From the Holocaust to Oct. 7, history is repeating itself

May 6, 2024 by  

As Israel began commemorating on Sunday the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust, Josef Avi Yair Engel, whose father survived the Nazi genocide and whose grandson recently spent 54 days in Hamas captivity in Gaza, told JNS that history is repeating itself. Read more

Israeli turns 86 in Hamas captivity in Gaza

March 18, 2024 by  

Israeli hostage Shlomo Mansour, the oldest of 134 captives still being held by Hamas in Gaza, turned 86 years old on Sunday. Read more

Educators eye AI to connect with youth, boost Jewish education

February 23, 2024 by  

“The good news is that artificial intelligence is quite new, for those who aren’t using it yet, you can learn. Read more

Family marks baby boy’s first birthday in Hamas captivity

January 19, 2024 by  

“It’s my birthday and no one will celebrate with me,” Yossi Schneider read out from a letter as family members and representatives of the Hostage and Missing Families Forum marked Kfir Bibas’s first birthday in Nir Oz. Read more

Survivors of music festival massacre launch US$53.6 million lawsuit against Israel

January 17, 2024 by  

Forty-two survivors of Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre at the Supernova music festival at Kibbutz Re’im are suing the Israel Defense Forces, Israel Security Agency and Israel Police for negligence and are claiming 200 million shekels (US$53.6 million) in damages. Read more

KKL-JNF honours 20 Israeli women for their bravery on Oct. 7

January 9, 2024 by  

Dozens of people gathered in Ofakim northeast of Beersheva on Sunday to celebrate 20 Israeli women who put their lives at risk to save others during Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre. Read more

What Romi saw last before she was kidnapped

January 8, 2024 by  

Survivors and the families of victims of Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre converged on Friday at the site of the Supernova music festival to call for the release of hostages still being held in the Gaza Strip. Read more

‘I hope they shoot her, I hope it’s quick’

January 7, 2024 by  

“When her phone died, I said, ‘I hope they shoot her, I hope it’s quick.’ Shani Yerushalmi, 25, from Tel Aviv, told JNS. “I never thought they’d kidnap her.” Read more

‘Nothing prepares you for it’: The volunteers collecting human remains from Hamas massacre

January 1, 2024 by  

WARNING! DISTRESSING CONTENT:  “We’d walk into a room full of blood and see no sign of shooting or bombing. There, Hamas terrorists didn’t use a gun to kill their victims; they used an axe to chop them into pieces,” said Simcha Greiniman, volunteer emergency responder with the ZAKA organisation. Read more

Family of Hamas captive holds airport rally

December 29, 2023 by  

Family and friends of 23-year-old Israeli American Hersh Goldberg-Polin, who was abducted by Hamas on Oct. 7 from the Supernova Music Festival near Kibbutz Re’im, converged on Ben-Gurion Airport on Wednesday to raise further awareness of his plight. Read more

Hostages’ families step up protests amid reports of new ceasefire

December 21, 2023 by  

Israeli and Arab officials have, over the past week, ramped up efforts to forge another ceasefire deal between Jerusalem and Hamas. Read more

Israel sets sights on Hamas ‘Royalty’ living abroad

December 17, 2023 by  

Hamas’s leadership openly embraces its lavish lifestyle, staying at five-star hotels in Qatar and Turkey and flying internationally on private jets, even as Palestinians in Gaza fight over humanitarian aid in the terrorist-ruled enclave. Read more

‘She worried about us more than she did for herself’

December 14, 2023 by  

“My 18-year-old daughter Tchelet was killed on a Saturday morning during the holiday of Simchat Torah,” Gladys Fishbein told the Tazpit Press Service. Read more

Israelis mobilise to bring the Light of Chanukah to the troops

December 13, 2023 by  

As Israel enters the third month of its war against Hamas, fundraising efforts to provide Israeli soldiers on the frontlines with the means to celebrate Chanukah have multiplied. Read more

Israeli families absent loved ones mark a sombre Chanukah

December 11, 2023 by  

“We always celebrated Chanukah as a family,” Eyal Waldman, 63, from Tel Aviv, explained to the Tazpit Press Service. “We went skiing in Courchevel [in France]. Now, wherever we go, at every celebration and every family event, Danielle will be missing.” Read more

240,000 Israelis living in limbo after Oct. 7

December 10, 2023 by  

Around 240,000 Israelis from devastated communities near Gaza and towns near Lebanon under fire have been forced to evacuate to date. Read more

Hostage marks ninth birthday in Hamas captivity

November 20, 2023 by  

Emily Hand was among the some 240 people kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7 and taken back to the Gaza Strip. Her ninth birthday was on Friday. Read more