ABC’s Sophie McNeill selectively cuts Ahed Tamimi video

February 22, 2018 by Simon Plosker
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On February 20, Australia’s 7.30 current affairs program on national broadcaster ABC included a ten minute segment on the Ahed Tamimi case.

In the report, it appears that video footage of Tamimi has been deliberately cut mid-sentence to alter the impression that Tamimi was inciting violence – a key allegation in her trial.

Regarding the report in general, while there is some comment from the Israeli side courtesy of Deputy Minister Michael Oren and NGO Monitor’s Maurice Hirsch, the bulk of the it is sympathetic towards Tamimi and her family.

Not surprising given that the segment was put together by Sophie McNeill, who has a history of advocacy journalism and vilifying Israel. McNeill recently came under the spotlight after Australian Labour MP Michael Danby took out two half-page ads criticizing McNeill and ABC’s anti-Israel bias.

After all of the publicity, one would think that McNeill would err on the side of caution to avoid further charges of bias. Indeed, presumably to demonstrate a semblance of balance, the Tamimi segment notes the allegation that the Palestinian teenager had incited to violence, a charge vehemently rejected by Tamimi’s lawyer, Gaby Lasky, who says:

She is not saying people should act in that manner or bring stabbing people or making terrorist attacks. There are some people who want to read into the video what they want but that’s not what it says.

There certainly are people who want to read into the video what they want and Sophie McNeill is one of them.

Prior to the interview with Lasky, the footage of Tamimi plays including subtitles:

Trump has declared the decision and they have to take responsibility for whatever their reaction is whether it’s stabbing attacks, or suicide attacks, or stone throwing.



This would seem to add credence to Lasky’s statement.

Except McNeill has deliberately stopped the footage mid-sentence, editing out the rest of Tamimi’s words (in full below) thus altering the meaning and interpretation of what Tamimi says. The actual monologue with the missing words:

Trump has declared the decision and they have to take responsibility for whatever their reaction is whether it’s stabbing attacks, or suicide attacks, or stone throwing, everyone must do things so we can unite this way so we can get our message across in the required way, and get this result, that is the liberation of Palestine, Allah willing.


Translation by Legal Insurrection.
According to the indictment related to Tamimi’s December 19 arrest, the video was shot on December 15, the same day as the video that appears to show her attacking soldiers was reportedly recorded.

It will be up to an Israeli military trial to judge whether or not Tamimi’s statements can be deemed to be a call to violence. That call isn’t for McNeill to make by selectively editing the Tamimi footage to suit her own biases.

HonestReporting will be lodging a formal complaint with ABC. You can do the same on this page.


5 Responses to “ABC’s Sophie McNeill selectively cuts Ahed Tamimi video”
  1. Samuel Mesrie says:

    Funny, it is the likes of McNeills who always claim that Jews control the media.

  2. john nemesh says:

    This outrageous propagandist ploy within 7.30 report should highlighted and pushed to every avenue possible.

    I have made my official complaint to the ABC and challenged them as to what will they do about it.

    Every one who is outraged should also take 20 minutes of their time and express their outrage at Sophie McNeil’s use and getting away with pro palestinian propaganda in the guise of current affairs.

    She and ABC will only be made accountable if these practices are put front and centre to the public and politicians.


  3. rachel merhav says:

    I encourage all of you to write a complain to the ABC. All is needed are few words in support of HonestReporting critique enclosed.

  4. Suzanne Aladjem says:

    Why ABC tax payers money still has that biased bigot , on the show is beyond comprehension. What you get are snipers of what she wants screened, It’s obvious that she is pushing her distorted agenda. Pity we can’t have someone to show the full video, and expose her once more

  5. Lynne Newington says:

    Irrespective of what’s been withdrawn by the ABC, the activist father is still responsible and should be charged for using his daughter as a political weapon, that in itself an incitement.

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