A secret minyan in Melbourne

March 26, 2020 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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A hidden video was shot outside of a makeshift minyan in Melbourne from which around 40 ultra-orthodox men emerged taking no notice from government and community directions to desist from religious gatherings.

The videos were posted by Manny Waks who commented “40 members of one of the local ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities tried to sneak in from two separate entrances to conduct a secret Minyan (daily prayer service) at 145 Glen Eira Rd, St Kilda East.

I informed two of my local friends, who went to check it out for themselves. They called the police three times but unfortunately they never turned up. So, I’ve taken the liberty to share some of the disturbing footage here.

 We’ve seen evidence from across the world that many in the religious community (not only Jewish) are simply ignoring the official government and medical instructions regarding the Coronavirus.

These individuals/communities are a clear danger to themselves and to the rest of us. It seems more robust actions are urgently needed to address this critical issue.







President of the Rabbinical Council of Australian and New Zealand Rabbi Yaakov Glasman told J-Wire: “In the current circumstances there absolutely no requirement in Jewish Law to pray in a quorum. It really is that simple”.

David Southwick MP, Member for Caulfield and Shadow Minister for Police said: “It’s disappointing when so many in our community are doing the right thing and adhering to social distancing measures some chose to break the rules and put others at risk”

“People must understand that public gatherings, including religious services, cannot occur during this health crisis and that there will be consequences for those caught breaking the rules”

Federal Labor MP Josh Burns added: “I commend the vast majority of our Jewish community who have been doing the right thing.

There are no exemptions being granted to any religious organisations.

Anyone doing the wrong thing faces serious penalties and will be shut down.

This is about the health and safety of our entire community and the entire nation. No minyan is more important than that.”


13 Responses to “A secret minyan in Melbourne”
  1. patricia madigan says:

    really disappointing to see you turning on your own people and even acting as informants!!
    Worshipping GOd is more important than shopping at the supermarket but that is allowed. Daniel Andrews bleats for 90 minutes everyday in a press conferences without a mask in presence of far more than 10 people.
    Healthy people under 65 are not at risk, stats say 1 in 1.8 million of dying from covid 19. Even those that have died are aged about 80 and generally have multiple health problems. They may have died with covid but that does not prove they died of covid

  2. Adrian Jackson says:

    Josh Burns is Commonwealth Parliament MHR for Macnamara not a state MP.

  3. rosie hersch says:

    This group of people will be found by the police and I hope they get fined and if they repeat then lock them up for the sake of the rest of us. They are an embarrassment to the rest of the Jewish community, they could cause more anti semitism in the community as if there isn’t enough of that already. David Southwick and Josh Burns are to be commended for their actions. This group of radical people are endangering the lives not only of those closest to them but to all of us, our children, our grandchildren, great grandchildren, our uncles, aunties, cousins and friends. They should be charged with criminal intent and I hope they are if they continue to defy common sense and the laws of this country

  4. Glenda Recht says:

    Very very disappointing!!

  5. Bernie Zerman says:

    According to The Sydney Morning Herald, NSW Police will be able to hand out $1000 on-the-spot fines to people — and $5000 fines to corporations — that defy public health orders about gatherings and places. These cover wedding and funeral restrictions, mass gathering rules and the ban on specific businesses and venues, such as casinos, bars and clubs.
    PS: Victoria Police has launched its own 500-strong dedicated taskforce too.


    • Ian Grinblat says:

      These guys refuse to engage with the “outside” world except for their need to transact business.
      All this anger is wasted. It requires someone of stature to speak directly to one of their leaders to convince the group to change behaviour.
      Like it or not, they are part of our community, you cannot excise them and it is counterproductive to report them to the police.
      We need to be united in this not finger-pointing and angry.

  6. Bernie Zerman says:

    These people are unwilling to work for themselves or co-operate with others.
    Their behaviour is an embarrassment and threatens their community and ours.
    I am not tolerant of the intolerant!
    Israeli health minister’s cure for COVID-19? – The Messiah
    Refer – Opinion – Israel News | Haaretz.com

    I have made my comment.


  7. Bernie Zerman says:

    The righteous are not right.

    Their behaviour threatens us all!

    They should stay home and wait for the Messiah to lead them upon the correct path of righteousness

  8. Joseph Cohen says:

    Disgusting! So much for dina d’malkhuta dina (“the law of the land is the law”). So much for safety!

  9. Ian Grinblat says:

    While not condoning the Failure of some to observe social distancing, why is the tone of this news item so accusatory? Will you win them over by being antagonistic? Why call the police before even trying to speak to them?

    • Michael Barnett says:

      Two thoughts here Ian. Firstly, why not call the police if these people are acting illegally, and two, how close should anyone get to this group to have a civil chat with them, considering the circumstance? No one would want to put themselves at risk of contracting the virus just to give a piece of advice.

      Not calling the police and trying to handle things “in-house” was wrong when it came to the matter of child sexual abuse at the Yeshivah Centre. Why should it be acceptable in this case?

      The police are there to uphold the law, and when the law is flouted and people’s lives are at risk, it is imperative on everyone to call the police.

  10. michael Burd says:

    I agree with David Southwick wholeheartedly and wish those in religious community did not break the law embarrass the Jewish community as w whole and indirectly cause even more anti semitism .

    I also wish Waks would really get a life and stop his unhealthy obsession and move on , surely Waks can use all his obvious unlimited spare time chasing these religious Jews around on more positive actions, he also is becoming a nuisance to our community in my view.

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