the similar sentiments displayed from the “other”? I don’t see Muslim leaders speaking out on rising global anti-Semitism or exhorting their fellows in the Levant to stop preaching hate and “kill the Jews” to their children?

    Why do we have an ISIS and an Islamic State today? Because Muslim children are fed hatred from the time they’re born. By the time they become young men they’re so infused with hate that they can’t wait to act out on their raging testosterone, and all the years of indoctrination. Rape and murder are the obvious next step.

    The current generation is lost, and probably the next one too. The only way the future might hold a shred of a chance for peace is for one day, someone to say Enough!

  13. Bella Ceruza says:

    Pathetic dhimmmis as always.

    The same week that we have a Muslim on Lateline lying about the western world’s ‘occupation’ of middle eastern countries and using these lies to justify ISIS, another Muslim on QnA spouting anti-Israeli propaganda and hundreds of Muslims demonstrating against Australian Law and Australian servicemen are advised not to wear uniform in public for fear of attack from bloodthirsty Muslims, ‘Our’ Jewish Board of Deps are busy with their heads in the sand…… vie a tzibblee – kop in dred.

    Time for Sinak to seek employment from the Muslim community – after all they outnumber Jews three to one.

  14. Lynne Newington says:

    Being aware of the scene, I guess what the board is trying to say, do unto others…..and just push through, most of us know only too well your’e tolerance.

  15. Michael Burd says:

    ”dhimmi ”

  16. Michael Jaku says:

    Good on you Jeremy for standing up for what is right!

    • Shirlee Finn says:


      You are joking?

      What the hell is right about it?

      When was the last time or indeed the first time Muslim leaders condemned antisemitic attacks?

      These are the people who rejected being part of Team Australia.

      These are the people who will not condemn ISIS

      These are the people crying because the terror laws are being changed and you say it’s right.

      Geez unbelievable. Thank G-d you are in the minority.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Onya Michael for standing up for those in our community who haven’t got the guts ( sic, unless you shed some 150 lbs !!!)to state what is really good for the Jews for a change, but then being up there with the “elite” of groisse machers seems more important for some who reckon that they have the shmatte to be….what….leaders……..
      By the way Michael, DO explain to us mere mortals what you mean by ” what is right”, but be careful, I am known to detect bulldrek from a modest fart !!!
      Short and curly, this bloke should apologise for causing decent Jews in our community the type of anxieties only an inadequate lose cannon can produce and abstain from believing that he is leadership material, a propos the imminent Board elections. We need really intelligent leaders for a bloody change.

  17. David Adler says:

    Beware of “Tamaskan Tatamakan” (an Islamic principle which means: Show the face of a victim then you take over).
    As school cadets are advised not to wear uniforms as a result of threats (not from rampaging Buddhists) which community which is the reason for this risk is deafeningly silent?
    Will the JBD speak out for another persecuted group, namely school cadets, or is it too dhimmi to take on any issue caused by Islam?

  18. Lance seidler says:

    Doubt they would do the same for us.
    Who is this board claiming to speak for us?

  19. Otto Waldmann says:

    Let’s see:

    a)Is the statement above the VERIFIED view of the NSW Jewish community as we know it !!!???
    b) As a tiny detail of procedural, due diligence, matter, did the plenum of the Board of Deps. peruse the text of the statement above and approved its content and public airing !!???

    If at least point “b” is in the negative, then, the bloke who put his name under it, ought to depart from OUR Board and resume his daily job as garbage collector and distributor employed by the Lakemba Mosque. They need him a lot more than we do.

  20. Debbie Robinson says:

    The issues affecting Muslims in Australia are trivial compared with what is happening in the name of Islam around the world. We see little or no concern from Islamic leaders in this country to condemn what is happening. It would appear the real interest is playing the victim and gaining as much publicity as possible in the process.

  21. Rita L. says:

    Is the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies a sub-branch of Hizb ut-Tahrir, ISIS or HAMAS?

  22. Michael Burd says:

    But it’s not April the First is it ?????

    If this article is genuine it is Jews such as Jeremy Spinak and his ilk that make me be ashamed to be Jewish >>

  23. Shirlee Finn says:

    This is a joke surely?

    Now let’s hear it from the Muslim Leadership on antisemitic acts!!

    They who refused to be part of Team Australia, they who have so far refused to condemn ISIS.

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