Championing neo-Nazism “alarming”

November 17, 2017 Agencies
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The chairman of the New Zealand Holocaust Centre says the recent 60,000 strong march in Warsaw, Poland , championing neo-Nazism and white supremacy is alarming.

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith said: “ Of all European countries , Poland ’s Jewish population felt the full brutality of the Nazi regime – around 3.4 million ( 90 % ) of Polish Jewry were killed during the Holocaust. Many of the Holocaust survivors w ho sought a safe haven in New Zealand originally came from Poland. To now see a march of this size on the streets of Warsaw – including explicit anti – Semitic banners and chants calling for the expulsion of Polish Jews in the name white racial purity – is simply horrendous ” .

 This march serves to underscore, in the starkest terms, how we must stay vigilant about race – hate groups and political movements . In Poland itself, the neo – Nazi movement is literally “white washing” Polish history, disavowing any moral responsibility for the Holocaust in Poland, Mr Smith noted.
 “ Neo – Nazism is not just confined to Poland; we are also witnessing the rise of white supremacy groups with obvious anti – Semitic views in other parts of Europe and in the Unites States. New Zeal and is not immune ” says Mr Smith.
 “As New Zealand’s leading Holocaust organisation, we ask for the New Zealand Government to express its deep concern and complete repudiation of neo – Nazism to both representatives of the Polish Government here and in other appropriate international forums ”, concluded Mr Smith



3 Responses to “Championing neo-Nazism “alarming””
  1. Joe Weinstein says:


    Following was my perception of People People when i was a child:

    I was born in Poland. after initially going to a Jewish School for the first 2years i was sent to a Regular Secular School. All secular schools were Full On Catholic Schools. The initial reaction was OMG; with Crosses and Statues everywhere; my father (may he rest in peace) prepared me for it; but it was never enough.

    Having “Blue Eyes & Blond Hair” i was “one of the boys”. That is when I learnt what was EXACTLY Taught & what was in their HEARTS & Minds. Their Capacity for Good is there but NOT for the Jew; there was only HATRED for the Jew (only a few years after 6Million were exterminated!).

    Since i did not LOOK like a Jew I heard it openly, Clearly and straight from the “horses mouth”

    The teaching was consistent, powerful and everywhere;

    THE JEW was BLAMED for everything. YOU the Jew today were/are GILTY for Killing their (Christian) GOD and what compounded the Hatred was that they Failed to Teach was that he was born & died as a Jew.

    Therefore everyones perception was that ALL Jews were Evil (!) and guilty of Killing their Christian God (“HE was not Jewish”) and that was only part of the Hateful Teaching. Everyone everywhere was taught that kind of Evil Fraud.

    I hope and pray that that kind of teaching has stopped and they are being taught the Historical TRUTH.

    This current EVENT in Poland does not surprise me at all. The Hatred was ingrained within the Catholic Polish Psyche for 100’s of years originating directly from ROME. The Ironic thing was that it was ROME that stung him up on the cross.

    Do you think anything has suddenly changed?

    Joe W

  2. Eion Isaac says:

    There were thousands of Polish Gentiles who risked their lives and the lives of their families to save Jews many in Warsaw but virulent Polish ant semitism persists like an inheritance gene malady and needs condemnation .
    Many People unfortunately are adherent strongly to scapegoating an innate Primordial Tribalism that with Thermonuclear Weapons brings the Earth close to Armaggedon .
    But this can be countered if the capacity for good remains powerful .

    • Joe Weinstein says:

      Hi Elon Isaac,

      I’m sorry, but I can not agree with your last statement:
      “But this can be countered if the capacity for good remains powerful”

      We must Remember & Never Forget what happened during WWII. Where was the CAPACITY FOR GOOD? The capacity for good was so “weak” that 6,000,000 were exterminated. Yes there were a few who risked their lives; “Righteous Gentiles”

      Otherwise there were only two types of Countries (!) in the world:
      1. Those that did not want Jews & helped with the Extermination Process; &
      2. Those that Did NOT accept Jews and also sent them back for certain Extermination

      The Gentile World has proven that they can not not only protect us but quite the reverse

      The Only thing that can Defend & Protect the Jews is G-d Himself and POWERFUL ISRAEL.

      Joe W

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