Australia votes against Palestinian state resolution

December 31, 2014 by J-Wire Staff
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In one of its last acts before vacating its seat on the United Nations Security Council, Australia has voted against a draft resolution calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Gary Quinlan

Gary Quinlan

Gary Quinlan, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations, has issued the following statement:

“Australia remains committed to a future where Israel and a Palestinian state exist side-by-side in peace and security, within internationally recognised borders.  And as such our efforts must be focused on constructively encouraging parties to return to direct negotiations towards this goal.

Regrettably, the draft resolution under consideration today will not help this process and that is why we have voted against it.  It lacks balance and seeks to impose a solution put forward by one party alone.  Final status issues can only be resolved between the two sides.  A process agreed by both sides is the only way forward to reach an enduring agreement.

The violence experienced in recent months in the Palestinian Territories and Israel underlines the terrible human costs of the failure of final status negotiations and how fragile the situation is in the absence of genuine progress towards establishing a Palestinian state – an objective in which Australia believes and to which we are committed. Australia urges all parties to refrain from provocative actions, and for leaders from both sides to show real courage in returning to the difficult path of peace negotiations.”

Australia joined the United States in voting against the motion. Nine “yes” votes were needed to for the resolution to be adopted. Eight countries voted for the resolution and five abstained.

Voting yes to a text which set a 12 month deadline for negotiating a peace deal with Israel and Israel’s full withdrawal from the West Bank and East Jerusalem were Argentina, Chad, Chile, China, France, Jordan, Luxembourg and Russia.

Abstaining were Lithuania, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Korea and the UK.

Nigeria was expected to vote for the resolution, but their late of change to abstain put paid to the resolution’s chance of success.

But that success would have never been attained given the U.S.’s right of veto.




12 Responses to “Australia votes against Palestinian state resolution”
  1. Efrem Manassey says:

    I am proud that when Ausralia is really needed, in terms of fairness and balance concerning such a vital issue, she is there in the name of true peace. Australia has not abandoned the fair go for Israel.
    Congratulations and praise for our Government! What a great decision! To me, it is the only one that makes sense.

  2. harry rich says:

    I came to Australia seventy five years ago and loved it from the start.
    I love it still

  3. Kevin Charles Herbert says:

    Do any of the above posters really think that Australia had any say in its decision?

    We take our orders from the US State Department..eos.

    • Leon Poddebsky says:

      A Labor Party government would have voted against Israel.
      That’s clear from its track record.
      Remember, the Labor caucus supported Carr’s position to vote against Israel.

  4. Leon Poddebsky says:

    “Internationally recognised borders,” commendable, but why did the distinguished envoy omit the crucial element which is stipulated in Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967, namely, ” secure borders” for Israel?
    And why had the Security Council found it necessary to specify secure borders for Israel?
    Because it was obvious that the 1949 armistice lines (which are often mistakenly called borders), had not brought security for Israel, given the Arab aggression of May-June 1967, as well as the terrorist infiltration and murders that had occurred since 1949.
    Moreover, SCR 242 was an implicit recognition that Israel had territorial rights beyond the Green Line by virtue of the 1922 League of Nations-endorsed Mandate for “Palestine.”
    Today, even more so than in 1967, the 1949 armistice lines are what Abba Eban called “Auschwitz borders.”

  5. Matthew Johnston says:

    They will all choose death rather than negotiate a Russian brokered deal for a Palestinian state. So you can issue as many threats from Syria and the others that you wish.

  6. Andrew Barak says:

    Stick that up your jumper and smoke it Bob Carr.

  7. Denise Musgrave says:

    My husband and I were extremely pleased to hear that Australia has not just abstained from voting for this one sided push by the Palestinians to obtain a two-state solution but demonstrated sound leadership by voting against the proposal. Yes, this issue does have to be negotiated by both Israel and the Palestinians without outside pressure or interference. Also, both parties have to demonstrate their true willingness for peace yet, realistically, the PLO is responsible for inciting violence (eg via youube) which has seen a recent increase in Palestinian attacks against innocent Jewish victims, including rabbis, children and babies.

  8. Otto Waldmann says:

    Proud of OUR Government, a true New Year’s gift !!!

    Would a Labor Govt. done the same !

    NO BLOODY WAY !!!!!!!!

  9. Erica Edelman says:

    And the heavens opened once again to let justice shine through for Israel and all her inhabitants…. But whatever is Argentina, Chad, Chile, China, France, Jordan, Luxembourg and Russia thinking? Can they not understand the implication of voting “yes”? Is it going to take more human sacrifice and damage to our planet to get the politicians of these countries to understand what is extremely basic to understand? Israel is surrounded by Arabs – enemies who wish her into the sea. Should these countries EVER be accepting of a Jewish State ONLY THEN will there be peace in the middle east. Until then Israel is going to trust no-one on any level – why would she?

  10. Rita L. says:


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