Jerusalem takes centre stage at Reform conference as movement opposes US policy shift

Rabbi Rick Jacobs used his pulpit to compare the difficulties between Israel and Reform Jews to those of Joseph and his brothers in last week’s Torah portion of Vayeshev. Read more

For happy hikers, Israel’s 1000km national trail brings Jewish history to life

It was a brave—some may argue foolhardy—lot who recently braved the August heat of the Negev desert to walk a short segment of the Israel National Trail (INT) at around noontime…writes Deborah Fineblum Schabb/ Read more

Elvis lives—at an Israeli restaurant and gas station

To appreciate how much Israelis love Elvis Presley, you just have to hear three generations of the Mizrachi family of Rehovot crooning, “Wise men say only fools rush in…but I can’t help falling in love with you”…writes Deborah Fineblum Schabb/ Read more

Israeli outreach group wants English-speakers to feel at home in the Jewish homeland

“Israel needs to be a more welcoming place for all Jews,” says Rabbi Reuven Spolter, overseas rabbinic coordinator for Tzohar, an Israeli outreach organisation focused on making both Judaism and the Jewish state more accessible within the context of religious tradition. Read more